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Dr. Bronner's Castile Liquid Soap
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Dr. Bronner's Castile Liquid Soap


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Dr. Bronner's Castile Liquid Soap

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Dr. Bronner's Castile Liquid Soap

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Cleared 80%-90% of body acne.
Reviewed on April 29, 2015

By that, I had acne all on chest from my shoulder plates down to my lower back and side of my arms. I was using this product for a week and didn't see any improvement, still was breaking out as usual on my body.

But in 2-3 months it cleared like 85% of my body acne, I'll get just a few little ones compared what I had before. Says 5 stars, but I'll give it a 4.2 because it cleared up most of it, but now my whole body is covered in scars, very dark scars specially my back, but at least they can finally heal. :)

I used it on my face, but made me brake out, Ive always had cystic acne, so i stopped and went and tried it on my body, but then I read its normal for your skin to break out at first when using a new product that's why you don't keep changing products, messes you up.

After I saw what the product did to my body, now I'm starting to use it on my face again. It's been a week and my cystic acne is drying up. It's sooo good.

I'm still trying to search for my 100% acne cure. My face is gross. I want to get rid of all these deep scars/cystic acne.

Go buy this product, give it a try! It's so good! Best I've found. :)

by AnFour on 07/06/2015 02:33
Update on the face thing. Didn't work, but on the body still going how I described it :)
Dr.Bronner's Citrus Orange. Back is finally clear.
Reviewed on February 9, 2015

As a 27 year old active male,I've tried everything short of accutane for the acne on my back. The Rx glycolic treatments worked great on the acne but my skin never felt healthy and the acne came back <6 months after the bottles were empty. Settled on the Neutrogena acne body wash a couple years to basically just tame the intensity of the breakouts. They were always there, and I was embarrassed, but at least they all weren't bright red and angry. Been using Dr.B's peppermint for years as my everyday body wash for everywhere but my back (Neutrogena) and face (the aroma irritated my eyes). Tried it on my back and it did not improve and possibly worsened my acne. My gf got me the Dr. Bronner's Citrus Orange about a month ago just as a change of pace. Shortly thereafter I ran out of acne wash and decided to try the citrus orange on my back because I remembered a grapefruit body wash I'd tried years ago and thought maybe the citrus would keep the acne calm until I could get some more acne wash. Three days in of just showering once in the morning and my skin felt noticeably healthier and I had no new breakouts. A month has passed and my back that has been broken out for over a decade is almost completely clear. There are just one or two very small pimples on my shoulder blades, historically the worst area. I love this soap. The skin is smooth and soft, and just feels better. I go shirtless all the time around the house now, something I never did before, even though I was in good shape. I imagine its effects may eventually wane, but as-it-stands, this is the fastest, most effective and mildest remedy I have used. I apologize for the lengthy post, just had to share the good news.

Finally! My adult acne is under control!!
Reviewed on January 12, 2015

I'm almost 30 and I've had cystic acne on my forehead and temple area for about 10 years. My skin was never really bad, but it was never clear either. I always had at least two big blemishes at a time that would leave dark marks when they finally went away. I thought I would just have to deal with it for the rest of my life or until my skin finally decided to behave. I came across these reviews via Pinterest and I thought it was too good to be true. I've been a Dr. Bonner's user for years. I've used it for scrubbing my tub and for making homemade laundry detergent, but I never thought about putting it on my face. Who knew the answer to my annoying adult acne was right under my kitchen sink?? I've been using it twice a day for about two weeks now and I haven't gotten any new cysts, and the cysts and blemishes that I had when I started using it have gone away or been drastically reduced. It's definitely worth a try and I hope it continues to work!

by aruss29 on 01/17/2015 15:16
I would also like to add that in the past, when I tried to take control of my skin, I would change a lot of things. I'd buy different products, makeup, or even try changing my diet. This time the only thing I changed was my cleanser. I started using the castille soap, but kept all my other face products and diet the same. It was definitely the Dr. Bonner's that did the trick! Also, it's been 3 weeks and my face is till clear with no new blemishes!
Dr. Bronners is awesome!
Reviewed on January 6, 2015

I am 40 years old and over the last few years i have suffered with acne. Stress and hormonal. I am very light skinned and any acne that i get leaves blemishes. I often had my worst breakouts on my jaws. It looked awful and covered with makeup, my skin did not look smooth. I also suffered from oiliness in my Tzone. Ive been to the dermatologist, pills, creams, washes...nothing was working. It would clear up and be back in a week or sometimes, days.

