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Brand: Clearasil


Active Ingredients:
Resorcinol (2%) (Acne Medication), Sulfur (8%) (Acne Medication).

Inactive Ingredients:
Water, Alcohol Denatured, Bentonite (CI 77004), Glyceryl Stearate SE, Titanium Dioxide, Isopropyl Myristate, Fragrance, Iron Oxides, Simethicone, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Talc.

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Clearasil Daily Clear Tinted Adult Treatment Cream: 0.65 OZ
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Clearasil Adult Tinted Treatment Cream, 0.65-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4)
updated: 12/22/2014 22:24 UTC
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Reviewed on September 17, 2008

I've used this product for over a year and at first I had good results. After a while it gave no positive results and left my acne the same it was before. (I have moderately severe acne) Although I will say, it camoflauges your acne pretty well; just use a moisturizer for the dryness. I will stop using this product since it doesn't work for me anymore, but again, it did a decent job of hiding my acne, so I didn't have to use so much makeup.

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Reviewed on September 1, 2008

There are better products.

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Reviewed on August 22, 2008

This product ruined some of my expensive clothes and it's not worth it. Find An Alternative

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Reviewed on August 12, 2008

it amazes me that after over a decade of OTC proucts using benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid etc. that i never ONCE came across a product with sulfur/resorcinol as the active ingredients. i had long ago given up hope that any benzoyl peroxide product (no matter how weak or how strong) would ever work. salicylic acid and glycolic acid weren't ever good enough, either. but thank god, one of the oldest treatments for acne there is was the one that completely healed my skin and when i say healed i mean no more inflammatory acne, no more whiteheads, blackheads, redness, oiliness, flaking...nothing. my skin is in perfect shape.

i think sulfur gets a bad rap for its smell, and i can understand that, but come on! its not that bad, it fades soon after you put it on and whats more, it WORKS. i think that more products should give a sulfur/resorcinol combo option in their line up. they just might save tons of people from years of heartache from breakouts that wont stop!

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Reviewed on June 25, 2008

My skin was moderate severe from what the dermatologist said. He also recommended to use somethig with benz peroxide in it. But do not use to much. Toom much will not help. Put on a thin layer through the day and at night as well. If your skin is handling the bp well then you may put on another thin thin layer during the day but I do not recommend 3 applications daily. It will take a couple days before you see results. If you put it on real small bumps, it will make it where they wont even come up. It has helped me so far. Atleast give it a shot.

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Reviewed on March 13, 2008

The vanishing ones don't quite...vanish. there is still a tint..but over all.good enough.

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Reviewed on March 12, 2008

basically you got to already be married to try this stuff cause your face will stink so bad that u will turn men off..but hey,...there is a reason that I am still using it works.

oh and at the office...people keep accusing me of lighting matches in my cubicle....cause I got this perma-stink thing now, but I guess its better than a permanently red and bump-filled face...which was the situation last year

so last year nobody could look at they smile at me but they keep their distance.

I am complaining heavily about the stink because I hope that the makers of clearsil will make a "fragrance" free version cause I need this stuff and have no choice.

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Reviewed on February 27, 2008

If you have been struggling with acne for years this is it. And if you haven't and it's just now a better use this stuff; it will save you from absolute torture.