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Clarisonic Skin Care Brush
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Brand: Clarisonic

Clarisonic Skin Care Brush


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Clarisonic Skin Care Brush

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Clarisonic Skin Care Brush

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GREAT investment
Reviewed on March 3, 2015

I literally swear by my clairsonic Mia 2, it's a great investment. I honestly hated it at first because I noticed more break outs on my face and my skin looked down right angry.. I already had the clairsonic in its original packaging with my receipt in hand but after talking to my friend she said the same thing happened to her but after about a month her face started to clear (it really did). I think it breaks some people out at first because it's bringing all the gunk up to the surface. After using my clairsonic x2 daily for two months my skin is noticeably clear and I have clairsonic to thank for that!

* note * I'm currently using Neutrogena face wipes to take off my makeup, then I'm using my damitri James Skinn A.M cleanser with my clairsonic x2 daily. I also use the damitri James exfoliater 2x a week and his watermelon hydrating mask 1x a week and his moisturizer daily.

Excellent brush!! Great results!
Reviewed on February 5, 2015

I have been debating about getting a Clarisonic for over two years. After 6 years on Spiro, I finally decided I was ready to go off it and see what happened. My face was completely clear and my back was semi-clear. I use the acne brush with my Mia 3 Clarisonic twice a day on the medium setting for one minute. I have learned over the years that my skin is VERY tough and needs lots of exfoliation.

For the last three months, my skin has remained clear. I use Dermalogica Medibac Cleansing gel with the Clarisonic and then a mandelic acid toner afterwards. The other amazing product I have found is a 10% mandelic acid serum from make-up artists choice that has kept my skin completely clear. I use it every day instead of benzoyl peroxide now. It is a miracle. I was signed up and registered to begin Accutane prior to giving this regimen a try. I have had moderate acne for 25 years and I'm finally clear! If you can afford it, give this brush a try. Also give the Mandelic Acid a try. It is truly amazing!!!

I need advice/help!
Reviewed on January 24, 2015

well ive always wanted the Clarisonic and i finally got it for christmas. A little back story is i used to acne but it went away. I switched to the dermalogica breakout clearing cleanser in semptember and my acne still stayed away. Some pimples here in there but nothing major. So when i got the Clarisonic for about a week it was the same but im now recently seeing a lot more acne back on my chin. I have no idea if its just me or is the Clarisonic is irritating my skin? Any advice or help?

by applepie93 on 01/30/2015 02:23
Hi! I bought the Clarisonic back in September 2014, and since I have been using it, I have gotten deep painful cyst acne. I had the occasional one or two pimples before, but NEVER these huge monsters on my face! After thinking about it, I think the brush is actually damaging my skin by spreading the liquid that is released after a pimple bursts to other parts of my face, this in turn causes more pimples and irritation. I understand that everyone has different skin, but I would recommend to not use this product and maybe try something else. I have been mixing turmeric with basin (gram flour) and it acts as a wonderful exfoliate!! I wish you the best!
Not worth the money
Reviewed on January 21, 2015

I've had a clarisonic Mia for 2 years. I liked it and it worked fine for the first year, mind you I didnt use it everyday. I put it in the linen closet for about 8 months b/c we had been doing renovations on the bathrooms and I didn't want it to get dirty or messed up. When I got it back out to use it. I charged it and It was was making weird noises. I went to use it and it wouldn't stay on and it never ended up working. So, called clarisonic only to not have it be under warranty. And I pretty much have to bye a new one. They can do nothing. So for the money you spend and it doesn't even last that long. I will NEVER buy one or recommend one again. I'll go buy a $20 one off amazon:)). Then if it only last a year... No big deal.

Reviewed on September 7, 2014

This machine is a GOD SEND! I did have pretty bad acne for about 3 years and have just recently started clearing it up (not just with this product, I had a parasite and yeast infection, PEOPLE IF YOU SUFFER FROM ACNE GO AND GET A LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS DONE BY A NATUROPATH, BEST DECISION I EVER MADE IN MY LIFE, I tried sooo many different conventional and holistic procedures and treatment programs (just name it, I've probably tried it) and got to the point that I would cry every night because I was getting so embarrassed about my acne and it was preventing me from going out and enjoying my life. To be honest I was a bit skeptical at first with the whole live blood analysis/live blood screening but for once in 3 years I have seen such a solid improvement. And no more acne is appearing after the treatment for the parasites and yeast. Only wish I went sooner or someone had told me about it, sorry if I'm going off topic but I'm just so happy to finally be having clear skin I couldn't resist!) Anyway! This product is just amazing because it washes and exfoliates your skin so well that your serums and creams absorb so much better! My skin now looks plump and fresh and my skin tone is so even. I have never had beautiful smooth skin (except when I was like 12) but this combined with my vitamin C serum is making my acne scars heal so fast and and getting rid of all those clogged up pores. My pores are looking better everyday and it's only been 1 week! And just so you know I have never written a product review before but I feel like the company deserves to get a review since their product is just doing wonders for me I can't thank them enough. I got the MIA 2 deep pore brush kit that came with the deep pore cleanser. The cleanser is good but I think any good quality cleanser will do (just make sure its paraben and sulphate free! there's is which is a bonus). But if like me, you have uneven skintone, bumpy clogged pore skin, and have trouble removing all traces of makeup (which contributes to clogged pores and acne) then you NEED to buy this! And if you have bad cystic acne (i had all types of acne, little bumps big bumps cystic pussy everything!) or any type of acne, GO SEE A NATUROPATH! but don't just go to one that doesn't do any official tests, go and see one that does live blood screening! They literally show you on a screen what kind of parasites or overgrowing yeasts that maybe be swimming around in your blood and they can detect a host of other range of contributors that maybe causing your acne. I spent a bit of money to do the test but I wasted so much more on other countless products and pills and vitamins that claimed to rid me of acne and they did nothing. I would be willing to pay double what I paid to my naturopath if I knew I was going to get results this good this quickly! anyway enough rambling I'm going to go eat a tim tam haha! (and yes I can even eat sugar now without affecting my acne, I never could before but I am sooo happy cause dam I love my tim tams!) ta ta!

