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Clean & Clear Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser
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Brand: Clean & Clear

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Clean & Clear Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser


Water, Triethanolamine, Myristic Acid, C9 15 Alkyl Phosphate, Lauric Acid, Glycerin, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance, Methylparaben, BHT, Proplyparaben, Ethylparaben, Red 4, Yellow 10.

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Clean & Clear Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser

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Clean & Clear ESSENTIALS Foaming Facial Cleanser Sensitive Skin, 8 Ounce (Pack of 2)
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Clean & Clear Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser, 8 fl oz
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Clean & Clear Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser

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Heather, Long Island, N.Y
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Reviewed on November 2, 2011

Great product, definatly leaves skin clean, and clear. Only thing is, in the begining my skin felt dry. but this went away, once my skin became used to the product. DEFINATLY RECONMENDED! :)

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Alice, GoldCoast, Australia
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Reviewed on October 28, 2011

This is a good product over all but me I have really oily skin and this solved that problem for me. I also have a lot of acne so maybe thats why it didn't work. Hope this works out for you.:)

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Sara, Sri Lanka Colombo
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Reviewed on October 14, 2011

I have only been using this product for 2 weeks every morning and night, following its instructions. And sometimes, I wash my face with it after I finish exercises.

Before I started this, I was using cinnamon and honey mask and it made my skin breakout worse and there were HUGE, sharp zits all over my cheeks.

Then I started using this wash and stopped every other thing. Then after two weeks now, I can say I am very happy that those big zits are gone. There are small bumps still left in one or two. When I touch my cheeks they are smooth unlike before. So the big pimples are almost gone now. :)

I have small acne all over my chin and forehead. The face wash doesn't seem to be working on them. They are still there. Well.. maybe I need to use it more. Its only been 2 weeks anyway. And my acne marks and scars are still there so with a distance, no one can tell that there are not big zits there ! :(

So as a whole, until now I am happy with results.

I'll write another review after 1 or 2 months to let you know how its going. :)

PS : I don't use moisturizer. My face doesn't get too dry from this. My skin is oily. So maybe to some people it might dry too much but for me, this works well.

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(: madii, Tucson,AZ
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Reviewed on September 29, 2011

I would recommend this to anyone with combination and oily skin. It does make your skin look red and can be drying. When I first started using this product it swept away my oil from my face and gave me a good glow (after redness settled down). Here's how I use it:

1. Put hot water on your face to open up pores.

2. Pump one pump Into your had(your hands should be wet)

3.exfoliate gentley for 10-15 seconds then wash off acne treatment

4. Important step! Let air dry then put on anyother treatment you use. Make sure you moisterize!

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George Washington, San Diego
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Reviewed on September 18, 2011

If you're on the market for a foaming cleanser, this is about the best you can do. Johnson and Johnson uses the same ingredients in many of their cleansers and this one is the same as Purpose (as far as I can tell) but much cheaper. I think my 8oz bottle rang in at around $1.75 at WalMart with coupon. Although Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleanser stings my face on accutane, this one does not, so make what you want out of that. If you have oily skin, then the foaming cleansers are definitely for you. Don't mess around with "gentle" cleansers because they will not remove everything they should. Highly recommend, especially to those on a budget.

Reviewed on August 18, 2011

I've used just plain Dove soap all my life but switched to this to see if it made a difference. It is very drying and really burns for about 20 minutes after you use it. Not worth it's benefits if there are any. I'll just stick with my Dove Beauty Bar.

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Reviewed on August 7, 2011

i love this!! i also use tetmosol lotion to help get rid of acne scars. this soap helps prevent break outs ... i had a a huge zit then i washed my face with the soap three times the next day my zit dissapred!! i reallly recomend!

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Tasha, Canada
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Reviewed on August 7, 2011

This cleanser cleared my skin up a little bit but it was never enough for me, I have combination skin and this product just dried me out. I feel like this is more a face wash for people in their twenties who no longer have acne and just need something to keep their face clean. I won't be repurchasing.

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Kimberly, New York, NY
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Reviewed on July 1, 2011

The Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser really works! It is not to expensive and smells fantastic! Many other products promise to work fast, but they don't! This product works fast and makes your skin feel clean, not only that but it is fighting your acne at the same time! Also, you don't have to use the product a lot. You can use it just once a day! So thank you Clean & Clear, for keeping my skin clean and clear! :)

Reviewed on June 19, 2011

After having my skin tortured by a harsh acne treatment, I thought I would follow the Regimen. The first time I used this cleanser, afterwards, my skin felt so fresh and invigorated; like no other cleanser has given me this invigorated feeling. I just love it!