Hi you guys. A bunch of people are asking for a new product update. I am working on keeping prices low for our upcoming products as well as sourcing the best, highest post consumer content recycled stuff for our bottles and such. I will not bore you with details, but I just wanted to let you know that I will have a better idea of where we stand by early next week.

Hey you guys. For years people have asked for me to make products in travel size, and also in larger sizes. I always think anything is possible, so I decided to make this happen. We just went live with the new product sizes yesterday. The cleanser and benzoyl peroxide are both available now in small, medium, and large sizes. The moisturizer is in production and the small and large size will be out in early to mid February.

We also completely redesigned the bottles (big surprise, lol, this is the fifth time I think we’ve redone them), and we’re sprucing up DanielKern.com where they’re sold. I’d love to hear what you guys think of the new bottles and new web site.

I haven’t seen it yet, but Debi from Clear Up Skin Care just called and said it’s in there. She said it’s a whole page. Whoa. I’m so scared to look at my picture. I am so not photogenic. lol. Anyway, let’s hope this really reaches a lot more people with acne. We’re clearin’ up the world y’all…

A freelance writer contacted me recently asking if she could write an article about Acne.org for the L.A. Times. No sooner than she said, “come on down”, Kent and I borrowed Kent’s mom’s truck and drove down to L.A. and met with Serena, the writer, at a Hollywood restaurant where she conducted the interview. I get nervous, but I think it went well. Serena was a pro–tough but fair. Then the Times photographer came to meet us and we did a photo shoot on the top of a nearby parking garage. It was truly hilarious. I felt like a star, getting photographs taken in Hollywood.

Bottom line–I think a ton of people will find out about Acne.org through this article. I am mucho excited. Nobody but the Times editors know exactly when it will run, but probably in a week or two. It will be in the “Image” section of the Sunday Times I am told. I’ll be sure to get a copy or two and put a pic of it up on the site.

New and Improved Moisturizer: After many iterations of our moisturizer with increased moisturizing ingredients (humectants) and with little improvement, I’ve decided the best way for us to move forward is to keep our current moisturizer just as it is minus the stearic acid. The stearic acid is only in the formulation at .4% however, so it will stay remarkably similar. So what do people do who want more moisturization? Add a few drops of jojoba oil. I do this myself from time to time if I want more moisturization on a particular day. I found us a fantastic local, organic jojoba supplier so I’ll be able to offer that in the coming months once I order bottles and get them filled. In the meantime, because I seem to be unable to stop myself :) , I’m working on another few moisturizer formulas with our chemists which will include alpha hydroxy acid. I’ll keep you posted on that.

SPF Moisturizer: I sampled a micronized titanium dioxide moisturizer because it is supposed to be “translucent”, but these words are really just thrown around. It is not translucent. It goes on white. The bottom line is we’re going to have to deal with some whitening if we want full spectrum protection. I’ve got several more samples coming my way.

Salicylic Acid: I am a little obsessive and decided to do further research on the best options for each of our ingredients, and changed a few things here and there. I should get sampled on the final batch Wednesday. I’m hoping it still has the great feel everyone loved when we tested it.

10% Glycolic: People are loving the glycolic so it is good to go. I gave the final OK and got pricing. It is eye-poppingly expensive to produce, but the product is pretty darn great. I’ll try to keep the price as low as I can. Buy a lot of it so we can keep prices low. :)

Organic Jojoba Oil: I just need to order bottles and caps and we’ll start filling. Bottles and caps take a couple of months to produce.

A few of you guys requested that we switch from YouTube for our video hosting because after our video finishes playing YouTube will show random video thumbnails. I agree that this can be confusing so we’re going to start hosting the videos ourselves. Here’s the thing though–I’ve misplaced the master video files, so I’m most likely going to have to take new ones. I’ll be able to do this in a month or two’s time. So in the meantime we’ll stick with YouTube, but our own video hosting is coming soon.

As usual, I am busy with a bunch of stuff–bottling jojoba, sampling moisturizers, researching this and that. But at this time of year, and forgive the mushiness, I remember how unimportant that stuff is when compared with family and people. So at the risk of sounding all touchy feely and what not, I really appreciate all of you guys. It is amazing how caring you are to each other and to me. It means a ton to me that you guys come here and help each other out so selflessly–and help me out too. I feel blessed being part of the community that you all make possible.

So happy holidays to everybody! And a million thanks for another amazing year.



Dr. Fulton, one of the three guys who developed Retin-A, and the guy who popularized benzoyl peroxide, was in San Francisco teaching a skin care course, so naturally I had to go. I had met Dr. Fulton and his wife once before at a conference and managed to convince them to go for Mexican at Chevy’s so I could tell them how much they meant to me. I’m pretty much a big dork :) But it was a great dinner. I invited them over for dinner at my house this time and they obliged. We had Persian this time, and again, great conversation. I can plainly see how deep Dr. Fulton’s commitment is to helping people with acne. He has literally devoted his life to the effort. I hope he can see that I’m proudly carrying the torch that he lit years ago.

Brandy let me know that a bunch of people are asking her what’s up with the new products. Here’s a quick update:

New and Improved Moisturizer: I got a new sample with the addition of twice the jojoba (10%) and lichochalcone (powerful anti-inflammatory, imparts yellow color). We removed stearic acid and are in the process of switching out the preservatives (to reduce any possible sting). I tried the latest sample and it is great, but I wouldn’t mind it being even more moisturizing. Therefore, we are adding an extra humectant (perhaps MP Diol) and I will try that sample soon. RELEASE DATE: Several months away. COST: Hopefully the same.

SPF Moisturizer: I tried another sample of a zinc oxide based SPF. We may be between a rock and a hard place with the SPF. I am committed to zinc oxide for its broad spectrum support, but it goes on white, and can sometimes leave the skin feeling a bit tight. I asked them to bump up the humectants again, and add more jojoba to the mix. They’ll resample me on this soon. RELEASE DATE: Your guess is as good as mine. COST: The same as the non-SPF moisturizer.

Salicylic Acid: Stability testing will be completed in early November. If it passes, we’ll print labels and put it into production at that time. RELEASE DATE: A couple/few months. PRICE: Probably about the same as the benzoyl peroxide, perhaps a bit more.

10% Glycolic: I sent out a bunch of samples to the moderators. If they approve of it, I’ll put it into production. I am in love with it. RELEASE DATE: A few months. PRICE: Probably about the same as the moisturizer.

Organic Jojoba Oil: Our testers are liking it and so am I. I am getting clear bottle samples in the mail hopefully early this week, and I’m trying to finalize what kind of cap they should have. RELEASE DATE: A few months. PRICE: Organic Jojoba is very expensive but as always I will try to keep the price as low as I possibly can.

Also, we are going to small/medium/large for all of our products. Everything will now be in 2oz. (trial and travel size), 8oz. (medium size), and 16oz. (bulk size). Acne.org will be much more open in the future to different people’s regimens, so having small/medium/large will allow everyone to mix and match as needed for whichever regimen they choose. The products will all be in curved bottles instead of tubes, and have really cool looking new packaging that Paul, Kent, Joel and I have been working on. I hope you like the new look. I promise I’ll try to stick with this look for a while. :)