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Differin Adapalene (0.1%) Gel
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Brand: Differin

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Differin Adapalene (0.1%) Gel


Active Ingredients:
Adapalene (0.1%).

Inactive Ingredients:
Carbomer 940, edetate disodium, methylparaben, poloxamer 182, propylene glycol, purified water and sodium hydroxide.

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Differin Adapalene (0.1%) Gel

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Differin Adapalene (0.1%) Gel

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Combination is the way to go
Reviewed on November 25, 2014

This is gonna be a long review - I apologise in advance

I had an allergic reaction to Bio Oil and I developed millions and millions of whiteheads. My face with make up looked like Quaker oats! With my graduation only 3 weeks away, I went to the doctors and he prescribed me Differin. You cannot imagine my horror when he told me it'd get worse before it gets better and it could also take about 4 weeks to work. I could not risk this "worse period" happening on my graduation day so I bought a steroid cream, Funbact A off ebay - stupid decision, I know but I was desperate.

The steroid cream appeared to work at first the I had an outburst. My whiteheads became inflamed and I looked a hot mess! At this point, I decided to accept my fate and go on Differin - this was Oct 3rd. The first few weeks were hell - my skin burned so much. I'm African so my chocolate skin became black around the areas of application. I tried using it every other day with aloe vera gel on my off day and this helped calm my skin down.

I stopped using make up and my tea tree products because my skin just could not handle it. I went back to the doctors because I was not sure I wanted to continue with Differin - it had been 4 weeks and my skin was getting worse. I was asked to persevere for a bit more and was given lymecycline 408mg (twice daily for the first two weeks then once daily) - just in case I decided to stop the differin all together. I took both treatments together and I'm not sure what exactly worked but my cystic acne calmed down and it's just continued to get better.

I read online that Differin alone will not make the skin blemish free so I added Simple spotless skin triple wash and the pore minimizing toner to my regimen. I also drink warm lemon water every morning and rub the squeezed lemon on my face to fade scars. At weekends, I do a honey, lemon and tomato pulp mask. Today - 25th Nov, my skin feels so smooth and It is so much brighter as well. I have just gotten another tube of Differin from my doctors, I intend to continue using this with my regimen for maintenance

Didn't work
Reviewed on November 17, 2014

Didn't work for me. Made it worse. Caused skin to be too dry and red.

by samre on 11/30/2014 06:12
How long did you use it for?
Try a different approach
Reviewed on November 14, 2014

I've tried so many products, but they simply mask acne. A change in diet saved my skin.

See the bigger picture, whats your body trying to tell you?

For anyone interested in taking a different approach at skincare and improving your complexion from the inside out check out the power of Juice Plus. For less than a cup of coffee/day. It's a lifestyle change :)

Message me, I'd be happy to share!

by SiriBai on 01/12/2015 21:16
are you promoting something? this review isn't even for Adapalene. Ugh.
This is the only gel that worked for me
Reviewed on November 5, 2014

Im 18 and had acne for 4 years, i went to the pharmacy then afer seening my acne reccommened differin 0.1% to me. i also have been using a ance solution with i use on my face with a cotton btw i cant remember its name and i dont know which one cleared up my acne as i have been using them both at the same time :(; but anyways my acne was bad and both the medications cleared it all up. i only ever had acne on my forhead and between my eyebrows, i haven't used the gel for months and now my acne came back. i will definetly purchase this again.

Please help
Reviewed on September 27, 2014

I'm on 4months using differin but until now I didn't see change yet. My skin is so hot and peeling this is the side effect too?

by Pip98 on 10/15/2014 10:42
Oh my goodness so glad there is someone else in the same boat as me. I have been using to for four months as well and it seemed to get better and worse and now its getting really bad again.. I'm losing hope:(
by suzie96 on 11/05/2014 18:39
you might have an allergic reaction try benzoyl preoxide or something not as strong
by leelowe1 on 04/20/2015 23:12
I just started my fourth month and I am experiencing one of the worst breakouts I've had in a while
Couldn't deal with the instant purging
Reviewed on September 26, 2014

Tried to switch from Zineryt liquid lotion to Differin due to how difficult the Zineryt was to apply. The idea of an easy, one a day cream was great. However, unfortunately after just two days I switched straight back.

