10% AHA: It’s been finalized and I am super in love with it. It will have 3 uses; as a spot treatment, as a body acne treatment, and as a hard-core AHA moisturizer. I’ve been using it every morning instead of the usual moisturizer and my skin is ridiculously perfect. I am going to place an order tomorrow for the tubes and product and will launch this product in a 6oz. size. Eventually if you guys are as in love with it as I am we can fill it in other sizes. I’ll put it in a tube because, um, I guess you guys like tubes better πŸ™‚ We’re looking at probably three or four more months to launch. Sorry it’s taken so long. I wanted to get it exactly perfect. My best guess is it will cost between $12 and $15. The stuff is crazy expensive to produce because glycolic acid is so expensive and we have other expensive ingredients in there (lichochalcone for instance is $6,000 per kilogram), but as usual I’ll price it as low as I can.

Jojoba: I’m also ready to place an order tomorrow for the organic jojoba oil. I will launch this in an 8oz. size. I’m hoping this will be out before the AHA. I’m aiming to price it in the $12-$15 range as well. Again, if you guys really want it, I can start to fill it in smaller and larger sizes as well.

Salicylic acid + anti-inflammatories + sebum reducers: It’s good to go as well. I’ll order it up in a small quantity most likely and launch it in a 4oz. tube. This one is more of a wild-card. The vast majority of people who I have asked to try it have reported that it’s the best sal acid they’ve ever tried, but can it approach the efficacy of benzoyl peroxide? Benzoyl peroxide is so good that I don’t expect anything to match it. But then again, it may meet a need for people who don’t like benzoyl peroxide for some reason. I am also excited to see how you guys fit it into your own regimens. Launch date: 3-4 months. Price: Hopefully I can keep it under $10.

SPF: Your guess, as usual, is as good as mine. I continue trying samples and I am not loving anything. Most recently I tried a powder sunscreen–pure minerals. I hated it. It made me flaky and left a kinda weird feeling on my face all day. I’m so frustrated that I decided I am going to start working “on the bench” as they call it in the formulating world. What this means is I’m going to visit a local renown formulator and trial samples right there on the spot and ask him to change things as I watch. I am setting an intention to produce the world’s best sunscreen for acne prone skin, and gosh darn it, I don’t care how long it takes. We’ll do it! πŸ™‚

New and improved moisturizer: More samples are on their way. I will keep you posted.

Brandy let me know that a bunch of people are asking her what’s up with the new products. Here’s a quick update:

New and Improved Moisturizer: I got a new sample with the addition of twice the jojoba (10%) and lichochalcone (powerful anti-inflammatory, imparts yellow color). We removed stearic acid and are in the process of switching out the preservatives (to reduce any possible sting). I tried the latest sample and it is great, but I wouldn’t mind it being even more moisturizing. Therefore, we are adding an extra humectant (perhaps MP Diol) and I will try that sample soon. RELEASE DATE: Several months away. COST: Hopefully the same.

SPF Moisturizer: I tried another sample of a zinc oxide based SPF. We may be between a rock and a hard place with the SPF. I am committed to zinc oxide for its broad spectrum support, but it goes on white, and can sometimes leave the skin feeling a bit tight. I asked them to bump up the humectants again, and add more jojoba to the mix. They’ll resample me on this soon. RELEASE DATE: Your guess is as good as mine. COST: The same as the non-SPF moisturizer.

Salicylic Acid: Stability testing will be completed in early November. If it passes, we’ll print labels and put it into production at that time. RELEASE DATE: A couple/few months. PRICE: Probably about the same as the benzoyl peroxide, perhaps a bit more.

10% Glycolic: I sent out a bunch of samples to the moderators. If they approve of it, I’ll put it into production. I am in love with it. RELEASE DATE: A few months. PRICE: Probably about the same as the moisturizer.

Organic Jojoba Oil: Our testers are liking it and so am I. I am getting clear bottle samples in the mail hopefully early this week, and I’m trying to finalize what kind of cap they should have. RELEASE DATE: A few months. PRICE: Organic Jojoba is very expensive but as always I will try to keep the price as low as I possibly can.

Also, we are going to small/medium/large for all of our products. Everything will now be in 2oz. (trial and travel size), 8oz. (medium size), and 16oz. (bulk size). Acne.org will be much more open in the future to different people’s regimens, so having small/medium/large will allow everyone to mix and match as needed for whichever regimen they choose. The products will all be in curved bottles instead of tubes, and have really cool looking new packaging that Paul, Kent, Joel and I have been working on. I hope you like the new look. I promise I’ll try to stick with this look for a while. πŸ™‚

OK, so this stuff is pretty awesome. Except it stings.

