nose blowing acnePhysical irritation of the skin makes acne worse. Every spring and summer when I get allergies and end up blowing my nose constantly, I have a harder time keeping that area clear. It might seem strange, but an allergy pill can help clear acne for this very reason…not that they work all that great, but they do help.

If you are like me and on an allergy pill and still have a constantly drippy nose during spring and summer, keep some 10% Glycolic Acid around. If you apply this to the area around the nose after a day of blowing and wiping, this can help prevent a breakout in that area.

Ok, now go out and have some fun!

We were playing around with licochalcone the other day in the lab. I just thought you guys might want to see what it looks like. Here it is in raw form:


And here it is once you solubilize it. You need to solubilize it before you put it into the formulas so it dissolves into the formula nicely:

solubilized licochalcone

Licochalcone is in products because it is known to be powerfully calming to acne-prone skin. It’s what gives our Moisturizer and AHA+ products their yellow color. Here it is once it’s in the moisturizer:


Mmmmmm. Tasty.

I continued trying the blade buddy for the past month in the same way that I did the first month, every other day, using a regular blade as a control. It’s looking pretty obvious now that the Blade Buddy works to some degree. Here is the final verdict:

Razor blade using Blade Buddy after 30 days of use. Some pitting, but not too bad:


Razor blade without using Blade Buddy after 30 days of use. Lots of pitting, getting pretty old and unusable at this point:


It’s nice to see a product that works as advertised. To be honest though, I’ve come to realize through this experiment that I can get away with using Gillette Trac II blades for a month without needing to replace them, so I’m not planning on continuing to use the Blade Buddy. One blade a month is good by me and that eliminates the need to use the Blade Buddy each time I shave.