Epiduo Adapalene (.1%) and Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%) Gel reviews

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Epiduo Adapalene (.1%) and Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%) Gel
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Brand: Epiduo

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Epiduo Adapalene (.1%) and Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%) Gel


Active Ingredients:
Adapalene (0.1%), Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%).

Inactive Ingredients:
Acrylamide/sodium acryloyldimethyltaurate copolymer, docusate sodium, edetate disodium, glycerin, isohexadecane, poloxamer 124, polysorbate 80, propylene glycol, purified water, and sorbitan oleate.

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Epiduo Adapalene (.1%) and Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%) Gel

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Epiduo Adapalene (.1%) and Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%) Gel

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Definitely recommend!!
Reviewed on September 13, 2016

Okay so I used to use this in my teens but as my skin pretty much cleared up I stopped. My skin suddenly went really bad again these past few years and literally nothing has been working. My skin would clear up for a couple of months but then out of no where it would turn to complete sh*t again. So recently a friend raved about dermalogica medibac kit so I thought why not and gave it a try. The big bumps I had kind of got smaller but I still has comedomes and after 2 weeks I saw no results so I stopped. Anyway I've been getting these facials where they do extractions and kind of laser your skin to try prevent acne and get rid of pigmentation/scars (guys I really recommend this, it's great for your skin and it really does help your acne). she practically yelled at me for changing cleansing regimes (lol oops) BUT since then I've been cleansing day and night with cetaphil and using epiduo. I use it day and night even though it says once at night only. Because I've used it before, the dryness didn't really bother me - you can just moisturise throughout the day. It's been only a couple of days but I can definitely see results. I think it's a combination of the facial but I had some leftover pimples that were purging and they calm down immensely over night with epiduo. My comedomes also seem to be gradually going away but I'll definitely post an update after a couple of more weeks. I've read a lot of negative reviews but it really does work wonders so why not give it a try. If you're looking for faster results you might wanna try going for the facial beforehand

Hope this helped!

Effective moisturizing options
Reviewed on September 13, 2016

Been using for two weeks now and haven't seen much improvement. Usually my skin is extremely sensitive and cracks and flakes with retinoids but I've been using manuka honey as a facial mask/cleanser in conjunction with Hawaiian moon aloe cream as a moisturizer and haven't had any of the flaking AT ALL! Totally recommend this stuff. The manuka honey I bought is trader joes brand (10+) which I personally love. The hawaiian moon aloe can be found on amazon but you can also buy on their website. Ive been using this moisturizer for about a year now, and although its a bit pricey, I'm a huge fan.

Hope this helps someone out there!

Didn't work for me
Reviewed on September 12, 2016

I got prescribed epiduo gel by my doctor after being taken off a particular pill because of concerns about blood clots etc. I was really excited about it because i have heard so many fabulous reviews.

I am now on my second round of it, and although it hasn't made my skin any worse, it also hasn't made a significant difference. I used it religiously every night as I was told to do, and after about 6 months of using it, all that happened was that it has completely dried out my skin, particularly around my cheeks and eyes. I have very sensitive skin, so this could be a huge factor in it, but I began getting rashes on my cheeks, and every time my eyes watered (or i cried), the skin around my eyes would flare up and I would have big red rashes.

I know this was only because of the gel because once i stopped using it it never happened anymore.

I have recently decided to go dairy free, so perhaps that will be my miracle cure instead :)

Skin either gets worse before it gets better with this, or it doesn't work for me!
Reviewed on September 9, 2016

I've recently started my second try at using Epiduo, which was prescribed by my derm. The other time I tried it (in about March this year) my acne suddenly got a lot worse when I started taking it so I gave up after about a month, and after I stopped using it my skin suddenly improved. But after telling my derm this she prescribed it again a couple of weeks ago. So I'm a bit confused - either Epiduo just doesn't work or you have to stick it out and it gets worse before it gets better. Does anyone know? Or has anyone had a similar experience? I'm completely stuck as to whether I should be using this, and praying that if I keep using it for a few months my acne will finally start to improve.

I have quite sensitive skin and my acne's mainly whiteheads and cysts and makes my skin very red, so maybe Epiduo just isn't the right treatment for me. But I'd say if you're thinking of using it I'd give it a go as there are no risks or bad side effects (except really dry skin, which can easily be dealt with with a good moisturiser!) but I'd also be prepared for the fact that different treatments work on different people, so Epiduo could either be a life saver or a waste of time!

Miracle cure so grateful
Reviewed on August 14, 2016

I had suffered from spots on forehead for years to the point where family and friends would comment and I'd be so embarrassed and self conscious. Antibiotics would help but after the course the spots.would.return. But recently I started epiduo in February and not a single spot since then. No joke this personally is my miracle cure and I'm so confident I won't get any even when my skin gets oily after a long day of exercise or in the sun. People have even commented on my skins improvement and are amazed how my skin transformed. Really recommend this to anyone struggling with spots. I've finished my antibiotic course and just use this now and it's become a lifesaver. Can walk around make make up free and feel good about my skin for the first time in years. Thank you so so much to those who recommended this. Wish I started using it years ago.

Life Saver
Reviewed on April 27, 2015

I have suffered from acne on and off since I was a teen and have tried lots of antibiotic treatments which worked and then stopped working, retin-a gel, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid etc. to the point where my Doctor said there was nothing more he could do as he had tried everything, I am now 39, and had a horrendous outbreak after having a few years of beautiful clear skin. I really thought I had grown out of acne, so was horrified when this happened.

