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Chemical Peels (general)
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Chemical Peels (general)


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Chemical Peels (general)

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Chemical Peels (general)

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FINALLY! I have beautiful skin!!!!!
Reviewed on March 4, 2014

I'm a 25 year old female who has always suffered from embarrassing breakouts. I've tried anything and EVERYTHING to clear my acne (washes, scrubs, vitamins, diets, cleanses, ect.) and nothing has ever worked even though I eat healthy and drink nothing but water every day. I purchased a 30% Glycolic Peel from Amazon a while back and had no idea how this would change my life. My skin is flawless! It cleared all of my breakouts and even softened the scars. I recommend that you do NOT do anything over 30% to start with, and pleeeeease do your research before doing one on yourself at home (youtube is very helpful). In my experience, despite the name, my skin has never actually peeled and has just been soft and supple immediately after the peel. It is important to moisturize your skin for several days afterwards and to only perform a peel no more than once a week. Be patient, because it may take time (until the 3rd or 4th peel) to see dramatic results. Acne is a very personal and devastating thing to deal with, so I encourage everyone who suffers as I did for so many years, to give this a try. You have nothing to loose.

by Kellyeb2010 on 04/25/2014 04:11
What peel from amazon did you use?
Very effective if combined with a healthy diet
Reviewed on March 1, 2014

When I first discovered chemical peels I was skeptical, but after doing one about every two weeks for the last three months, I can honestly say they have changed my life. My acne has almost disappeared on my forehead and checks. I now see hope for my scaring; the redness and hyper pigmentation on my face has been greatly reduced and my pitted scars are shrinking.

To get the most out of chemical peels, you have to have very low stress, proper sleep, and a healthy diet.

Chemical peels work to an extent
Reviewed on December 3, 2013

I have the typical hormonal acne that comes with The teenage years. About once every month I go to get a chemical peel to calm my skin down and to get rid of all the filth and dirt on my skin. It does do a fantastic job of cleansing the skin and keeping the acne under control...for the most part. It does not cure me from the acne completely, but I have a gone a few months without getting a peel and my skin looked terrible. It is something that you have to keep up with and can be very expensive.

2 chemical peels 50%
Reviewed on August 18, 2013

help with small scarring, didnt help red marks, and i said i want red marks out.

Indifferent. Expected a lot more.
Reviewed on June 14, 2013

Quick background: 27 female, acne sufferer for 8yrs. Acne has moderately cleared up from stopping birth control, yet I still have awful scarring. I went to an esthetician for a series of chemical peels consisting of 2 lactic acid, and 6 glycolic acid peels. In total I spent over 800 dollars (Including gratuity). For the money I spent I am not satisfied with the results. I have seen an improvement in texture, redness, pore size and overall appearance. However, my scarring (which is what bothers me most) is still quite apparent. It has reduced, but not 800 dollars worth.

I honestly feel that using lemon as an exfoliant and scar reducer on a daily basis would give me the same results.

A few things that helped me:

Cut out dairy and red meat!

Drink more water - seriously it helps!

And for me the source of my acne was hormones so birth control seemed to make it worse.

