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Emu Oil


100% Emu Oil.

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Emu Oil

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100% Pure Emu Oil - Best Natural Oil For Face, Skin, Hair Growth, Stretch Marks, Scars, Nails, Muscle & Joint Pain, and More! -LARGE 4OZ Bottle- Guaranteed to Work Wonders For Your Body!
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Emu Oil

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Reviewed on June 14, 2011

I use this every other night and on the other nights I use my Retin-A. (I had severe cystic acne and now I have maybe one or two small pimples) My acne was caused due to having an Implanon which is a form of birth control so I know having that out alone has dramatically been the result of my body not producing anymore cysts or as much acne and I am also now on Yaz which I would say has helped as well.

NOTE* Make sure the emu oil you buy is 100% emu oil

When I use the emu oil I always wake up and can notice significant reduction in redness and there are never any scabs over the acne that is healing. It makes it easier to use makeup and it not look caked on or flaky because of the scabs. The Retin-A I use because my doctor prescribed it and I want to give it a chance for about another month to help in accelerating the healing process. I feel like the Retin-A takes away layers of the surface scaring since there is always a thin scab over it after using it and letting it do its magic, I don't like that because then I dont wan to wear makeup and it makes me want to pick at it. I like the Emu oil because I always notice my face just looks better and it as well helps in reducing breakouts too and the scaring! I know its a slow process but I know this is working!

Reviewed on March 21, 2011

Before I used emu oil, my skin had finally began to clear and smooth out. I had been using rosehip oil that had really reduced the redness and made my skin smooth and glowier than usual and then I used the Diana Stalder acne kit which seemed to be working ok and it was all going so well....

Until.... I was tempted by the many reviews saying how much of a miracle emu oil is etc etc and starting getting this idea that it would speed up my skin healing process and give me beautiful skin. So I went out and spent $22 on this.

That night I was so excited, I used a small amount, about 2 drops and massaged it into my skin and I went to bed. The next morning I woke up and ran to the mirror smiling thinking I would see something great. But the face that stared back at me was extremely congested, red and blotchy and horrified. OMG I could have died. The months of clearing my face, all gone down the drain. It looks and feels like every pore on my face is clogged and I've got patches of red angry pimples and tiny little bumps everywhere. And the rosehip oil and diana stalder stuff don't seem to be working after this!! NOOOO!!!

Anwyway I used some on my hair and it made it softer and my leg... but that's really not why I bought it, so I give it a 1.

Reviewed on November 6, 2010

I bought "Thunderridge" Emu Oil from Vitamin World for about 20~ dollars.

Emu Oil, even though it has beneficial vitamins (vitamin E, etc.) in it, it is obviously an OIL. It is an animal byproduct that's similar to human sebum. Think about it. If sebum causes pimples, would you put vitamin-filled sebum on your face? Of course not. For some people, this may work, just like the "oil-cleansing" method for face-washing. But even though it has vitamins, you are essential putting an OIL on your face to get rid of acne, which is CAUSED BY OIL.

Every product I've began using that I read about on always helped me. This product had the trend of "got rid of acne scars!", or "made redness go down!". Trust me, it doesn't do either. Not only did I horribly break out, my pimples were even redder than usual! I continued using this, just in case my skin was just "purging". Nope, it got worse.

by Ahowe07 on 06/28/2013 02:00
The bacteria and prions infest your pools eating your sebum. Our sebum is to protect our skin but does not have anti bacterial properties like emu oil, or even tea tree oils. The emu OIL is great for moisturization but doesn't cause acne ( there are some ppl anything can cause acne, retinol is one of those for me) but just because it says oil means nothing. Tea tree oil has been found to be as beneficial at clearing acne as BP, too bad I can't find my bottle, and heads up that stuff stinks but it goes away.
Reviewed on September 2, 2010

okay so i was using olive oil to wash my face, followed by goats milk soap... then i tried jojoba oil... it was alright.. but then i tired emu oil WOW the difference is Huge. check out my log to see the pictures. i'm currently on week 6 of my accutane treatment, and i flared up like no tomorrow with the first 5 weeks. BAD cystic acne like i've never ever experienced before. lots of PIH and itchy scaly messy skin. i would call it angry skin. anyway i started using emu oil and in just this one week i have massive improvement, its actually a little bit unbelievable how much. i thought using any product to 'cure' acne was hocus pocus BS, but my skin tone, hydration, rosacea, dryness from accutane etc have all been greatly improved. not kidding i would say its a 180 turnaround, and that definitely has something to do with the emu oil. red marks are fading so fast, who would have thought.. :) i would not hesitate in the slightest to recommend this its been my Holy Grail.

good luck!

Reviewed on August 11, 2010

I used the pure emu oil.

I had random bumps show up on my body, on my thighs, breast, and bikini area (from shaving). The bumps flatened out like regular pimples do, and they left a pinkish red scar. I put the emu oil on it, and rubbed it in really good and now there is no scar at all.

It was a new fresh scar so maybe thats why.

I haven't used it on my old scars long enough to tell but it really works on new scars. They are completely 100% gone!

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Reviewed on August 1, 2010

THis stuff is amazing. nuff said.

Reviewed on July 29, 2010

Today I've used it for exacly a month, applied every morning and evening. It has cleared up a lot of my red marks (idk how many, though), and made my skintone more even. I really like it as a moisturizer-- Blah blah blah, check "Pros", that should be enough :).

Reviewed on July 9, 2010

This product is a must for me!! I am in my early twenties and never had severe acne but when I do get zits they are the big nasty nodular/cystic ones that hurt, last a long time, and seem to show up at the worst times. I only get them on my chin and other than that I have blackheads on my nose but my face is pretty clear otherwise. I dab the pesky ones with emu oil after I wash my face before I put on makeup form the time I feel one coming in and throughout the healing process. If you are the kind of person who can't help but pick at your pimples -- this product will help with the healing and scarring and get rid of flaking that might occur. I haven't really used emu oil for any of its many other medicinal purposes but for this -- emu oil is incredible!

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Reviewed on May 26, 2010

It's inexpensive and maybe if you have really light scarring this could help you, but otherwise it only works for a couple weeks and then you will not see any improvement beyond that. Also, I have not had any breakouts from it.