Clindoxyl Clindamycin (1%) and Benzoyl Peroxide (5%) Gel reviews

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Active Ingredients:
Clindamycin (1%) and Benzoyl Peroxide (5%).

Non-Medicinal ingredients:
Carbomer 940, dimethicone, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, edetate disodium, glycerin, hydrated silica, methylparaben, poloxamer, purified water, and sodium hydroxide.

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Extremely effective, but dries skin
Reviewed on April 2, 2014

This stuff works magic if you need something strong that will actually work for your acne. I had moderate acne and now after a few weeks while I still have some they are all extremely small, and have been reduced drastically. The biggest con is that it dries your skin A LOT, and it doesn't make it super red, but sometimes it gets itchy, which can be annoying. I would definitely say that the benefits outweigh the drying though, and would recommend it.

AMAZING but pricy $$$
Reviewed on March 4, 2014

I think there's many Clindoxyl products with different ingredients in it (i'm not sure).

I am Asian, I live in Canada, I have oily skin, and I mostly break out on my cheeks and my forehead.

I was 16 when I used this product and right now i'm 17.This product is really amazing. I've seen in some reviews on this site where people got this for 7-10$ which is really odd to me cause I had to pay 60$ for mine. Although its very pricy to me, this makes my acne disappear in a WEEK ! YES A WEEK ! that's why I love it so much. I RARELY use makeup to cover my acne.

While I was reading the package and such, it said to use the product for a maximum of 60 days and then I have to THROW THE REST ! even if it said that I still used it after 60 days, but it actually made my skin feel irritated and red so I had to stop :/ I hate that when you're done with the product, pimples can easily appear after about a week later or something. I had 3 "refills" when I was prescribed this product, which is 60$ X 3 = 180$ for 180 days of use. All in all, this product clears your acne in a week and your skin will be FLAWLESS !

The reason why I gave this 4 stars, because its pricy, you only get to use it for 2 months (theres a lot of product left even after 2 months), after you run out of your "refills", you have to go back to the doctors again :/

Best Acne Cream Out there
Reviewed on January 13, 2014

I had a lot of acne especially on the both sides of my face I had about 20 each and a lot small ones. I had some on my forehead and cheeks and this cream got rid of all them well 70% in about 15 days works well I recommend it!

Good but doesn't really prevent breakouts
Reviewed on November 16, 2013

I have moderate acne and have been prescribed clindoxyl twice - once when I was 16 and once recently. It worked a lot better when I was younger, but it still works now. It gets rid of big whiteheads really quickly, or at least shrinks them significantly overnight, and it has helped improve the overall quality of my skin. It isn't drying as long as you moisturise sufficiently. While it's good for active spots, it doesn't really do much in terms of preventing future breakouts. I'm using it as a topical alongside with Diane, so I'm not really counting on clindoxyl itself to clear my skin. I also think that my skin has become slightly immune to the clindamycin in clindoxyl, because after using it for several months, it seems less effective than when I initially started using it. Still a good product, but probably better for people with less severe acne (and there doesn't seem to be any initial breakout either!).

No Pain no Gain
Reviewed on November 10, 2013

I went for facial before prom and the spa lady gave me this cream. I didn't have severe acne but they were very consistent. The first time I tried it on my skin was dry, itchy, red, and it stinnngssss. However, I kept on using this cream for a more days and my acne really did clear up. My friends noticed the changes and they say. "hey, you look different. I don't know what it is.. but you look different. " To me that is basically the most truthful compliment I got in a while. This product contains antibotics.. so I won't use this all the time. Right now.. my acne is kinda under control.. I don't have a lot of breakouts like I used to. Occasionally, I would get a zit here and there.. but that's probably from my diet. When I do have a zit, I just dab it on and it reduces the size overnight. This cream really works..and I have never looked so beautiful since the first day I got acne. Tip: Don't use it all the time cuz ur skin might be resistant to it after a while.

Good temporary solution
Reviewed on October 26, 2013

I have cystic acne on one cheek and I've been using this for about five days. Most of the inflammation is gone and only 3 pimples left out of 15, they were the biggest and I think they'll go away soon. However the derm never told me how much to apply and I think I apply too much, using overnight.

Very helpful product
Reviewed on October 25, 2013

Having had bad skin for years and no success with over the counter products, I finally went to see a dermatologist, who gave me a prescription for Clindoxyl. After a week of use, my skin started to get better, and after a month it was almost completely clear. The only issues I have is that it leaves my skin looking rather shiny, and if I miss an application, my skin will start to act up again overnight. That being said, it's a very effective product, and I highly recommend it.

It didn't really do anything at all
Reviewed on October 24, 2013

I've always had stubborn skin, and my acne was not severe. For the product review, It didn't make my acne worse, and it didn't make it better it just stayed the same. I did notice when applying it that my skin got very red and felt as if it was burning. I can't recommend it simply because it didn't work for my skin type

great product
Reviewed on October 21, 2013

This clears acne in a couole days and keeos its away

Reviewed on August 23, 2013

So I always had clear skin until this summer I broke out like crazy.. Got scars all over my cheeks. I started using this gel first week it worked wonders, but became less effective overtime. But after 2 months it cleared up everything, even made my scars barely noticeable and gets rid of blackheads, pimples under the skin. This gel is amazing. I still got pimples here and there but it would clear them out within 2-3 days which is awesome. I'm so so so happy with this product.