Still trying my SA product in the mornings: I hardly even want to say it just in case I jinx it, but after an initial 3 non-inflamed comedones my skin has gone back to clear and quite frankly is looking really good. It feels healthy and I’m perfectly clear of anything active whatsoever. (Fingers crossed that I don’t wake up tomorrow with a zit! lol)

Another thing that’s interesting is my skin is quite flaky, but in a different way from benzoyl peroxide. Salicylic acid is keratolytic–meaning it removes the top layers of skin cells. At first I thought the medication itself was balling up, and I still think it is to some degree, but I now think much of the continued flaking I’m experiencing is simply my top layer of skin goin’ bye-bye. It is a distinctly different feeling from the flakiness I get with benzoyl peroxide. It makes sense that if this peeling is also occuring on follicle walls that the walls of the follicle will have a tougher time becoming stuck together and leading to a microcomedone in the first place.

Wikinomics: I am still reading this incredible book. I am bursting with excitement with how we can bring collaborative Web technology to and allow all of us to pool our intelligence. Wow. Great stuff.