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Differin Adapalene (0.1%) Gel
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Brand: Differin

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Differin Adapalene (0.1%) Gel


Active Ingredients:
Adapalene (0.1%).

Inactive Ingredients:
Carbomer 940, edetate disodium, methylparaben, poloxamer 182, propylene glycol, purified water and sodium hydroxide.

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Differin Adapalene (0.1%) Gel

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Differin Adapalene (0.1%) Gel

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Not entirely impressed
Reviewed on December 15, 2015

I started using this ointment after my dermatologist recommended it to me. I started having mild acne in the sixth grade but it just got worse as the years went on. The one thing I can say about this product is it takes ALOT of time and patience. I was using benzoyl peroxide beford using Differin but it didn't seem to work. When I started using Differin I was so fustrated because I wasnt seeing a difference at all. It got to the point where 5 months passed and still nothing was happening. I would put this cream on before I went to bed and still wake up with MORE pimples than the amount I went to bed with. To this day I've been using it for about a year and half and only see slight progress. I think it damaged my skin rather than helping it. I less acne but now im suffering but REALLY dry skin because of this cream. So I WOULD NOT reccomend this product. P.s another thing, do not go out in the sun if you are using this product. You will get extremely painful, bright red sunburns! Ouch....I have alot of exprience with them :/

by Chloe123 on 12/18/2015 12:15
Once stopped, did your acne get worse or better?
This will either make your acne worse or better.
Reviewed on December 11, 2015

Before you purchase this, be ready for a roller coaster. Your skin will be terribly flaky, dry, sunburnt, sensitive and you will get double the amount of acne you have now during the first 3 MONTHS. You have to be patient with this, and should be able to get through the initial breakout.

I used this ointment a couple of months ago, and unfortunately it created scars and my skin got so bad i completely threw this out. However, i am willing to give this another try and have been using this slowly for the past month. I am hoping this time if i ease into it, my skin wont be like last time.

Theres a 50/50 chance with this. This will either completely clear your skin after 6 months, or make it worse.

this doesn't work for me
Reviewed on November 26, 2015

I used this for 3 months and I didn't saw any progress.

Moving Along
Reviewed on September 24, 2015

I've recently had a spurt of acne on my chin and forehead. My dermatologist said differin should clear it right up. I'm on my third week of using it right now and it definitely made my acne worse right when I began using it. I can gradually see a change beginning already which is really exciting! Hopefully the progress continues! The only problem I've had with it other than the initial flare up is that it has made my skin so dry that it is just peeling off on my chin. It looks like I got a sunburn! I've just been moisturizing like crazy! Will update later. Good luck to anyone else on this!

by K1992 on 10/01/2015 23:55
did you use it all over your face or just on the acne spots alone? just wondering because if i only use it on the the actual pimples, maybe i wont flare up?
by Freyab25 on 11/26/2015 11:25
This is not to reduce current breakouts but to reduce the amount of sebum your skin is producing & therefore cause you to have less breakouts in future. At night you should apply a very thin coat to any area you are affected by acne, avoiding the eyes & lips. You will need to gently exfoliate & cover up to not get sunburnt.
Reviewed on September 14, 2015

Ive been using this for about 3 months now as a last resort. Ive been to dermatologists and theyve plamed me off with this as i have seborrheic dermatitis as well as this patch of pigmented skin. I can honestly say that this product has done nothing, hasnt made it better and hasnt made it worse so its pretty pointless.

Ruined my Face
Reviewed on September 14, 2015

Ive always had acne, but it was never super bad. Shortly after my 21st birthday I started getting more acne than usual so I thought I should get some medication for it.

After using this for 11 weeks I can say this is the worst product I could have ever used or continued to use.

The "initial breakout" only got worse and worse and now my face is disgusting to look at. I have huge red puss filled acne all over both cheeks that does NOT improve at all. It covers every square inch of the skin on my cheeks and jaw line, in places ive NEVER had acne before. It's very painful and embarrassing. Ive never had such low self esteem or been so disgusted with my appearance.

Thanks to this gel I never go out anymore and when I see myself in the mirror I start to cry.

It says takes 8-12 weeks to work, but at week 11 I see no point in torturing myself anymore in hopes it might turn around, which it has shown no signs of doing. At this point I can only hope my face recovers with minimal scarring.

If you really hate someone, recommend them this product.

Fantastic stuff
Reviewed on September 3, 2015

Having done accutane TWICE and having acne re occur every time I seriously felt like there was no hope for my skin until I finally had the balls to start Differin after hearing all the horror storis. Yeah I had a bit of an initial breakout in hindsight. But the main word here is hindsight - I didn't even feel like I was having one as it really wasn't that bad. I am on my 9th week of treatment and will continue this forever. Since week 6 I have had only 4 or 5 tiny pimples that have disappeared quicker than they appeared! After a couple of weeks of flaking my skin really adjusted to it and it no longer makes me go red or flake at all. As long as this keeps working I will give it 5 stars!

Reviewed on August 21, 2015

before differin, I was using clean and clear (the wash and the moisturizer) and it cleared up my face. had a pimple and here and there but nothing to severe. during the summer, I really didn't keep up with the wash and one day, I looked in the mirror and my face was full of pimples on my forehead and cheeks. I went back to the wash and basically my forehead only cleared up. I was suppose to go to a dermatologist long time ago but I finally went.

the doctor prescribed me differin and told me peeling and burning may occur. and it sure did. the first night I used it, my face felt dry and tight. just smiling would hurt. in the morning I wash my face with clean and clear because I refuse to have dry skin all day. the second night I used differin, my skin burned so badly. I couldn't take it. dried it out and the peeling occurred. the worst part is school starts in just a few days. I wait about 20 minutes before applying moisturizer and it helps a bit.

I have peeling around my mouth, corner of my eyes and on my eyelids and I DONT apply it there but it's starting to die down. it's mostly just dry and flaky skin on the corner of mouth which I hope goes away within the next two days.

the third night was actually better. my face felt dry but nothing moisturizer can't fix. I'm going to keep updating hoping that things get better and I see some results within the next week or so.

Differin (Adapalene) Review
Reviewed on August 10, 2015

On this site it says it is used to treat 'severe' acne. This is incorrect as the leaflet clearly says used to treat 'mild to moderate acne'. I have seen some improvement. I am optimistic as this is day 5 for me. I have been combining with steaming my face about twice a week, prior to application every night . It works for me that way. I have had no adverse effects. Perhaps because I was using DUAC cream (5% benzoyl peroxide) prior to this to which my skin developed a tolerance, so was proving ineffective even though initially it was great. Hence the change. I would recommend this product as so far, I find it gentle and seems to be working.

Tried for almost 1 year
Reviewed on June 22, 2015

After using this religiously for almost an entire year (in combination with occasional use of 5% benzoyl peroxide) and doxycycline oral, I quit it and the doxycycline pill completely, as I saw improvements from a horrible break out after about 3 weeks when I first began... however, over time the improvements in my "monthly" flareup around my period were less significant and I found myself wondering if either medicine was doing anything to help at all anymore or if my hormones were the culprit for both making my skin less red and pimply or more. I would say this treatment isn't a long-term fix-all for acne, but works for an immediate fix - at least this is my experience!

by strongbad19 on 08/05/2015 03:05
You need to use this for more than 3 weeks. The acne bacteria lies deep in your skin and this, for lack of a better word, pulls it to the surface, kills it so that the true healing process may begin.