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Brand: Differin


Active Ingredients:
Adapalene (0.1%).

Inactive Ingredients:
Carbomer 940, edetate disodium, methylparaben, poloxamer 182, propylene glycol, purified water and sodium hydroxide.

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My only Night Treatment
Reviewed on March 29, 2014

I've used Differin gel for almost 2 years now. My derm recommended this for acne night treatment. I had no reaction or irritation. I have very sensitive adult acne skin and most products dry and irritate, this did not. This alone however does not treat my full acne. I need to use something during the day too. But I do love Differin and notice when I don't use it my face isn't as clear. It dries out pimples, gives a nice glow to my face in the morning. This is the "generic" form of retinols. I've tried the real retinols such as "Tazorac", but that was way too harsh for me! This works nicely with no side effects, plus my derm says it has anti-aging properties so that's a bonus.

Help me
Reviewed on March 4, 2014

I've just started using it 4 days ago and 2 times in a day, but when I used it and after 2 days all pimples in my skin becomes red.. But it wasn't hurting me when I hold them, but it looks so scary I want my face clear and I hope it will be better after I Keep using it

Please can you answer is it okay if the pimples become red :(? Would it be better soon? :'(

by Samok on 03/07/2014 05:24
This stuff is suppose to make your acne worse before it really starts working, the redness is a sign that its slowly starting to work and it just takes patience. Don't worry, I went through it too. :)
by Kazuri on 03/26/2014 23:53
What Samok said is right - when you are first using it, it will seem worse before it gets better. But then your skin should be much clearer - and remember to continue to use it even when you have clear skin. :) (See my other comment, 2 reviews below.)
by Jenny297 on 03/29/2014 12:42
Differin should only be used 1x a day, at night only. not sure what your derm told you, but you can go to the Differin website and they tell you how to use correctly. If you have a reaction, try using it every other day or apply a face lotion first then wait a while before putting differin on (as this can be a nice buffer). If your face still gets red you may be having a reaction or your face is too sensitive? All acne products take at least a few months to work wonders. Your skin may need time to adjust and get used to the product too.
by mxttylukee on 04/30/2014 22:49
After you have used your best working facial cleanser at night (I use Avon pure porefection foaming cleanser) , tone your face with any toner you want (I use simple facial toner) and then rub sudocrem into acne prone areas and where your acne already is, then in the morning wash your face with the same cleanser you use at night. I have used this routine for months and my acne really does clear up because of it.
by Sophkee on 05/01/2014 14:20
How are you now? Almost two months later, is it getting better?
by grumpyme on 05/02/2014 02:17
You need to wait. It'll get better
by sammot on 05/27/2014 03:13
1. Don't use it twice a day. Your doctor or pharmacist or the drug information packet that came with it should have explained that to you. 2. Redness is a common side effect of this drug. And since you've been using it twice as often as you should be it's not strange that you're noticing side effects. 3. You've only been using it for 4 days. Give it time.
Not too bad.
Reviewed on March 4, 2014

I've been using this stuff for about a year and I can see massive changes in my acne. It takes away redness a lot and prevents future breakouts, and prevents those icky white heads! Although my acne is still very bad, it's still continuing to make a change to my appearance.

does it really work???
Reviewed on March 1, 2014

Its a week since I started using differin and my skin peeling, dry, aching. I'm so frustrated right now cos my skin wasn't even bad I had few blackheads before I went to c the dermotologist and since I started using differin and bansac my skin went horrible, I'm so imaptient but I'm still gonna give it some time hope it works :(

by Kazuri on 03/26/2014 23:50
According to my dermatologist, the way it works is more as a preventative measure. So for the first little while, it's "purging" your skin of impurities (which is why it may feel your skin is getting worse, but really, it's just pushing out the invisible ones that were getting ready to form), and then afterwards it prevents new ones from forming. This is why even when you aren't breaking out, you should use it all over your face, and you should always apply it after using a moisturizer - don't skip face lotion. I have been using Differin for years, only to just recently find out that I wasn't really using it correctly. I'm not sure why other dermatologists I've seen haven't made sure to explain it better!
by sammot on 05/27/2014 03:14
A week isn't enough time to see results from this drug. Did your doctor or pharmacist not explain this to you? It can take up to 16 weeks to really see the true results of the drug. be patient.
Use sparingly and be patient!
Reviewed on February 23, 2014

Started using the cream version of differin just over a month ago and I'm delighted with the results so far.