I ordered Epiduo from an online UK registered pharmacy at a cost of £38 delivered after filling out a form, they have a doctor review before dispensing. I had not heard of this treatment before, and it was like a miracle cure. I had no irritation, redness nothing. Infact it was like putting a skin rejuvenation treatment on my skin. I must add, this might be due to the fact that before using this I had been using Benzoyl peroxide 10% cream, which I now realise was far too strong, this had probably toughened my skin up, so now Epiduo was like a walk in the park. I applied it once a night, and no more than that, following with Eucerin dry skin moisturiser 15 minutes afterwards, which is for really sensitive skin, I did not apply it more often, I was very disciplined, less is more.

My skin is now back to normal, and the spots cleared up within a week of starting to use it, I now have totally clear skin, lets hope it lasts. I would encourage everyone to give it a go.


**Just thought I would add, it's now August 2015 and the Epiduo is still working well, my skin still tolerates it and I am still very happy.

Update: Unfortunately it stopped working in February 2016, acne came back.

It's a No For Me
Reviewed on July 29, 2016

I've had acne for a few years and this was the first thing I tried. I have a blurry memory with Epiduo because it was 3 years ago but it did not work

So far, so good
Reviewed on June 7, 2016

I first started using Epiduo three and a half years ago, as part of a treatment prescribed by a dermatologist. At night I had to wash my face with Avene Cold Cream soap, then apply Epiduo or Differin (I had to alternate between them). I used Avene Clean AC moisturizer in the morning, after washing my face with the soap. He also prescribed me an antibiotic. That treatment took forever to work but eventually it did, and within four months (give or take) I had flawless skin.

However, after a couple of months I stopped going to the dermatologist because it was really far away and also because my skin was looking pretty good. Eventually I stopped taking the pills because I couldn't get them without a recipe and I stopped using Epiduo and stick to Differin because I thought it was the same. My acne gradually came back.

I've tried a lot of different things since then, including over the counter products such as Estee Lauder's Clear Difference and Avene's Triacneal, but none of them really worked for me. Only now, three years later, it occured to me that it was Epiduo the one doing the trick, and not Differin. So I decided to give it a try again. I started using it daily exactly two weeks ago (I also started taking the antibiotics) and it has completely cleared all my blackheads and those skin colored comedones that are so annoying. However I've been getting a lot of red, painful pimples. I'm not sure if that's my skin purging though, because I got my period recently and I've been also eating like sh*t.

Unfortunately it has made my skin really dry and itchy. The first couple of days it also burned for like an hour after I applied it, but not anymore. In my opinion, all of that is worth it as long as it works, you just have to use a really good moisturizer with SPF. Something else I noticed is that at least for me, it doesn't make pimples go away any faster. It is, however, supposed to prevent them.

It's still too early to say if it really works for me, but I will update this review in a couple of weeks! Wish me luck.

UPDATE 07/07/2016: I've been on Epiduo for a little over 6 weeks, and honestly my skin looks so good you wouldn't believe it! I still get pimples but they are small and go away fast. I also still have some blackheads on my nose but those will probably take a little longer, I'm confident they will eventually go away. My skin is the best it has been in months. I'm so happy I decided to give this another try. Most of the side effects have disappeared, but my skin still is really dry. Honestly if you're doubting whether to try this or not, do it now! You just have to stick with it and eventually your skin will get better, pinky promise!

UPDATE 07/26/2016: I'm officially acne free. I can't remember the last time I got a new pimple. I still have hyperpigmentation and some blackheads but I'm happy! My skin is 99% clear! However, it is also extremely dry. I have to apply moisturizer several times a day and it still isn't enough. I will try to use Epiduo every two or three days, to see if the dryness is reduced. I won't stop using it, though, because if I do my acne will gradually come back.

by DoraDaDestroya on 07/31/2016 23:50
Im also on Epiduo, i found that the Cetaphil moisturisers worked really well for dry skin. Which moisturisers do you use?
by Chrissy33 on 08/27/2016 00:21
Could you provide the name of the antibiotic you are taking?
a light cream!
Reviewed on July 17, 2016

my derm gave me this and it works wonders!

after i apply it i can feel that my skin (where i applied it onto) gets a little heated, so i know that the cream is taking effect.

my pimples would be a little more dry when i wake up.


Has worked great in combination with topical clindamycin
Reviewed on July 14, 2016

I'm 27 years old and have suffered with acne for what seems like forever. At 22, I decided to get on birth control to combat my skin problems. It worked, but I knew this was only a temporary solution. Last year in April, I decided I wanted to get off birth control because I knew it wasn't something I wanted to be in my system forever. By October, my skin was horrible again. I went to see my physician and he prescribed me epiduo. The first few months were hell! I had acne all over my chin, cheeks and an occasional huge zit or two on my neck and forehead. I regretted ever going to my physician. I sent him pictures of my skin and he immediately put me on an oral antibiotic. That seemed to help. My physician, however, didn't want me on an oral antibiotic for such a long period of time. He prescribed me a topical antibiotic, clindamycin, and together with epiduo my skin looks wonderful! I've been on both now for a good six months and looking back at pictures I couldn't believe how horrible my skin was less than a year ago. I say definitely give it a chance. I'm so glad I did. I also recommend getting the epiduo app to track your progress, that's the only way I can look back at what my skin looked like before.