by Kazuri on 03/26/2014 19:06
Hi MzManda, I am also in my twenties, and got horrible acne when I was on BC. (Which is ironic, since I went on it to try and control my acne - tried about 4 or 5 different ones and they were all awful.) I wondered if you had tried spironolactone? I was pretty wary to try yet another 'hormonal solution,' and I'd much rather go the natural route, but it seems to be working for me so far. If you are still having skin issues, I would give it a try. :) (And I wholeheartedly agree - dairy and red meats can be key factors in exacerbating acne.) Also, I've been using Differin (3%) for a long time now and my derm said that should help speed up the healing of scars and discoloration. Best, R
by Tai27 on 07/15/2015 18:06
To Kazuri, for BC I just know that it helps to have BC that has both progesterone and oestrogen rather than BC that has only oestrogen. To MzManda, lemon is acidic and I don't think that's a good thing in this case. I wouldn't recommend using on the face at all or even hair.. topical products used at home with acids like glycolic in them etc would be better.. There's this moisturiser I love by an Aussie brand called 'Alpha H'.. the product name is 'balancing moisturiser and gentle exfoliant' but you have to use it with a sunscreen on top.. As for the scar indentation I'd recommend looking into dermal needling.. I haven't tried it yet but so far it seems to be more effective and safer than what I consider to be very risky 'fraxel laser' treatment.. We're still learning about dermal needling at the moment.. the one I think would be most worth the money (if you're going to pay a professional) is the Max RF.. which is dermal stamping but it shoots radio frequency into the follicles?? at the same time.. I think the RF kills the bacteria or something like that.. You can also use a dermal roller at home but you have to do your research so you don't do more damage.. I think anything less than 5mm just means your skin will absorb products more but its .5mm minimum to make any difference to scarring and sanitation is essential.. If you read about it you'll see why..
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Reviewed on August 11, 2012

I have been reading the reviews for chemical peels, and I see how much people are willing to pay, and people with light scarring usually aren't aware that you can do a light weekly peel for around $10 a bottle for at home use. I use a 20% SA peel that I got on amazon, and it is reccomended that you use it once a week MAXIMUM. For heavier SA peels (like 30%) you need to wait ten days in between, so on and so on. I canot speak for glycolic acid, or other acids for that matter, but SA has helped my scarring while also helping obliterate my acne (I( have a fair amount of scarring because I was a chronic picker). Do some research online, and you will find that many people are saving money by doing light peels at home. I DO NOT reccomend doing anything higher that 30% at home, and remember: SUNSCREEN, SUNCREEN, AND MOISTURE! If you dont keep your skin moisturized, it will take longer to recover and your skin may crack.

by Tai27 on 07/15/2015 18:09
Hi Zilla, thank you for sharing this. What does SA stand for? Salicylic Acid?
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Reviewed on September 29, 2011

I am only 21 and have *hated* the scarring on my back, a result of acne.

Every treatment which I looked in to was expensive and didn't guarantee results for such a large surface area. After undergoing 4 TCA skin peels (and currently doing some further jessner peels) I would recommend it to everyone, no questions asked!! I have absolutely no scarring whatsoever, you would never even know I suffered in the first place! Not no mention i'm not embarrassed anymore.

The treatment wasn't a lovely experience, but overall it was worth it and i would do it all over again!

Reviewed on June 18, 2011

I went to three sessions. My skin peeled, but looked exactly the same. It was about $150.00 each session. A huge waste of money! :(

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Reviewed on May 13, 2011

I have struggled with acne for as long as I can remember. It was mostly on my jawline area and a few on my forehead and chin. I even had some cystic acne and it was very red and noticeable. I did some research and found out jawline acne is caused by unbalanced hormones, especially common in woman in their twenties and thirties who are still suffering from acne. Some of the recommendation were to cut out foods containing hormones, especially dairy. Dairy and meat are REALLY bad for acne prone skin because of all the hormones in the animal meat and in the milk. So I went pescatarian and dont eat nearly as much dairy as before. (Cocunut Ice Cream is SOOO good) Anyways I have also had 2 chemical peels so far. They dried up my acne and reduced redness so much already and my esthetician recommend six for maximum benifits. I cant wait for the full results. I have tried everything and finally Iam beginning to see results and people are also commenting on my skin and how clear it is. So bottom line try to reduce or elimanate meat and dairy, drink lots of water and try the chemical peels It worked for me and is worth a try for anyone suffering with acne.

Reviewed on May 4, 2011

Since I HATE my acne i got an esthatician, and she reccommended i should get a chemical peel for my acne and scars. i was super excited, and it wasn't cheap for my mom, so i thought it HAD to work. I've never been more dissapointed or ripped off. this was a total scam. it didnt do ANYTHING for me, except give me unbareably dry skin (which was completley embarresting to goto school like that..)

i literally cried the day after the peel. i guess i just had my hopes up too high...

i'm just a teenager!