I’ve never offered automatic shipments because I thought it might be perceived as pushy, and Acne.org has never been about pushing product. But I frequently get requests to set up an auto-ship program from people who would prefer to not have to log in and reorder regularly. I’ve been thinking through how it might work and I’m thinking we could offer the best of both worlds. What do you guys think of the following scenario?:

What if we set up an auto-ship option, but it would be purely optional? People who want to log in and reorder can always do so, and nothing would change for them.
Also, what if the auto-shipments were fully customizable and super easily cancelled, a la Netflix? That way if you did choose auto-shipments you could always change what you wanted to receive and how often you wanted to receive it on the fly. And, if and when you wanted to cancel, it would be as easy as clicking “Cancel” one time.

Anyway, as always, I wanted to get your weigh in before I moved forward…

Someone emailed me recently to ask about napkins and if they were a potential source of irritation. We know that irritation of any kind—like picking at the skin, facemasks rubbing against the skin, and hats binding the skin of the forehead—can potentially aggravate acne. This is why it might seem like every time you get a cold you tend to break out on your nose in the immediate aftermath. You’ve simply been irritating the skin around the nose with constant blowing.

Napkins, much like tissues, are an unavoidable part of life. We all get messy at times. So it’s best to simply reduce the potential amount of irritation when using napkins. My best advice for when you get something on your face while you eat is to gently wipe it off with a napkin and then be done with it. Avoid wetting the napkin, and avoid washing your face during the day. Twice a day is the most you ever want to wash. Simply wipe up the spill and try to avoid rubbing too hard or for too long. An occasional spill, when cleaned gently, needn’t lead to a breakout.

Irritation can aggravate acne. If you’ve surfed around Acne.org you know that much. That means anything that comes into contact with the skin, especially stuff that rubs the skin can cause a breakout. Here’s a short list of things to be aware of:

– fingers (picking). This is the big culprit for most people!
– resting the face in one’s hands
– cell phone
– hats
– helmets
– chin straps
– kissing – probably worth it tho 🙂
– nose blowing

I want to concentrate on nose blowing in today’s blog. I notice that whenever my allergies kick up, like they have in the past week, it is close to impossible to prevent some acne around my nose. Whenever I get sick, the story is the same. Frequent nose blowing can aggravate the skin and cause a breakout. To combat this as much as I can, I try not to “bear down” too hard with the tissue, and I try to keep my allergies in check. I also am extra careful in my BP application around the nose at such times, ensuring that I use plenty of BP and stay gentle.

Spot treatment: I’m thinking about calling this product, “This stuff works about 70% of the time.” How’s that for an honest name of a product? 🙂 Seriously though, it is not a miracle. Nothing is when it comes to spot treatments. But from the feedback I’m receiving I’d estimate success hovers around 70%. And for me, I’ll take that when it comes to a spot treatment. I find it’s really nice to have something around that I can use as a weapon should I need it. I’m still awaiting some more input from the people I sent some to, but it’s looking good for this sample.

New & Improved Non-SPF moisturizer: After lots of formulating and testing, I decided on a potential winner for the New & Improved Non-SPF moisturizer. It should have little or no sting, little or no tackiness, and still take care of flakiness if all goes well. Plus it has licochalcone so it should be particularly soothing to acne-prone skin. I sent out 30 moisturizer samples to moderators and a few product testers. I didn’t have enough to send it to all product testers this time. Feedback is coming in, mostly positive. I personally adore it. I do notice I have to use a little more of it than the current Non-SPF moisturizer, but my skin looks and feels great. If the moderators and testers give it a green light I’m ready to switch it over. This is a lengthy process which includes stability testing, reprinting labels, etc., but I’m eager to get that ball rolling.

I’ve heard about ResellerRatings.com a few times before and a coworker of mine mentioned it again yesterday. I just checked it out and there are no reviews for Acne.org/DanielKern.com.

Do you guys go to ResellerRatings.com to see which web sites are reputable and which are not? I don’t, but maybe I should start. I tend to just trust most web sites and have had good luck so far. At any rate, please feel free to honestly rate Acne.org/DanielKern.com.

As a side note, if you have any customer service questions, Travis, our customer service guy, is always here to help you out, or you can call our 1-800-773-7803 number too.


New and improved moistuizer: I’ve been in and out of the lab a few times and we’re making some fantastic progress. I’ll hopefully be sending out samples to moderators and product testers soon to see if they prefer it to the current moisturizer. I prefer it quite a bit myself. The samples I’ve been developing have no tack, take care of flakiness, and feel amazing.

Spot treatment: I’m on the second round of spot treatment now and I’ve sent it out to some moderators and testers to see what they think. I’ll let you know when I get a response from them. I’m not settled on this sample, but wanted to get some feedback before taking it back for improvements.

SPF: I’m waiting to nail down the new and improved non-spf moisturizer first in the hopes of using that base for the SPF. The SPF is still a ways away.

spot treatment

We received the first spot treatment sample. It’s kind of a yellow gel/cream.

First the good stuff:

– It seems to be working for the people who have tried it so far.

– It’s packed with good ingredients.

And the challenges:

– It’s balling up. Gotta fix that.

– It is a 3.5pH and STINGS to high heaven. It’s kinda nice because it’s obviously doing something, but it’s pretty hardcore.

I should be receiving a revised sample soon and I’ll let you guys know how it pans out.