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Duac Clindamycin (1.2%) and Benzoyl Peroxide (5%) Gel
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Duac Clindamycin (1.2%) and Benzoyl Peroxide (5%) Gel


Active Ingredients:
Clindamycin as phosphate (1.2%) and Benzoyl Peroxide (5%).

Inactive Ingredients:
Carbomer 980, dimeticone 100, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, disodium edetate, glycerol, silicon dioxide, poloxamer, purified water, sodium hydroxid.

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Duac Clindamycin (1.2%) and Benzoyl Peroxide (5%) Gel

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Duac Clindamycin (1.2%) and Benzoyl Peroxide (5%) Gel

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Effective for my skin
Reviewed on November 18, 2013

I've been using BenzaClin for about a month now in conjunction with Retin-A. This is my first attempt to use prescription products to treat my acne. I believe the BenzaClin is being most effective. It does have a hardening effect of about 2 weeks then it begins to ease off. It also tends to make my face feel stiff if I don't apply moisturizer afterwards. Glycerin in some creams can also react with the BP and create some stinging. Overall I feel like it's been effective for me, and the effects are starting to work, slowly clearing my skin.

Not quite..
Reviewed on November 3, 2013

Ok so my dermatologist recommended that I use this and epiduo every other night ( this night duac, epiduo the next) I have been doing this routine for seven months and my acne hasn't subsided fully yet .. It does help but my skin is not clear ... I do take care if my diet!

I use effaclar k in the morning, wash my face twice a day .. I was prescribed antibiotics ( my skin wasnt fuly claer after them just better) but my acne came back ...


So tried using this bp for the regimen and my skin was totally clear for the first in the first week but then BOOM I broke out again :( so now I have been trying STn different

I use this every morning and epiduo every night .. We will see how it goes ... I shall post an update here !!

When used correctly, it works!
Reviewed on November 13, 2013

I've used many products before which are supposed to be the miracle cream or the acne solution. But none of them work so I was sceptical about trying this one but was praying it would work. I was exited at first because it was prescribed from a doctor and I instantly thought this stuff must work! So a week pasted from me applying the cream once a night, and well i couldn't really see a change, the redness of my skin had reduced, but that was about it. So i thought okay it's only a week (my doctor told me i would have to wait around 3-8). The next week past, a few pimples had died done, but small new ones still arose which really got me down. But it was only the second week so I wasn't that far in. Third week pasted as still nothing, applying once a night, everyday, no change from week 2. I'd had enough, i started looking over the internet and found this website, and it all changed. I watched the regime video on the homepage of this website, and thought I'd give it ago. After the first night, I could see a difference! A real major one! So with the correct regime it will work!

Worked at first...
Reviewed on November 3, 2013

I was prescribed with duac back when I was 14 and it cleared my acne brilliantly. I didn't suffer from any side effects and dryness on my skin lasted for about 4 days and then it was gone. Up until now I have been using duac and unfortunately after about a year of using it my skin became very resistant to it, and the duac just didn't do anything for me. I recommend using it and trying it out, but don't rely on it being a cure as your skin will become tolerant to it.

Drying, Itchy and Scarring
Reviewed on October 28, 2013

This was my first acne product. I've used it for a long long time, and it helped to reduce the number of breakouts I had. However, this product really dries out your skin, and leaves behind acne scars. Make sure you use a lot of moisturizer.

Didn't make a difference
Reviewed on October 24, 2013

Used this for about a week and couldn't stand it any longer. It gave me a horrible allergic reaction and caused all my eyes and mouth to become very very itchy.

This stuff saved my skin
Reviewed on October 20, 2013

I got acne about two years ago and it started to get progressively worse to the point where i didn't have a single clear patch on my face. It was completely covered in large painful red bumps. I went to the derm and he prescribed epiduo, which completely destroyed my skin. It made my acne 2x worse and my skin very sensitive, dry, and it burned whenever i touched it. After stopping epiduo i left my skin alone for a year out of fear that trying another product would just make it worse. My acne stayed just as bad and my skin just as sensitive. Then I went to my GP for a check up and told her about my acne issues, and she prescribed benzaclin. After 1 month my acne had gone down drastically. Now, 3 months in my skin is completely clear and baby smooth, and 50% of my hyperpigmentation is gone!!! This stuff really saved my skin and self confidence:)

Amazing!!! Only thing that works!
Reviewed on October 8, 2013

I've had acne since I was about 11, and this product has been the only thing that has cleared up 95% of it to what my skin is like today.

