My skin stayed completely, totally clear using the sal acid in the morning and BP at night. I was paranoid to go to twice daily sal acid though because Joel, Paul, Brandy, and other people were coming to visit and I didn’t want to be broken out :) But they’re gone now so I switched to the sal acid morning and evening. My skin is totally clear. The cool thing is, it’s like even under a microscope it would be clear. I have nothing even starting to pop up. What is remarkable about this is that I have had a weird illness for two weeks now and have been blowing my nose constantly. Normally, there is nothing that will prevent breakouts with that much irritation around my nose. But this time is different. My nose is completely smooth. It’s almost weird.

In the interest of full disclosure, since I’ve been sick I have been eating less too. My appetite is down. So I’ve been losing weight. When people lose weight, their skin is often better. So I will keep experimenting with just the sal acid twice a day and keep you guys posted. As of right now I am loving it. And since I switched to using it twice a day I can eliminate the moisturizing step!

I have heard back from two people who have tried the SA formula. They are both liking how it’s working. I am personally still very happy with it. I think I will be able to get away with this in the morning and BP in the evening. I hope other people like it too so I can make it so I can have some for myself! :) But we’ll see what people think. I figure I’ll give it another 3 weeks or so and see what everybody is thinking. If everyone likes it as it is, it would then go into 3 months of stability testing. If people want changes, which is highly likely, these changes will need to be made and the product will need to be retested by the same people. Anyway, onward we go.

I’ve been getting this question a lot so I thought I’d blog it. I am going to hopefully OK the moisturizer either today or tomorrow. If it’s OKed our manufacturer will start the manufacturing process. They are super-sticklers for good manufacturing processes (GMP) and take tons of precautions. I would have it no other way. So this is how it will go:

1. Our manufacturer orders the raw ingredients (3 weeks or so)

2. They quarantine each ingredient and test each of them (2 weeks)

3. We get scheduled in to be filled (2 weeks)

4. The final filled bottles are once again quarantined and randomly tested in a quality assurance process (1 week)

5. The bottles are sent to our distributor and are ready for sale (1 day)

So we’re looking at 8 weeks or so. They told me they would do everything in their power to make it happen as fast as possible, but in my experience, things usually go longer, not shorter. Having said that, this manufacturer can surprise me with short lead times so I am staying optimistic for a quick turnaround.

I got a very cool sample of the AHA which feels good, goes on light, spreads easily, and has anti-inflammatories, sebum reducers, and antimicrobials in it. Good stuff. But, when I looked at the ingredient list I noticed a couple of ingredients I’d prefer to change to more inert and soothing stuff. I brought this up with the formulator and he is re-doing the formulation with other ingredients.

I decided to make the AHA in two sizes by the way, one 2oz. tube for spot treatment, and a second one in an 8oz. tube for body acne treatment. That way I can sell a smaller one at a more affordable price for people who will only use it sparingly.

I got our 55th sample in the mail last week and have been using it ever since. I think we may have found a good one. I am getting some extra samples sent to me this Friday and I’ll send those out to moderators and see what they think. I helped design it myself. It is extremely high quality and goes on almost like water. I’ve never tried anything like it. It’s exactly what I wanted. Once it’s on, it takes care of flakiness entirely, which as we know is no small feat. It also goes on matte, but not so matte that it is tight. It leaves my skin in just the right sort of balance. It also has no scent and is super white and pretty :) It contains potent anti-inflammatories and 5% jojoba oil for sebum control. Anyway, I am loving it. We’ll see what other people think. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. I will of course only okay the formulation if the moderators also like it.

I ok’ed the salicylic acid formula and our formulator put some in stability but it wasn’t as stable as they wanted it to be. So they made a slightly new formulation that is back in the oven for stability. If all goes well I’ll have a sample on Wednesday. Then if it feels ok I’ll be able to send a bunch of samples out to see if people like it. I am loving it myself, but a couple of people who’ve tried it have said they broke out a bit. I also broke out some when I first started using it, and if I go off BP entirely, I seem to break out. But once a day BP and once a day SA seems to work beautifully for me so far. I should also have a sample of the next moisturizer Wednesday. Please send good vibes regarding that. At this point, turning to prayer seems like a good option :)

Well, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, the latest moisturizer sample isn’t all that great. I was excited because it takes care of flakiness, but my skin is still a little shiny looking hours after application. Also, it’s balling up a bit. So, I let the formulator know what the issues are and they’ll have another go at it. Someday we’ll get it. Someday.

First two moisturizer samples: I got two more from our usual formulator. They are, as usual, better than anything I’ve tried at moisturizing and taking care of flakiness. But, they still have the problem of leaving a slight tackiness on the skin. I’m not sure where to go from here. I don’t know if they’re going to nail it. I might need to come up with creative ways of taking the best parts of this formulator’s samples and auditioning manufacturers to address the tackiness issue.

Third moisturizer sample: I got this one from another formulator. I just tried it about a half an hour ago, so I’ll let you know how it goes. So far so good. It feels fine on my skin. There’s little tackiness if any. It felt a little thick going on, but upon application it just melted into the skin. More on this one tomorrow or the next day.