Yup, it totally broke. I’m sorry you guys. It’s like a decade old so I guess it’s no surprise that it’s putt putt-ing out on us. So I guess we can’t film a video today 🙁

We’ll be back tomorrow, I promise…

We’re editing a video for Friday that we filmed before the camera went kaput! It’s really cool! I can’t wait to show it to you…I shouldn’t give it away…OK—I will!

I was on TV again! It’s just a local show but it was really awesome…well, I don’t know if awesome is the right word, maybe random would be a better word to describe it. In other words, prepare not to be too impressed. But it’s fun so I thought I’d show you. OK, tune in tomorrow…

See ya then,

Hi Everybody. I’ll be back in Pennsylvania until the 28th visiting my folks so although I will be able to be online, I won’t be posting any videos for a few days.

I hope you all have a fantastic holiday. I have a lot to be thankful for this year, especially for all of your participation on Acne.org. You guys make this place pretty amazing. There’s a ton in store for 2009. You just wait to see what’s next!

All my best wishes to you guys and your families this holiday. See you in a few days!


Just wanted to say hi. I’m working on a bunch of bigger-type projects right now for Acne.org so there haven’t been a ton of updates lately but there is good stuff to come. Anyway, here are some pics of the on-site Acne.org team. Joel, Paul, Brandy, Travis, and Shawn all work from their homes around the USA and in Europe so I don’t have pics of them.

This is me in my office (aka the second bedroom)
Me in my office

And here’s Kent, my partner, in his office (aka the sunroom)
Kent in his office

And here’s Zack, our Operations Assistant, in his office (aka the dining room)
Zack in his office

I recently heard about a group called Nonviolent Peaceforce. They are a group of people committed to peace who are trained to save children from youth armies, to mediate conflicts before wars start, and to protect humanitarian workers in remote areas. Since they have to travel to far-flung regions to settle disputes, they need reliable transportation. A few of the groups don’t have transportation right now. For $1500 we can buy them a motorbike that will allow one of their groups to take their work to many more communities. So we’re doin’ it! I’m sending the check today. I like this cause in particular because it is concrete. We know what they need, and we know that our relatively small donation will really make a difference.

Thanks to all of you guys who keep ordering.

I forgot to mention on the last blog post that I was able to donate another 2000 cleanser samples and 2000 benzoyl peroxide samples to Clear Up Skin Care. This is really thanks to all of you guys who are ordering Acne.org products. It’s your orders that allow me to give like this. Also, I still have the $25,000 that I set aside earlier this year for giving. It’s sitting in a money market gathering interest. When the perfect opportunity arises I’ll give that as well. I have a few ideas stirring regarding that money and I’ll keep you guys posted.