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Chemical Peels (general)


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Chemical Peels (general)

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Chemical Peels (general)

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Reviewed on October 8, 2010

i jst got my 1st glycolic acid 50% peel done today.

I have a really good dermatologist and she recommended 4 sessions for me, she also said that for anyone, even with clear skin) there r no appreciated/noticable results after juz one peel.

I trust her compltely as with the treatment she gave me really helped me control my acne.

I was on oral and topical antibiotics, then on tretinoin cream(which is really gud for comedones) i love it and il use it fr a long time now.

Now i have very few breakouts but still have minor milia.

Chemical peels really help control the acne, i knw that for a fact, but they r not long term effective.

But u can have them once in every mnth or 2, watever suits u.after ur 4 sessions are complete)

Glycolic acid peels are very safe. Herez what my session was like-

She cleansed my face, then applied the chemical on my face with a brush.

generally it is left for 5-6 mins or more. But my skin is very sensitive and very fair so it was getting very red so she removed it after 4 mins with cold water suppression with a cloth.

There is a little itching sensation while the peel is on ur face. And it has to go away compltly once its washed. If the sensation is still there ....keep giving cold water suppresion or applying sme soothing creams.

Afrer 10 mins my redness was gone and so was the itch.

Then i went back home. So u c there is no downtime at all.

There shud b a min gap of 2 weeks btw evey session. If u ask abt ne differences in the skinThere is not any for now, but i can feel it while washing my face, the skin IS VERY SOFT.

Also, the peel is actually at the micro level so its not visible to the naked eye, but if smeone has a dr skin there mite be sme flaking. since i have an oily skin, there is no flaking.

Also, its highly imp to use a gud sunscreen after and before ur peel always. even in normal daylight and nt the sunlight coz the new cells forming on the skin of the face reacts to the UV

Reviewed on September 10, 2010

i had VI peel yesterday, my skin looks good, a little bit dry and red, but not bad! (vi peel was mild). I used Obagi for 4 month and tretinoin made my skin break out a lot, but 5 days before peel I stopped using it and after vi peel my skin is much better. I'm not peeling yet. I'll post my next review next week

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Reviewed on July 27, 2010

Denise, if you have pimples all over your face from the laser three mo. ago why have you already had 4 peels since then? You should always wait after you have a procedure done to give your face time to settle down. Also, peels are not suppose to be done more than 1-2 times per mo. so I do not see how you've had 4 if you would have needed to give your face at least two months to calm down. If it was me, I would have given my face a good six mo. before trying anything else. Most things with the skin will clear up on their own.

Reviewed on July 7, 2010

I had a salicylic acid peel and lactic acid peel done about a week ago, and I love the results. I had horrible scarring and hyperpigmentation from hormonal acne. Now, my skin looks so much better, and I feel very confident going out in public now. Be sure to apply plenty of moisture to your face, and use a gentle cleanser like cetaphil. You can still see some slight imperfections on my skin, but its nowhere near as noticeable. I'm going to get 2 or 3 more peels done to maximize the results.

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Reviewed on July 2, 2010

I am a 50 year old African American woman who has suffered. 8 years ago took Accutane so I don't currently have acne but acne scars remained. The first thing I noticed 4 days after the first peel was that I did not need to wear as much foundation makeup - in fact there are days when I go with out any foundation. The acne scars have faded by 50%, my skin is clearer and it feels very smooth. It was pretty costly (6 treatments for $1080) but this is the best investment I have made on myself.

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Reviewed on April 16, 2010

I had a chemical peel (TCA 30%) about two years ago. The results were good/fair. There was about 4-5 days of downtime (e.g., redness, excessive peeling...) which was difficult to deal with (I hate staying indoors!!). My acne did clear up and my skin appeared tighter and healthier. I would like to emphasize the importance of wearing sunscreen daily especially after a chemical which i did comply with after my treatment. After a couple of months my skin appeared to return to the way it looked prior to treatment. Recently, I wanted to touch up some fine lines and wrinkles. So I ordered the product (TCA 30%) and got started when i had some time off from work. For some reason this time, may skin changed color in some of the areas i treated. I am lucky i did not do a full face peel. It is not a severe discoloration but it is still apparent to me (pink/red color). Makeup does a bad job of concealing it. It has been two months and I still notice the discoloration. This is disappointing. If i had to do it over again I would definitely go with a lower concentration of tca.

by Rusty64 on 07/02/2015 07:12
Marie, I do not know your natural skin color but TCA peels on darker or ethnic skin are NOT recommended just for the exact result you experienced!
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Reviewed on January 21, 2010

I started using low strengths of Salicylic and Glycolic Acid because your skin needs to get used to it first. You don't want to damage your skin so always start with low strengths first. I currently use 40% Glycolic and 30% Salicylic Acid. I use them once every other month just to keep my skin clear. What did work for my acne is the combination of regular exfoliation and Spironolactone.

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Reviewed on December 22, 2009

I think if you only have minimal scarring you should try it. My skin had very little pit marks and was mostly discolored. It seemed to improve my skin but I am also very fair skinned so depigmentation works differently for me than for other people.

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Reviewed on December 11, 2009

My acne is now completely gone, and I'm currently using the Jan Marini line and Jane Iredale mineral make up which were both introduced to me by skin specialist. I'm asian, so I was worried about doing these peels especially at 70% but there weren't any complications. For those who are planning to do a peel. make sure you're specialist is either a trained nurse or doctor who specialises in acne. Also, if your acne is infected (you'll know when pus comes out of your pimple when you pop it), you should have laser treatment done on top of your extraction and peel.

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Reviewed on November 20, 2009

I had a Laser Genesis Treatment in Phila. The "sales person" thats bascially what they are they dont care. she told me its a wonderful treatment my skin will glow i will look younger so i had 1 treatment 2 days later i was breaking out like a mad women i never had acne before 3 months later my face is cover with large and tiny underground pimples. i have dark ugly spot all over. i been using a salicylic acid peel its my 4th peel but my skin has not improve im so depress i look like sh*t. if anyone tried any product and it work please recommend.