I was watching youtube on how to cover acne with makeup and somehow I ran up on a video about this soap and acne. So i searched for more videos and ended up purchasing the Peppermint soap, Evening primrose oil supplements, Oil of Olay face brush (spinning kind-forget the exact name) and African Black Soap. I washed my face that first night with the Peppermint soap/brush. Then I lather in my hand the black soap and rinsed all product off my face. I only use the black soap once or twice a week. It exfoliates-alot and can be irritating if overused. I suffered from hyperpigmentation on my jaws from the acne so I used Neutrogena rapid tone repair as a moisturizer. Only takes two pumps and it moisturized with the oilness and works wonders under makeup. I alternated this product with Garnier Dark spot cream, another great product. Works wonders. In the am i washed my face with the peppermint soap and moisturize with Cetaphil Oil free moisturizer because it has SPF 30 i think. I take Evening Primrose oil twice a day. One in the am, one at night.

My face is clearing!!!!!! I noticed a difference by night 3. My jaws are smooth and I may have a small break out around that time of the month but even that is more manageable now and they dont leave spots! I am so in love with this soap and it has worked wonders and is building my confidence back up! I now stay in the mirror or taking selfies and hardly using no filters!!! Results may vary but I am so glad i found this soap and i could hug Dr. Bronner. This soap does work! I love it. I dont even need foundation or hardly any concealer anymore, all i use is Bare Minerals powder with a Kabuki brush and my skin just glows. Please, please try this product! Something so simple and inexpensive was my light at the end of the tunnel for my acne problems!

made things a lot worse for me.
Reviewed on January 5, 2015

I used this soap for a few weeks, the acne org regimen eventually stopped working for me and I was looking for something new. Since so many people raved about this, I gave it a try. It threw my skin completely out of whack. Completely dried out and painful and angry pimples. Tired of trying things and ending up with new scars, I decided to go to the dermatologist and she immediately pulled out the big guns (the 'tane) when I told her everything I have tried and how consistent I am with my regimens. Before I even started, she suggested using a gentle cleanser (cetaphil, etc) only. As soon as I switched, my skin completely calmed down. Please go to a dermatologist if you are having problems finding something that works for you. I very much regret spending years trying to find my own way out. Silly when there's people out there who have dedicated their lifes to learning about skin.

this is seriously miraculous soap.
Reviewed on October 13, 2014

I'm a 22 year old woman, and I've been struggling with moderate acne since I was 9. That's THIRTEEN years spent searching for any possible regimen that could clear up my face. I've tried literally everything except super strong prescriptions such as Accutane. Recently, I took a burst of very strong steroids get rid of my acne right before my wedding, because I was suffering with cystic acne all over my cheeks that couldn't be covered with makeup. It was bad. Once the steroids were over, the cysts came right back. When that happened, I started the 4 step Acne-Free Severe system, but that didn't do much but dry out my skin. I was feeling ugly and pimply and wouldn't let my husband see me without makeup. :(

Anyways, about 2 weeks ago, I was in Trader Joe's and I saw Dr. Bronner's Magic Castile Soap in peppermint. I had heard good things, so I picked some up along with a little jar of pure tea tree oil. The entire purchase was maybe $10. I washed my face with it that night and followed with the tea tree oil as spot treatment. Instantly I could tell that my skin was happier. The next day, 1/3 of my horrible breakout was gone. No exaggeration. I've continued the same routine morning and night for about 2 weeks now, and my skin is COMPLETELY clear. Not only that, but the redness is gone, too. Holy goodness, this product is amazing. It's a godsend, really. All these years of suffering and the answer to it all is a little natural soap? Who woulda thought?

