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Differin Adapalene (0.1%) Gel
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Brand: Differin

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Differin Adapalene (0.1%) Gel


Active Ingredients: Adapalene (0.1%). Inactive Ingredients: Carbomer 940, edetate disodium, methylparaben, poloxamer 182, propylene glycol, purified water and sodium hydroxide.

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Differin Adapalene (0.1%) Gel

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Differin Adapalene (0.1%) Gel

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Works really well!
Reviewed on May 22, 2017

I have acne rosacea which convinced me I wouldn't have clear skin until I am 35 (i am 25 now.) Pimples were not so much my issue but hyperpigmentation and scarring left me feeling like I would never have clear skin. I knew that retinoids were good for hyperpigmentation but my dermatologist wanted to stay away from them because I was not on a birth control plan (newly married) and he did not want to risk combining the medication and a possible pregnancy. Since this medication is now over the counter, I felt it was safe enough to apply with keeping in consideration that if I ever was headed the pregnancy route, I would stop. ANYWAYSSSS, THIS MEDICATION IS AMAZING. IT LEGITIMATELY CLEARED UP MY SKIN IN A WAY I HAVE NEVER SEEN SINCE MY FIRST PIMPLE. I was on the acne.org regime for 4 months that worked great but when I added differin I stopped using the benzoyl peroxide. Once my skin was used to the differin, I added benzoyl peroxide back into my routine but just in the morning. Therefore, I was using benzoyl peroxide in the morning (the smallest amount that is still effective) and differin at night. Once my skin was used to this routine (about 4 weeks), I added the glycolic acid AHA as a moisturizer a couple times a week and omg I cannot believe the results! I am very happy with this product and AM SO THANKFUL IT BECAME AN OVER THE COUNTER PRODUCT. THANK YOU GOD.!

Maybe not for sensitive skin
Reviewed on May 21, 2017

It cleared my skin entirely with maybe one new pimple in just a few days. I was very impressed. Then my skin was fire engine red, and peeling like crazy. (Yes, I am aware of retinization, but this was extreme.) My face was hot and IT BURNED!!! I was horribly embarassed to show my face in school, because no matter what I put on it it looked awful. I stopped it because I had an event coming up I didn't want to look bad for. Probably won't be trying again.

It didn't work for me
Reviewed on May 21, 2017

I've been using this cream nearly every night for about 5 months while also taking tetracycline antibiotic tablets and it has NOT improved my skin AT ALL. I'm so annoyed that my Gp never warned me that this product would make your acne much worse. After reading the 'purging' idea I kept thinking maybe it would work if i keep going at it for 3 months, but it did not.

Before using the gel my acne was in between moderate and severe and now it is definitely very severe, like a volcano not exaggerating, i'm in so much pain emotionally and physically. I had breakouts in every part of my face, so it did not clear my skin at all.

Therefore, I wouldn't advise anyone to use this gel, though it may work for others but for me it definitely did not, and i really don't think it is worth the risk, as you could end up like me. Now i have even more acne and scarring to sort out.

Its not bad
Reviewed on May 15, 2017

I used adapalene for about a month and honest opinions here...it worked FINE. My acne did go away, but an occasional pimple showed up here and there. My scarring looked faded, but the problem is as soon as I stopped using this product, my face broke out, BUT not as bad as it did before. Therefore, good for temporary fixes and decrease of acne

This stuff is amazing.
Reviewed on May 4, 2017

In a word: amazing.

Let's just get this out of the way... Yes, you have to use it consistently every single night for three months to see serious results. Yes, it can and probably will cause a horrific initial breakout. Yes, your skin is going to be difficult and irritated while it gets adjusted to the medicine. But it is so totally worth it... My skin has never looked this healthy. It is literally glowing after three months of use. My pores are actually free and clear of blockages and my skin looks beautiful and supple in regular sunlight. The texture, although crazy and peeling for the first 60 days or so, is now so soft and smooth. The tone and color has evened out and most of my sun damage (years of baking in the sun) and a lot of my fine lines are now just gone. I get compliments all the time. Give this stuff a try and don't give up... stick it out, it's worth it. I used Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% to help with the initial breakout in the mornings underneath my moisturizer. Don't over exfoliate while on it... try an AHA or BHA once a week at a low concentration. Definitely don't mechanically exfoliate as this will impede your progress... be very, very gentle with your skin.

Gradual process
Reviewed on March 29, 2017

I've been using differin for about a month. I didn't see much irritation, but it might be because i mainly have small whiteheads and I only used it on my forehead. I have mild acne, but there has been a definite improvement. I barely have any inflamed pimples, and the whiteheads are much smaller. I use a organic and natural soap bar from Good Soap alaffia, and apply the differin afterwards for my nighttime routine. In the morning, i wash my face with the soap again. If you have mild/moderate acne and are willing to wait a few weeks for results, go for it!