I followed others advice and used less than a pea sized amount every night. For the first week my skin felt minimal discomfort...I'd describe it as a feeling of slight sunburn. This soon subsided though and I didn't experience any major flaking or drying like I have in the past with benzoyl peroxide.

Here's a few tips to get the best results from adapalen:

1. Gently cleanse skin.

I use neutragena facewash at night to remove make up and cetaphil cleanser in the morning.

2. Use SpF... Olay complete care spf 30 lotion is gentle, non pore blocking and hydrating.

3. Use a non pore blocking foundation such as Vichy dernablend. (This will camouflage acne scarring and is non comodegenic)

4. Use a pea sized amount at night only. Use religiously and don't expect to see a dramatic difference until a month at least.

5. Avoid eye area and corners of mouth. This is the only areas that I get occasional dryness now.

My skin is so much better and it's only been a month. And an added bonus to using has anti aging properties as well!!!!!!! Fab!

by Divatoots on 07/03/2014 11:28
Does anyone else think that adapalen loses its strength once its been open a while?
by Divatoots on 07/03/2014 11:28
Does anyone else think that adapalen loses its strength once its been open a while?
by Divatoots on 07/03/2014 11:28
Does anyone else think that adapalen loses its strength once its been open a while?
by Pip98 on 08/18/2014 10:46
I'm wondering the same thing, I have been using for 8 weeks and nothing is changing, i still have a lot of pimples and i feel like its still getting worse. I just wonder if its lost its effect ?
by Pip98 on 08/18/2014 10:46
I'm wondering the same thing, I have been using for 8 weeks and nothing is changing, i still have a lot of pimples and i feel like its still getting worse. I just wonder if its lost its effect ?
by Pip98 on 08/18/2014 10:46
I'm wondering the same thing, I have been using for 8 weeks and nothing is changing, i still have a lot of pimples and i feel like its still getting worse. I just wonder if its lost its effect ?
Reviewed on February 20, 2014

Okay so i have been using differin for about a week with the dilisol gel prescribed by my derm. The thing about me is a hate pimples and i feel like this is bringing out all of them. Like i don't have severe acne but its just annoying. I want to have good skin already. My face is getting pretty dry but i decided to only wash my face once a day so it doesn't get too bad and red. i don't even know if this is gonna work on me or not so I'm really frustrated. How long before it starts working? By the way I'm 16

by Thebob on 03/01/2014 10:34
Differin brings all the acne out when you start using it, that's pretty much a good sign that differin may work for you, i suffered a really bad initial breakout period but it gets better and better the more consistent you are, should only last a few weeks
by Sophkee on 05/01/2014 14:22
How are you now? A few months later, is it getting better?
Reviewed on February 19, 2014

I have been using Differin for approximately 3 years I can’t remember exactly when I started the medication, all I can remember was feeling low and depressed. I did not have serious acne maybe 5 small spots on my face at one time.... but what I did have annoyed me and that was all that mattered.... I was low and it was beginning to affect my self esteem and my relationship with my family.

One evening I opened up to my mum and told her exactly how I felt, this was the best thing I had ever done! Mum booked me a doctor’s appointment and I was prescribed Differin I’ve never looked back. My face is so much better although i still get the occasional bout of spots maybe two or three at a time but I can normally tell when these are coming. I cut out all dairy and fatty foods from my diet completely!

I think Differin is amazing! I have turned from an unconfident 17/18 year old struggling with spots to a 21 year old developing a budding and successful career also appearing on TV several times in front of audiences larger than 1 Million. I think I will always get the odd spot (Nobody is perfect) but Differin helped me to restructure my life! Give it time and don’t give up, remember nobody Is perfect!!!

Reviewed on February 14, 2014

I absolutely love this product I actually started it 3 days ago and my acne has been out of control. I have had two children in two years and my hormones are so crazy my acne was awful especially on my chin and temple. Anyway, I noticed a difference after the first use. I am so excited to see how much better this gets. I'm looking forward to being confident again 8-)!

Dries skin out and doesn't work!
Reviewed on February 10, 2014

I have tried this 3 times, and my acne did not get worse but it didn't improve either. It made my skin very dry and flakey which was annoying. I don't recommend it as it didn't work for ME, but that does not mean it wont for you! Good luck!

Keeps pimples at bay
Reviewed on January 31, 2014

Originally it was used for spot treatment until I went to another doctor who told me to put it all over my face. It makes you flake a lot! In the morning when I wake up, it looks like I put powder on my face. Good exfoliation, I suppose. Sometimes it make my skin sensitive.

It's definitely worth a try.