Seriously, go buy this stuff. I'm happier and more confident than I've been in a decade!

Update: it is 3 months later, and my face is still clear with reduced redness! (I have mild rosacea, as well.) I really can't believe how fabulous this soap is. It only has like 6 ingredients, most of them oils, and I'm still in shock that all these years of searching for a miracle cure have been resolved with this soap.

by Oliversmum on 12/15/2014 23:01
Could you please tell me was this the liquid soap you used or the bar? I'm about to order this product for the first time. I'm 38 and for the last 8 years or so I have suffered with acne, I have tried so many treatments that just don't work it's so distressing but after reading these reviews I have high hopes!
by kristenmox on 01/05/2015 19:33
Hi, Oliversmum! Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I don't come on this website much anymore. I feel you with the acne; it's a very frustrating thing. To answer your question, both the liquid version and the bar version work wonders, but I've found that the liquid soap is more drying for some reason. To counter this, after washing with Dr. Bronner's and applying pure tea tree oil and letting it dry, rubbing a little vitamin e oil or coconut oil on your face usually prevents any drying. However, I'd say coconut oil would be your best bet, as it contains natural antibacterial properties and won't clog your pores. I hope this helps, and best wishes! <3
by kjklewis on 02/21/2015 04:35
coconut oil is very comedogenic, one of the worst for oils for skin - despite having so many benefits that would seem appropriate for acne. definitely avoid it!
by marniphocles on 04/22/2015 21:18
@kjklewis can you please cite peer reviewed journals that talk about how bad coconut oil is? I've looked through a great many and cannot find any that speak of coconut oil (virgin) being bad for the skin.
Lavender Dr. Bronner's
Reviewed on December 21, 2014

I use 3-5 drops of the liquid lavender soap to wash my face mornings and nights. With just a few drops, I'm able to get a nice lather that rinses away easily with a few splashes. Using more than a few drops caused serious sensitivity and over-drying.

Since I started using this about a month ago I've only had two new spots form - one from hormones and the other from the thick lip treatment I use at night. This is amazing for me. These new spots are even healing more quickly than before.

Old spots are healing well but are still visible.

Blackheads are shrinking.

My skin is much softer.

The scent is nice and relaxing.

I would definitely recommend this soap to anyone and everyone. I've struggled with acne for more than a decade and this is the only product I've found that clears my skin without giving me reptile-dry skin.

Reviewed on December 9, 2014

My whole teenage life I've been suffering with acne, it the most embarrassing and loneliest part of my life....I've tried literally everything, positive mind, diet, top of the line products...

1. This product

2. Drink a lot of water

3. Get at least 8 hours of sleep

4. STOP MASTURBATING ( including dirty thoughts) or Getting Horny


6. Always wear a smile on your face :)

Just THANK YOU !!!

by oyinkan98 on 10/28/2015 16:05
Masturbation does not cause acne lmao or else pornstars would have had a lot lmao
Great as a Facial Cleanser!!
Reviewed on November 11, 2014

I've been using the Tea Tree Oil mix for about three weeks now as a daily facial cleanser, and I have to give it a thumbs up. It has actually helped reduce my blemishes without drying out my already dry skin. I also have sensitive skin, and so was hesitant about using something so concentrated... but this soap hasn't irritated my skin at all!

by fcku07 on 12/10/2014 02:09
Why you so cute?
Reviewed on October 13, 2014

I started using this when I was pregnant to try to stay away from chemicals. I break out SUPER easy so I was skeptical. My skin did not break out from it and I'm still using it post baby. My skin has never looked so good. It can be a little drying if left on too long or if you have dry skin to begin with. Also it really burns your eyes so KEEP AWAY FROM YOU EYES. My holy grail product. I use it in my hair and body too. Amazing stuff!

by missykk on 11/03/2014 00:40
What scent do you use?
by missykk on 11/03/2014 00:40
What scent do you use?