Finally! Something that really works!
Reviewed on February 24, 2017

I'm a 37 year old African-American woman. I have struggled with adult hormone-induced acne for nearly 15 years. Over the years, I have watched large areas of my flawless chocolate skin become overcome by dark stubborn scars around my jawline and on my cheeks. I have tried bleaching, exfoliants, proactiv, etc. But, nothing worked to remove them. Nothing. I saw a differin gel .1 commercial on BET. I immediately picked up a tube at Walmart. And I tell you, I saw results after only 2 days. No lie! Now, I'm 3 weeks in and my jawline (which had a dark spot about 5 inches wide), is 50% clear! My family and co-workers noticed without me saying anything. I feel like I'm alive again. I don't have to cover up as much. I highly recommend this product. Don't hesitate. Go get it!

by LowerTones on 04/07/2017 18:13
Why would you use bleaching on your "flawless chocolate skin"? Isn't bleaching to lighten one's skin? In my case, my flawless pure milky white complexion benefited marvelously from the medication.
by mdv12121212 on 04/27/2017 19:45
She meant that she "bleached" her skin to get rid of the unwanted dark scars left over from acne, not that she wanted to lighten her "flawless chocolate skin" to a lighter skin color.
Not bad
Reviewed on February 10, 2017

I have tried a lot of different stuff for my skin and had a pretty good regiment going on but then i decided to add AHA to take care of the whiteheads on my jaw. Unfortunately, it ended up making my skin purge. At least I eventually that's what was happening. At the time I was just upset that I was breaking out more.

So then I saw that Differin was on available without a prescription I decided to try it. I figured since I was already purging that it really wouldn't be that different than what I had going on. I'm on week 4 of using Differin and honestly it really isn't any worse than what I was going through before. Actually, the zits popping up now seem to come to a head and heal faster. My skin is a bit more sensitive and some of my moisturizers are making my skin burn a bit, but it's not too bad tbh.

My routine in the evening with the differin is a mild cleanser, then the differin, then some benzoyl peroxide, a serum and a moisturizer. Sometimes I'll use a bit of bha liquid from Paula's Choice on my more problem areas that aren't generally dry and flakey.

If you're using this product and getting really bad dry skin, try getting some sheet masks off of amazon. I use them at the end of my routine after the differin is already on.

Unlike Retin-A, Differin breakout is constantly on and off
Reviewed on December 2, 2016

I was prescribed Retin-A two years ago following a horrible acne flareup between my eyebrows, nose, and chin area. Retin-A breakouts were consistent from about weeks 2-6, and I didn't really start to see results until 2 1/2 months in. I will tell you what though, I had everything from inflammation, whiteheads, cysts, and deep marks on my face while on Retin-A. Within 3 months, I was basically 100% clear it was a miracle.

But with Differin, the results seem mixed.

Two years off of Retin-A, i had another flareup of acne, this time only between my eyebrows and a mild case. I've only been on Differin for 6 weeks and not as long as Retin-A so far, but I can already tell this will take longer to see results. Differin is a much milder form of Retin-A and is very inconsistent in terms of breakouts. My regimen consists of using Clean and Clear Morning Burst facial cleanser for day and nights, Clindamycin 1% gel in the morning, Differin cream 0.1% for nights, and Aveeno Clear complexion moisturizer throughout the day, mincocycline oral antibiotics twice a day

Here's what i've concluded through 6 weeks of Differin:

Week 1: Like Retin-A, quickly smooths out surface of skin

Week 2: Slight pain in problem areas, feel the rising of deep acne

Week 3: Skin begins to purge, but acne doesn't last long; It lasts only a couple of days and leaves red marks, partially oily skin

Week 4: Skin smooths out again and marks are very lightly fading

Week 5: Only one whitehead on skin, pigmentation dramatically improving

Week 6: Out of no where, three huge and painful cysts pop up between my brow area, two large whiteheads on my nose (I never get whiteheads on my nose, just red zits) and hyperpigmentation becoming darker again (I use sunscreen during the day too), skin is becoming incredibly oily (i don't typically have oily skin)

Through6 weeks, it's been rough getting through the breakout stage, especially when breakouts are happening on and off. Unlike Retin-a, the breakout stage would last constantly until the purging was over. Since differin is much weaker, the time period of purging is going to be much longer. My dermatologist said that within a month and a half all my active acne would be gone. It doesn't seem like the case yet. I'm obviously not done with Differin, but this has been an extremely trying process for me. I'll wait the full 12 weeks and see how the results are to review once again.

good product!
Reviewed on January 16, 2017

My skin is sensitive and combination/oily. I have never had horrible or cystic acne, just a few pimples on my forehead all the time. About a month ago, the acne spread to all over my forehead. I knew the problem wasn't my diet or a product because i tried eliminating these things. My dermatologist prescribed me .1% differin gel a few weeks ago. There was no difference the first two days but on the third day, I had no new pimples and it's been that way since! I did experience slightly drier skin than usual, but no redness or flaking. I believe the key is to use as little product as possible and moisturize as soon as the product sinks into the skin. Also, it's important to exfoliate daily to help the product remove waste from your face.

One thing i did notice though was that i have a couple clogged pores still on my forehead. Do i wait them out? Will they turn into pimples?

by Merin on 03/22/2017 13:08
I have the same skin combination but after using differin, my skin becomes irritable , dry and has constant tingling feeling. I had my skin peeling off and I wonder how do I exfoliate these dead skin without worsening my skin ?
by Merin on 03/22/2017 13:08
I have the same skin combination but after using differin, my skin becomes irritable , dry and has constant tingling feeling. I had my skin peeling off and I wonder how do I exfoliate these dead skin without worsening my skin ?