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Dr. Bronner's Castile Liquid Soap
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Brand: Dr. Bronner's

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Dr. Bronner's Castile Liquid Soap


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Dr. Bronner's Castile Liquid Soap

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Dr. Bronner's Castile Liquid Soap

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Good for DIY
Reviewed on February 2, 2017

Works great on DIY products for cleaning supplies and for body washes. It however I don't think it works good on my face.

all time favorite
Reviewed on July 24, 2016

staple in my bathroom. i use this all over face and body. including washing my hair. smells great, cleanses very well. no fuss. i have only tried it on laundry but it did the job. relaxing.

oh, may be a little drying, so recommend using conditioner and moisturizer immediately after.

love this cleanser
Reviewed on July 11, 2016

I love this as a body wash. You only need to use a little and you get a lot of suds without your skin being dried out. The rose smell is subtle and lovely. It is really cheap and you can choose between a few different sized containers. The only downside is having to choose between the different scents!

Reviewed on June 22, 2016

i love this stuff. i have tried a few and the tea tree one is by far my favorite. i started using the bar soap version and just recently picked up the bottle of tea tree soap and was so impressed. the bottle version is 100x stronger and works amazing! if you try it and its too strong for you or have really sensitive skin, try the bar, its amazing too.

Reviewed on May 24, 2016

Best stuff!!! I love it. I do dilute it or else it can be drying, but that just means more product for the money! Lavender is my personal favorite, because it smells so lovely. Almond is my second favorite. I had a few back and chest blemishes from coming off bcp and this soap cleared them up wonderfully. This stuff just works for me and I have tried everything!

Love it
Reviewed on May 6, 2016

I use the almond one, but the peppermint is also good. The scent is sweet without being saccarine. It is really well and cleans effectively. It leaves my skin feeling almost squeaky clean in a way that mainstream body washes and even Dove bar soaps never do. Hence, moisturizer is a must after this stuff. Love it nd I will never buy other soap other than this.

must have!
Reviewed on April 28, 2016

Dr Bronners is my favorite soap ever I use it for everything. I can basically do anything with them from face cleaner to house cleanser. Must have!

Reviewed on March 3, 2016

i love this soap. I use it exclusively on my body, and my face as well. it can remove make up very well and the price is reasonable. this stuff is great i would recommend!

Thank Goodness, I've found it!!!!
Reviewed on January 28, 2016

Ok so a little information on me and my type of acne first. I am 21 years old and have always had clear skin. However, I was always on birth control too since I was about 13. After recently getting married and wanting to start a family, I had my mirena birth control removed. After this, my faced hated me. I pretty much broke out one day, and everyday after that it continued to get worse and worse and worse. I had huge painful cysts and whiteheads all around my mouth, cheeks, and chin. Every morning I would be scared to look in the mirror and see what new monsters the night had brought to my face. Sometimes, I was so embarrassed at the way I looked I called into work and said I was sick. My husband started to get frustrated with me because all I ever did was obsess over the way my face looked, and I spent all my free time researching new ways to cure my acne and testing them out in the bathroom. Somehow though, I came across this soap and read all the reviews. So I went out to target and bought some of the tea tree kind, and a small bottle of tea tree oil and I can tell you....

ITS AWESOME!!!! My acne is actually clearing! Like really really clearing!!! I just use a couple drops of this in the morning and at night, and then I spot treat with the tea tree oil. It can be a little over drying, but considering how oily my skin is I love the way it feels. In the morning time, I will use a light oil free moisturizer and combat some of the dryness if I feel that its bothering me that day. But seriously, my redness is subsiding, the pimples I did have are shrinking and minimized, and its keeping new acne from forming. I've only had a couple new pimples in the last few weeks of using this, and I'm hoping it will just continue to get better and better. I have also switched over to using a BB Cream by Garnier that is supposed to help reduce and clear acne.... I really like it. It covers better than most foundations and it doesn't clog my pores as long as I can take it off with makeup remover at the end of the night. Anyway, that's just some additional silly information.

Some other things I would like to mention is I have also started guzzling a ton of water throughout the day, and I try and drink a couple cups of green tea everyday too. In addition to this I have tried to clean my diet, and cut out most dairy products (its impossible to cut out all, and I love cheese), and incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my meals. Another thing... exercise. I had started exercising and really breaking a sweat at least 3 times a week and I've seen improvement. Plus, it just makes you feel better about yourself. All of these things combined though, with Dr. Bronners soap and tea tree oil... I'm amazed. And I'm so happy I don't have to feel afraid to have someone look at my face anyway.

Last but not least... Please remember not to obsess over your acne. I know its difficult, but the more you obsess and worry about it the worse it's going to end up being. Try and remember that every single person on the planet has something they are self conscious about, and not every person has clear and beautiful skin. We all have imperfections, but we are all beautiful in our own special ways. Hope this post helped. Xoxox

Better than $100 products I've bought in the past.
Reviewed on January 14, 2016

I never had a ton of problems with my skin until I hit my twenties. I got horrible cystic acne and nothing seemed to help. I went to a dermatologist and began using prescription gels and creams as well as simply using cetaphil for sensitive skin. Those things helped, a lot, but after my skin calmed down it just never looked beautiful...it was semi-dry and looked dull and slightly red. I later switched to the brand Ole Henrickson, which was lovely. I loved it but it was breaking the bank for me (products only lasted about a month and cost up over $100). I had friends pushing other skin care products my way and decided I would try an all-natural method before I started spending hundreds on those other products.

Truthfully, this product is better than any other product I have ever used. My skin is no longer red, it is moisturized, and clear. I dilute mine with water (although I use the citrus one), almond oil, green tea, and vitamin E oil into a foaming cleanser. I then follow up with a moisturizer.

I'm 28 now and I'm finally experiencing the best skin of my life.