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Chemical Peels


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Chemical Peels

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Chemical Peels

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Reviewed on July 25, 2009

You must follow the directions for after care. Apply plenty of moisture. Do it when you don't have plans to go out in the sun. Do it when you don't have an outing planned. You need about 4-6 days of major peeling with the one I get. (Vitalize Peel)

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Reviewed on July 15, 2009

I have done a series of peels through my dermatologist and they have really helped improve the tone and texture of my skin. I am 34 and am prone to cystic acne (still) and this, combined with Smoothbeam treatments, is the only thing that has helped. I would have "pocked" skin if not for these treatments.

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Reviewed on July 14, 2009

im very insecure about my skin, because its oily and i get break outs from time to time. so, I went to a local medical estetics place and they prescribed me a new skin care line (cleanser, moisterizer and retnol pads). ive been using it for about 3 weeks now, and my skin is the worst ive ever seen it. pimples everywhere, and my skin is red, and it hurts. Ive had two chemical peels so far and i havent noticed a significant change. i think its a waste of time and money.

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Reviewed on July 11, 2009

Overall I liked the after results, but I was hoping it would reduce pore size but it just lightened the dark spots on my face. For me it lasted for about 2mths, then after that I felt like Cinderella...:(

But the great thing I've discovered regarding my acne breakouts was that my hormones was out of wack and found a great herbal product that was such a blessing 4 me gosh wish i could show a before and after pic. Well ill be planning for a 2nd peel soon..Much Healing and Blessings to all that read this

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Reviewed on June 26, 2009

I got Glycolic peels done. They recommended me 4 sittings initially. But eventually they suggested me more sittings intervaled at 15 days - 30 days per sitting. I had around 10-12 peeling sessions. The positive change was visible on my face. It has been 2 years now when I had the treatment. Pimples do come now, but the frequency and number has reduced.

During the treatment, my skin was more sensitive to sun.

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Reviewed on June 19, 2009

I just got the chemical peel yesterday, but so far, i havn't seen any improvement, and i think my skin has actually gotten worse. I didn't have any on my chin, now there are visible pimples, and around my cheeks i can deffientely see more acne. My doctor did say that every two weeks i would need another peel, and i would see a clear face between the third and fourth peel. I really hope she's right becouse i've been hiding behind my acne for a while now. I'll post the results of the later peels once (or if) my face gets clear.

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Reviewed on June 19, 2009

I have been getting salicylic acid peels about every month for the past three months. I did a series of glycolic peels but they didn't work as well in controlling breakouts. The day after the peel my skin feels very tight and need lots of moisture but doesn't peel. I don't think it has done anything to make my wrinkles less noticeable (I am 38) but it has reduced my breakouts drastically plus my skin feels really smooth and just looks better overall. I really recommend getting them!!

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Reviewed on June 11, 2009

At first my acne started on my forehead it wasn't very bad but I got very painful spots and they also left deep scarring even if i didn't squeeze them. So I went to the pirvate clinic in harley street they looked at my skin and reccomended a glychol peel. I went for the treatment it got rid of some scars but not alot. I got little outbreaks, they said it was normal so I carried on with the treatment and homecare until the 6th session. okay finished all courses and not much of a change. So they told me I need to wait about a month before I come back for the check up. So I carried on using the homecare treatment and suddenly I started to break out like mad I was getting about 3-4 spots a day?! Now thanks to them my whole face is covered in acne till today! I am still trying to find a way to get rid of them. My advice is to think carefully before you go into these treatments. I want to go and try at a different place but i'm scared it might make it worse so im torn. very depressing.

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Reviewed on May 16, 2009

I'd give these anywhere from 3.5 to 4 stars overall. I got the Vitalize peel about 2 months back and then purchased a 5 pack b/c I knew my scars and hyperpigmentation would need at LEAST the minimum 5 for me to see any results. Each peel is individually priced at $175 but the 5-pack special was only $575.

I've had 3 peels so far with mini micro sessions one week after each peel. Unlike some reviewers, I peel BIG TIME for only about 2 days...once in the shower, I massage lightly with my fingers to remove all of the flakes. I was even able to go out to the bar 3 nights after my peel.

I see a noticeable difference in my red marks and a huge change in my skin texture. Hopefully the next 3 will be successful to. I know the peels won't completely remove my shallow scars but am considering trying injections to even everything out. I've been suffering so long that cost and effort is no longer an issue! I just want smooth, clear skin!

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Reviewed on May 13, 2009

don't do just never know what could happen.