I have previously tried everything: Panoxyl 10% Wash, Isotretinoin Gel, Zineryt, Limocycline, Quinoderm and none of them have gotten rid of my spots completely! I was fed up with trying all of these products that didn't work, until I went to my doctor. They asked me if I wanted to try benzoyl peroxide one last time and then take something orally, but I decided to try benzoyl peroxide again as it had been the only thing in the past that had actually MADE A DIFFERENCE, despite the fact that it dried out my skin and bleached my clothes and towels.

Just a little background information: I have quite oily skin, and I am prone to whiteheads, blackheads and the occasional nodule on my forehead, sides of my cheeks and chin.

I was prescribed about two months ago Duac Once Daily to use in the evening once a day, and Isotretinoin Gel to use in the morning (this wasn't necessary but just in case). My skin was really bad before I got my prescription, but when I started using the Duac my face cleared up SO QUICKLY! Within the first few weeks, most of my spots were going and my face was becoming less oily! One month later, and literally up to 98% of my spots had gone and my skin wasn't oily anymore - I was even getting COMPLIMENTS on my skin, for the first time in my life!!! I can't believe it, coming from me who has oily skin which I hated but is now under control with the right face wash and moisturizer. I don't even use the Isotretinoin Gel, just Duac still once a day every day and it works wonders! It is the only thing that has truly worked for me, I'm recommending it to all of my friends!

If you use "natural" products like tea tree oil and are reluctant to use so called "chemicals" like this on your face, PLEASE GIVE IT A CHANCE! Natural stuff will not have as quick, reliable and thorough results as this! Natural stuff only works if you have like 3 spots on your face, you HAVE to use some kind of chemicals!

*I have gone from having around 50 spots on my face to about 5!!! That is how amazing this is*

However, there are a few downsides. One, this WILL bleach fabrics. Make sure to wash your hands after you apply the product to stop it bleaching things you touch, and dry your hands on an OLD TOWEL. ***MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN OLD TOWEL THAT YOU DON'T MIND GETTING BLEACHED TO DRY YOUR FACE/HANDS ON, AS DUAC WILL BLEACH FABRICS*** So please be careful - it will bleach towels even if you only touch them once.

Also, if you have dry/sensitive skin this may be a little harsh for you so use it sparingly, however since I had oily and not sensitive skin I was fine with using quite a lot as it made my skin go from oily >> normal, not normal >> dry.

So yeah, I 100% RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!!! IT WORKED WONDERS FOR ME WITH QUICK RESULTS!!! I cannot tell you how amazing this is if you have moderate acne.

Adult Acne and Duac has been amazing!
Reviewed on October 6, 2013

I'm a 40 year old woman who has suffered with acne for as long as I can remember. Since having my kids it has actually got worse. Antibiotics have helped for a while but eventually the effects seem to wear off. In August this year whilst enjoying the amazing weather we were having on holiday in Cornwall I had the biggest cyst type spots appear all over my chin meaning I had to wear make up continually on the beach as I was so ashamed. I went back to my GP who changed my antibiotics but also prescribed Duac. My last experience of a cream antibiotic was years ago and my face inflamed so badly I'd always refused to try this option again however I felt I had no option but to try. So I read all these reviews first and decided to try the Duac just on my chin first and see how my skin reacted. I did get a little redness and dryness during the first 10 days but nothing that noticeable. I continued to use it for a month and have not had one spot!! I have however had a few on my forehead where I haven't used Duac. I am now using Duac all over my T zone on my face and really can't believe the difference. I know I sound like some cliched US advert but I was cynical that it could work but for me it really has. I am so so glad I have tried it and can't believe I have clear skin for the first time EVER!!!!

Nothing special.
Reviewed on October 4, 2013

A couple of my friends recommended this to me saying it was the best acne cream theyd ever tried. So instead of refilling my prescription for tactuo (epiduo), i asked my doctor for this. Although it reduced the size of my pimples, i still had the same amount of acne. I can see how it could work for some people, however i think my skin does better with a smaller dosage of benzoyl peroxide. For now ill stick to tactuo which wasnt perfevt but cleared 80% of my breakouts.