I know that some of you guys, especially those of you from Canada, like to use Spectro products, so I ordered the entire line of Spectro products to test them. I want to make sure I feel comfortable with people using them on the Regimen. I have done 3-day trials on to two of Spectro’s cleansers so far. Both cleansers are extremely similar and the ingredient decks have many of the same ingredients. I could not notice much of a difference between them, so I will review them together:

Spectro Derm Moisturizing Skin Cleanser for Dry, Sensitive Skin and Spectro Jel for Blemish-Prone Skin: Both are gentle, nice cleansers. Neither product lathers, so they won’t be good for shaving, but for just a simple wash, they did the job fine. I found that the thick consistency made it slightly harder to remain gentle during washing, and I had to use quite a bit of cleanser to simply cover my face. Having said that, I would feel comfortable with people using these cleansers, as long as they take extra care to remain gentle. They are non-overdrying and I like the ingredients just fine. I’ll add them to the list of approved cleansers.

The BETA program of the Salicylic Acid+ product has reached a close. I have decided not to continue selling the product.

I have never been a big fan of salicylic acid. Over the years I’ve tried numerous salicylic acid products, always with little success. What I always came back to was benzoyl peroxide. But while a properly applied benzoyl peroxide regimen works to clear up just about anyone who follows it precisely, some people are allergic to benzoyl peroxide. Plus, many of us, myself included, get frustrated with how benzoyl peroxide can sometimes bleach fabric. It was my hope that I could introduce the latest cutting edge performance ingredients into a salicylic acid formulation in order to bump up the efficacy of salicylic acid enough to compete with benzoyl peroxide. Along with an industry leading formulator, I put together the very best salicylic acid formulation I could. However, no matter how great I could make a salicylic acid formulation, I could not get it to match up with benzoyl peroxide.

In the end, the Salicylic Acid+ product did not meet my standards of an Acne.org product. Hundreds of you were nice enough to send your feedback through the BETA feedback form and I read each and every one of your comments. While some of you really liked the product, there were as many or more of you who found it to be only partially effective. Moreover, some of you experienced extra redness after application.

I only want extraordinary products which work to completely eliminate acne as part of the Acne.org line. I believe wholeheartedly in the Acne.org benzoyl peroxide, AHA+, cleanser, and moisturizer. This Salicylic Acid+ product just doesn’t quite fit.

For those of you who liked the product, I do not know of a comparable salicylic acid product. As I said earlier, salicylic acid just isn’t benzoyl peroxide. However, feel free to read through the salicylic acid containing product reviews pages of acne.org for alternatives. Also, if you’d like to stock up, I’ll be selling the Salicylic Acid+ for one more week, until November 30, at which point it will be pulled. The product has approximately 11.5 months of shelf life left before it is expired. I also reduced the price to $10.

New and improved moistuizer: I’ve been in and out of the lab a few times and we’re making some fantastic progress. I’ll hopefully be sending out samples to moderators and product testers soon to see if they prefer it to the current moisturizer. I prefer it quite a bit myself. The samples I’ve been developing have no tack, take care of flakiness, and feel amazing.

Spot treatment: I’m on the second round of spot treatment now and I’ve sent it out to some moderators and testers to see what they think. I’ll let you know when I get a response from them. I’m not settled on this sample, but wanted to get some feedback before taking it back for improvements.

SPF: I’m waiting to nail down the new and improved non-spf moisturizer first in the hopes of using that base for the SPF. The SPF is still a ways away.

moisturizer samples from the lab Hey you guys. I’ve been in the lab helping formulate a new and improved non-SPF moisturizer. While our current moisturizer is my favorite, it’s not perfect, so I’ve been trying sample after sample. I’ve tested 39 new samples in all and we’re getting some awesome stuff. I’m bursting at the seams to get the new, improved moisturizer into distribution. What has changed? We’ve moved from glycerin to methyl glyceth-20, which is a glycerin derivative with less tack and less sting. Also, we’ve added some cutting edge Japanese moisturizing ingredients that have me basically falling in love. I’m hoping to finalize a new formula soon and start testing it for stability. Best case scenario would probably be 6 months or so from now to get it out.