Severe acne
Reviewed on September 2, 2014

I have had pretty bad acne for 6 plus years and I am know in my 20's and still suffer from acne. For the past year it has been clearing up but recently I have had more hormonal acne that has flared up. I decided to get the clarisonic to see what it would do since I have literally tired everything over the sun ( antibiotics, birth control, topical treatments, proactive..etc!!). I have been using the clarisonic for 3 1/2 weeks now and I have broken out so bad! It is all over my forehead and cheeks. I heard about the purging period and I am hoping that it will end soon. The only mistake I have made is using it twice a day. I think using it twice a day has aggravated my skin more than it needs so I would suggest to anyone using it once a day or even less. I am giving it one more month in hopes of clear skin. I will update soon.

by nESSYgirl on 09/07/2014 11:06
Hi grace20116, have you been pressing hard on your face with the clarisonic? I found when I even put JUST a bit too much pressure, it aggravated my skin and made it itchy and irritated, BUT now i do it so softly and its doing wonders for my skin. If you still have acne I would definitely suggest taking vitex or saw palmetto for hormonal acne. Google them and you will see how amazing those herbs are. I also never get period cramps, flare ups, or back pain anymore. I used to get it so bad I would need to be constantly taking panadol just to bare the pain. But now I feel nothing! But yeah I did that and it helped ALOT but wasn't the only cause for my acne. Definitely get a live blood analysis test done it can show exactly whats going on inside your body!
Absolutely Love
Reviewed on August 17, 2014

I bought my clarisonic over a year ago at my dermatologist's office and have since been loving it. I use it every night after taking off my makeup with my cetaphil clothes. I use the clarisonic with my st. ives cleanser and my acne has disappeared significantly. The products is great for cleaning out your pores after having makeup on all day. If you suffer from clogged pores like I do then I definitely recommend this product. My only advice is to be gentle and use the clarisonic once a day or less if possible.

I love the clean feel after each wash
Reviewed on July 10, 2014

I can't live w/o my clarisonic. I use it daily because I have oily skin. I use a papaya soap so it doesn't over dry my skin. My only gripe is that the OEM brushes are $27 per pop and I replace mine every 2 months so it's quite pricey. I recently found that Likas papaya soap (at $7) is really inexpensive and effective and found the Procizion brush heads at under $15 for a twin pack on Amazon. Overall no complaints and really works!

by geishagirlee on 09/11/2014 23:53
I was reading reviews and saw yours... if you go to THIS LINK below--- youncan get a twin pack of clarisonic brushes (choose your type) for $10!!!!! And $1.49 s/h. [link removed] compatible-brush-heads-set-of-2?rui=123506605
Great for certain kinds of acne but KEEP IT CLEAN
Reviewed on April 5, 2014

I splurged on a Clarisonic brush a while ago and am happy I did. I suffer from comedone acne at all times, and it can certainly flare up when I'm ovulating or premenstrual, when I'm stressed out, or when my skincare lapses. My comedone acne has also had an impact on the smoothness and softness of my skin more generally, even if I can keep it under control.

Because the Clarisonic brush consistently exfoliates, it had a dramatic effect on the texture of my skin, making it smoother and softer to the touch and to the eye. It has definitely had an impact on my confidence, and made my acne more manageable.

However, it's a dangerous little thing for a few reasons:

1) Choose your brush wisely:

I was using the blue pore brush and switched to the new green acne brush. I e-mailed Clarisonic to try to find out the difference between the two: both have dense bristles, but the acne brush bristles are longer, thus making it an ultimately gentler brush. This is good for my needs. Just play around a bit.

2) Don't press it into your face:

We probably shouldn't exfoliate daily, so if you are, don't go overboard and do it too rigorously.

3) Clean it whenever, all the time, and thoroughly:

The Clarisonic brush has many things that can trap all sorts of bacteria and they need to be cleaned. I do this whenever I'm re-charging the brush, so every week or week and a half. I let the brush itself sit face down in rubbing alcohol while the handle is recharging. I also disengage the white plastic thing below where the brush was and clean that and the base of the brush with soap and water and dry it completely before putting the brush back in. I've found that if I don't do this, the Clarisonic brush itself will break me out!

Great brush for problem skin, but I would try cheaper alternatives first
Reviewed on February 20, 2014

I have the Clarisonic Mia and I really like it. I think it's particularly good with removing makeup. My skin is so acne- prone that if I have one night of not very, very thoroughly removing my makeup I wake up with breakouts. In that sense, I do think that this is a superior cleanser. However, I've recommended the Neutrogena Wave as a first defense especially for people without problematic skin. I don't think the Clarisonic is far, far superior.