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This is the only 'non-treatment' (i.e. it isn't a tablet you have to take, or a topical medication or treatment you need to apply) that has ever worked for me. And it really does work. My moderate acne cleared up completely, and my skin felt gorgeous - soft, supple, not noticeably dry or oily.

I did the strict version of this diet, and stuck to it for a couple of months. By strict, I mean the diet proposed in Erica White's 'Beat Candida Cookbook' (complete with suggested supplement programme). This meant eating no sugar of any kind (so no fruit and no dairy products), no refined carbohydrates (everything was wholegrain), nothing fermented (no pickles, no soy sauce), no yeasts or fungi of any sort.

It's really strict. It works, but it takes phenomenal self-discipline to stick to, which I have up to a point. But I love food - I love interesting flavours and a variety of ingredients - and with this diet, I think it's inevitable you'll not experience much of an enjoyment from food for the duration of being on it.

You'll also need a lot of time on your hands. I have two jobs now and four children in the house; I can't bake my own bread and make separate meals and snacks for me, from scratch - it just isn't practical.

But if you've got the time and the self-discipline, I'd seriously consider giving this diet a go, as when my circumstances were different and I found a few months' supply of willpower, I was able to give it a go and it was highly effective.


  • It works
  • Gentle weight loss also likely
  • Increased energy and sense of wellness


  • Highly restrictive diet
  • Requires strict adherence to work (and for a long time) - immense self-discipline is necessary
  • Impractical for 'normal' life (i.e. one that involves eating out with friends sometimes, or grabbing food on the go)
  • Time-intensive, as you'll need to find time to plan your meals and snacks, and make most of them yourself
  • moderate
  • for a few months
  • I recommend using this product/treatment.