Hi everybody. I thought I’d start a blog so I can keep you informed on what I’m doin’ here to try to make Acne.org and DanKernsRegimen.com the bestest ever. So, if you’re interested in the details, read on. I have big plans and I’m totally on it.

These sites have gotten pretty big. I now work on acne.org and dankernsregimen.com full-time, plus I’m hiring a second full-time person to help me out. I’ve gotten so busy with admin stuff that I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to do site improvements.

Joel, our webmaster patiently works with me to make stuff happen. He is completely fantastic to work with, but he’s all mine. Do not, I repeat, do not, offer him a job! ๐Ÿ™‚ Joel is in North Carolina and I’m in California, so we chat through GoogleTalk for hours on end several times a week working on little site stuff.

Fun Schtuff you can expect at Acne.org: To be perfectly honest, I haven’t even figured it all out in my mind yet, but suffice it to say that my mind is racing with ideas and I am excited to make some stuff happen. I can’t really be more specific because I don’t know which ideas will win out, but in general I’d like to expand the community part of Acne.org and let everybody be more a part of decisions and information authorship. I’m thinking of adding wikis like wikipedia.org where we can all collaborate from our own computers on a document. I’m also thinking about adding more ratings, and a YouTube-type of self-updating video so we can all share videos of how we perform the regimen or apply certain skin care products. I’ll keep you posted.

What you can expect on dankernsregimen.com: Quick product update: I am still working on both an spf and a non-spf moisturizer–weekly, methodically, and steadfastly. I lost count, but I’ve received about 46-47 samples now from seven manufacturers. I recently added yet another manufacturer to the field of competition. dum dum duuuum. They seem on top of the latest science, and are cool people who employ happy individuals who are proud of their work. But, the last moisturizer sample I designed myself! I have learned so much about moisturizer formulation through trying samples, going to the Society of Cosmetic Chemists conference this winter, and speaking with chemist friends that I have narrowed down my favorite ingredients which can be combined safely and which do an amazing job at moisturization. I like sodium lactate (a ‘salt’ form of lactic acid) which is great at moisturization, urea which holds in moisture, glycerin which is great at moisturizing and kind on the skin, and anti-inflammatories to help further combat the inflammatory side of acne. I had a private formulator make up a sample like this for me and it is my favorite so far. But I’m shooting for the best moisturizer ever in the history of the world, and don’t really want to put one out that is not, so I’m not going to rush anything. I’ll keep you posted.