My skin was redder than ever, covered in spots and white heads were popping up so fast it was unbelievable.

However, I have no doubt that this product would work in the long time. I just couldn't take my skin getting in worse at that time. Try Zineryt lotion for instant drying of spots.

1 month in...
Reviewed on September 16, 2014

I took Accutane and my skin stayed clear for 1.5 years. During this time I was just using normal face wash and Aczone prescription, exfoliating, etc. About a month ago my skin just went nuts. It started getting really oily and I started noticing a considerable increase in "congestion". I had lots of blackheads and absolutely riddled with closed comedones. My skin overall and had an extremely oily and bumpy look to it, but wasn't breaking out into inflammed zits. So like I said, about a month ago I went back to the derm and she suggested Differin. She mention Aczone will not address the bumps under the skin, but Differin will. She suggested I continue using Aczone during the day, but Differin at night. The first week my skin went nuts with large zits and some cystic acne, which I have not had since pre accutance. Now that I am in what I think is week 4 or 5, the big zits are gone, but it's like every single bump on my face is red. Red acne scars have also been taking FOREVER to fade. It's absurd. I've read Differin "purges", but is this normal?

just be patient ^_^
Reviewed on September 14, 2014

It really works from me, i'm using it for about 2 months (april and may) and stop and my blackheads on my nose came back. Then I decided to use it again I have been it from now for almost 1 week and my face starts to clear it again. I do have oily face and no need to use a moisturizer except for applying non comedogenic sunscreen like cetaphil in morning. For my facial wash, I've been in a trust of benzac daily foaming wash which is supposed to be in acne oily facial skin and its true ^_^ then after washing I apply soothing toner with aloe vera and chamomile extract you should do this every morning afterwards apply sunscreen. In evening just wash your face with your facial wash then apply a thin coat of differin gel.. and thats it ^_^

by suzie96 on 11/05/2014 18:33
thanks that helped
A friggen miracle
Reviewed on September 14, 2014

This stuff has worked wonders for my face! This is gonna be a long review (don't say you haven't been warned)!

I used to have moderate acne with occasional bouts of cystic acne. I had visited my dermatologist about two years ago and she prescribed me Retin-A. It had worked for my mother when she was my age, so I figured it would be the same for me. I was oh so very wrong. I stuck with Retin-A for almost 3 months, and in that time, my acne not only failed to improve, but got drastically worse. Instead of occasional appearances of cystic acne, it became a regular presence on my face, particularly my cheeks. Eventually, I stopped using the stuff, and I thought my skin would start to heal itself. Unfortunately, Retin-A seemed to have done more than I thought, and normal zits would form on top of deep, cystic zits. I didn't want to start back on Retin-A, and I didn't want to keep doing nothing, so, I called my regular doctor and scheduled an appointment with her. I told her that my dermatologist had prescribed Retin-A and had resulted in the warzone that was my face. My doc told me to try Differin. As skeptical as I was, my skin had gotten to the point where it was painful even when nothing was touching it. So, I picked up a tube.

It was the best decision of my (dermatological) life. Within a week most of the surface acne was gone, and some of the cystic acne had started to heal as well. By the end of the third week, the majority of my acne was gone (except for a few blackheads on the nose), and the scars from my disastrous Retin-A experience (both psychological and physical) had even started to fade. I still use Differin today, on and off. Even when I'm not using Differin every night, my skin stays relatively acne free. When I am using Differin, my skin is practically pimple-free. Seriously guys, Differin works (well, for me, anyways).

by barbieballet on 11/18/2014 08:05
does it makes your face little dry and little flaky ..whitish ??? pls reply asap
by Alim on 02/23/2015 07:17
Thank you for your thorough and clear review! Very descriptive and intelligently written, which seems to be rare on this site :)
The worst
Reviewed on September 11, 2014

I cant stand this gel, it leaves my face burned!! it hurts so much.