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Cephalexin Oral Antibiotic
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Cephalexin Oral Antibiotic


Active Ingredients:
250 mg, 333 mg, 500 mg or 750 mg of Cephalexin.

Inactive Ingredients:
Cellulose, D & C Yellow No. 10, F D & C Blue No. 1, F D & C Yellow No. 6, gelatin, magnesium stearate, silicone, titanium dioxide.

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Cephalexin Oral Antibiotic

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Cephalexin Oral Antibiotic

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Reviewed on July 25, 2009

guess everyone is different...I have tried accutane as well and it took a few years for my acne to return (but it costs a lot more + blood work)

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Reviewed on July 2, 2009

Try it. if nothing else has worked you should at least give it a try. THIS IS A MEDICATION PRESCRIBED FOR ACNE TREATMENT. don't be fooled. acne is a bacterial infection, therefore an antibiotic can help. ask your doctor if this might be right for you. everyone is different so it may or may not be the right thing for you.

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Reviewed on July 2, 2009

its ok, its not as good a minocyclen, but the summer was approching and i needed sun, so i switched to this, i will soon be switching back to the highest dosage of mino.

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Reviewed on June 30, 2009

It sucked for me. Its disgusting and they are like horse pills. I am now allergic to it after taking it for so long and break out in hives with 10m after taking.

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Reviewed on June 24, 2009

I loved this pill because it really did do wonders for my acne. But, the side effect of having TONS of yeast infections was very uncomfortable to the point that I had to stop taking the pill. Have yet to find a better method of acne control, though. But, I still would not recommend because of the pain it ended up causing me.

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Reviewed on June 23, 2009

Worked to resolve the issue it was prescribed for me.

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Reviewed on June 19, 2009

So far it's working okay, but my acne is not all gone yet due to how short of a time I've been on it. I'm hoping that if I stick with it on a very regular basis is should be effective.

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Reviewed on June 6, 2009

Some people on the forum sound like they have had allergic reaction to it, and this worsened their condition as it irritated their skin, but overall, this antibiotic and Ceclor come with the highest recommendations from me. My acne was never very severe, so I wonder why some doctors were hesitating to give it to patients who did not have "cystic" acne, when it seemed to work so well on me. Maybe the risks outweigh the benefits with a strong antibiotic on the overall health of the body, when it comes to treating less severe cases. I do not know. I wish you all the best of luck.

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Reviewed on May 20, 2009

I guess I'll have to remain nauseous and sick from the smell

while it works...........ugh!

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Reviewed on May 18, 2009

i was in a bad skateboard accident. i broke my wrist and had cuts all over my back(no shirt on). i was put on this medicine to kill the bacteria that was probably in the cuts on my back from the tar getting in there. while on this, my back cleared up almost completely and i was not afraid to show people my cuts (i usually keep my back covered all the time due to my gross backne). face was basically completely clear as well. i went back to my doxycyclin after that weeks dose, and acne got worse. now doctor re-perscribed cephalexin and im gonna see if this will work like it did before.