The awesome part: goes on very nicely, spreads evenly, absorbs quickly, leaves no residue, matte finish which is very hard to find in an SPF, zinc oxide based which may actually be good for acne.

The stings part: upon application I get a warming/stinging sensation which can last for up to two hours or so. I am relatively certain this is due to one of the sunscreen ingredients.

Bottom line: this is the best sunscreen I have tried to date aside from the stinging. I am going to discuss this issue with our manufacturer and see if we can improve upon it.

I’ve been using only the salicylic acid cream twice a day for about two weeks or so. At first it was smooth sailing. However, I have a few whiteheads and a couple of blackheads now. They are totally non-inflamed and most people would probably not notice I had anything going on, but I do. When I was doing sal acid in the morning and BP at night my skin was indestructible. Perfect. But I’m becoming convinced that sal acid alone might not cut it for me.

Since everyone who meets me ends up asking what I do for a living and I have to say “I run Acne.org” I really want indestructible clear skin, so I am going back to BP in the evenings and sal acid in the mornings.

My skin stayed completely, totally clear using the sal acid in the morning and BP at night. I was paranoid to go to twice daily sal acid though because Joel, Paul, Brandy, and other people were coming to visit and I didn’t want to be broken out πŸ™‚ But they’re gone now so I switched to the sal acid morning and evening. My skin is totally clear. The cool thing is, it’s like even under a microscope it would be clear. I have nothing even starting to pop up. What is remarkable about this is that I have had a weird illness for two weeks now and have been blowing my nose constantly. Normally, there is nothing that will prevent breakouts with that much irritation around my nose. But this time is different. My nose is completely smooth. It’s almost weird.

In the interest of full disclosure, since I’ve been sick I have been eating less too. My appetite is down. So I’ve been losing weight. When people lose weight, their skin is often better. So I will keep experimenting with just the sal acid twice a day and keep you guys posted. As of right now I am loving it. And since I switched to using it twice a day I can eliminate the moisturizing step!

I have heard back from two people who have tried the SA formula. They are both liking how it’s working. I am personally still very happy with it. I think I will be able to get away with this in the morning and BP in the evening. I hope other people like it too so I can make it so I can have some for myself! πŸ™‚ But we’ll see what people think. I figure I’ll give it another 3 weeks or so and see what everybody is thinking. If everyone likes it as it is, it would then go into 3 months of stability testing. If people want changes, which is highly likely, these changes will need to be made and the product will need to be retested by the same people. Anyway, onward we go.

I’ve been getting lots of great feedback on the moisturizer, plus I am personally elated at how they managed to make my dream moisturizer a reality. So we’re all systems go.

Now I’ll get them working on an SPF15 version.

I’ve been getting this question a lot so I thought I’d blog it. I am going to hopefully OK the moisturizer either today or tomorrow. If it’s OKed our manufacturer will start the manufacturing process. They are super-sticklers for good manufacturing processes (GMP) and take tons of precautions. I would have it no other way. So this is how it will go:

1. Our manufacturer orders the raw ingredients (3 weeks or so)

2. They quarantine each ingredient and test each of them (2 weeks)

3. We get scheduled in to be filled (2 weeks)

4. The final filled bottles are once again quarantined and randomly tested in a quality assurance process (1 week)

5. The bottles are sent to our distributor and are ready for sale (1 day)

So we’re looking at 8 weeks or so. They told me they would do everything in their power to make it happen as fast as possible, but in my experience, things usually go longer, not shorter. Having said that, this manufacturer can surprise me with short lead times so I am staying optimistic for a quick turnaround.

I got a very cool sample of the AHA which feels good, goes on light, spreads easily, and has anti-inflammatories, sebum reducers, and antimicrobials in it. Good stuff. But, when I looked at the ingredient list I noticed a couple of ingredients I’d prefer to change to more inert and soothing stuff. I brought this up with the formulator and he is re-doing the formulation with other ingredients.

I decided to make the AHA in two sizes by the way, one 2oz. tube for spot treatment, and a second one in an 8oz. tube for body acne treatment. That way I can sell a smaller one at a more affordable price for people who will only use it sparingly.