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Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
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Brand: Braggs

Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar


Certified Organic Raw Apple, Purified water.

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Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

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Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

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Cant live without it
Reviewed on March 15, 2015

For those of you hopeless individuals who have tried ACV (organic) with no luck i seriously suggest you try again. I had horrible acne growing up and yes it did start clearing up once i hit my twenties (I am now 26) but it did not completely stop. I still had breakouts pretty often especially before my period. I started applying Braggs as a toner right after washing/drying my face. Dont get me wrong, i had to use an ENTIRE bottle before i started seeing results. I am now on my 4th bottle, id say its been more than a year now and i have NO ACNE whatsoever! I literally cant remember the last time i broke out. I do get one occasional, sometimes unnoticeable, pimple once every few months and even thats a rarity. I have never experienced skin i dont have to cover up and i cant remember the last time i wondered if ill be breaking out before an event months in advance. My skin has become the least of my problems. Along with this toner I have also incorporated Vitamin C serum into my regimen (after ACV) and my skin is glowing. One thing i will point out however, is that putting this on some existing acne actually keeps it from coming to a head which in my opinion makes it linger on your face a lot longer. Other than that minor issue i cant find anything wrong with this miracle product. I hope this works for others as well as it has worked for me.

Clearing my skin
Reviewed on March 11, 2015

its been less than a week and my acne bumps are already clearing up! On top of that my skin looks healthy and glowy (beside the areas with the dark spots from the acne)

Reviewed on January 4, 2015

I like apple cider vinegar. A cyst was forming on my forehead where it's pretty clear just some few little small bumps and I put it on and surprisingly it didn't get as bad as It used to. And in 2 days it dried up and disappeared from my forehead. It didn't get as big as it used to. It works well with cystic acne that's either forming or that's there. Also I've used this before but stopped. now I broke out a lot and will try this again hope it will work. The reason it has 4 stars is because it stings your eyes a lot when applying but oh well hehe.

This stuff is great
Reviewed on November 24, 2014

I use this every night as a toner after I wash my face. I do dilute it, half ACV and the rest water. The only bad thing is that it smells like stinky feet, and it makes your eyes water. Other than that, it doesn't dry out my face and it makes my skin smooth. I also found that it works well on existing acne, as well as make redness go down. I didn't find that it helped dark spots much.

Reviewed on October 21, 2014

Works good for people who gets pimple, but if you want to use this buy it from a organic store, and it has to have the mother in it and it has to be organic i use this like a toner, and i drink it also i love it :)

Best product I've used so far
Reviewed on June 25, 2014

I've been suffering from moderate acne since around the age of 15 . I'm turning 23 in a month and the battle still goes on.. although it's not as bad as back in my teen years. Like many people on this site, I've tried pretty much everything.

I've read lots of reviews and articles about Organic ACV and I watched a Youtube video that motivated me to try it out. Honestly, this has done wonders for my face. I cleanse with Cetaphil and then use Bragg's Organic ACV as a toner (half ACV, half water in a sanitized glass bottle) in the morning and at night before bed. I did notice a difference within the first week and over the next couple of months it kept getting better. I haven't really had anymore breakouts since I started using it... I do still get the occasional tiny whitehead and I still have some tiny black heads in the chin area, scarring along the jawline, and quite a bit of those stupid tiny skin coloured bumps on my forehead but they seem to be less noticeable now. So I wouldn't say it's cured my acne completely... but this product has worked the best out of all the other ones I've tried throughout these last 8 years. And it's consistent... It doesn't just stop working after a while and I didn't go through a purging stage.

I figure if you haven't tried this yet and nothing else is working... then give it a shot! Just make sure it's the organic kind with the "mother". I tried the regular Heinz ACV about a year ago and it did nothing. (I didn't do enough research back then) I found the Bragg's brand for about $6 at Superstore in their Organic section. Oh, and.. I did try drinking this product like others have but I gave up with that after about a month. Honestly I didn't notice a difference from drinking it. Using it as a toner seems to be all I need.

Final note: I think one other natural product I'd like to try as a toner eventually is Witch Hazel. I may end up using it instead of ACV just to see if it works better or not. I will post a review about that experience later on!

This is a part of my daily skin-care routine!
Reviewed on June 12, 2014

I have tried many products, from oral medication to a wide range of store bought topical products, to the regimen and I still had breakouts on and off. At the age of 26, I am tired of still having mild to moderate acne. I purchased Bragg's ACV and used it both as a drink and a diluted toner. I tried mixing a tablespoon in a big glass of water and couldn't stand the taste of sipping on it for a while, so I now just quickly drink a tablespoon straight followed by a glass of water. I do this twice daily. I also use the diluted ACV toner (3 T water, 1 T ACV), twice daily. I apply the toner, let it dry, then apply moisturizer with a drop of jojoba oil, and then my makeup. At the end of the day, I wash off my makeup and apply the toner again. I am now 3 weeks into this new routine and I have noticed a big difference in my skin. I have has significantly less breakouts and a more even skin tone. I would strongly recommend this ACV routine!

It tried...but it failed
Reviewed on May 7, 2014

I was really hoping this would work for me. the reviews seemed great and even fam recommended it. So about 3 weeks ago i started drinking 2-3 capfuls of this stuff diluted in water everyday. About a week after i started drinking i began using it topically on my entire face overnight. I noticed tht i was still getting new acne after taking this but my skin did look glowy n healthier. But the acne continued, it did not improve. I had so much faith in this stuff...and i used the good one too-braggs organic. Kinda sad, man :l i wouldnt NOT recommend this though becuz some ppl have seen fabulous results with ACV. Just not me :l

by Phoxxie on 06/02/2014 15:08
Keep using it. As in all things, it gets worse before it gets better. Your body needs time to purify itself and thats one of the things that happen. Nothing is instantaneous.
so glad I bought this product
Reviewed on March 8, 2014

I purchased ACV after I heard alot of great reviews on it and I am so happy. Ive been using it for about a week and a half now and my breakouts on my skin have become so much better and less frequent. Also some of my acne scarring has started to fade. Ive been able to go out in public with less makeup and it really boosted my self esteem. I drink one tablespoon in a glass of water in the mornings and usd it as a toner (diluted). I strongly recommend this product to anyone with acne or acne scars.

saved my skin! I had severe acne, no new breakouts, no oil!
Reviewed on February 25, 2014

I started using this as a diluted toner, now use it as straight toner.

Within a week saw dramatic changes in my skin, no new breakouts, and my face had a glow I never knew to exist.

I can't believe I lived without it, as my face was EXTREMELY oily, now the oil is completely balanced.

I DRINK IT and USE IT TOPICALLY. I sip on a cup of ice water with as much acv as my tastebuds allow.

seriously a miracle. In my second or third week and i feel pretty again. i put acv in little travel containers so I can put it in water everywhere I go, and wash my face with it.