Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razors

I try every razor that comes out in the futile attempt to find something that comes close to the Gillette Trac II, which is by far the least irritating razor on the market and the best for people who are acne-prone.

The commercials are so compelling. A FlexBall! It hugs the contours of the face! Well, not really. This razor is much like any other 3, 4, or 5 blade razor. It is much more irritating than the Trac II and doesn’t provide as good of a shave. For 3 days each, I tried both the manual version of this razor and the “power” version which vibrates when you press the button, and neither version seems to hug my face at all. To be honest, the FlexBall for me was just a gimmick and did nothing special. The same goes for the power vibrating version. It feels no different from the manual version and seems completely unnecessary.

Take it from me…save our money and go with the Trac II.

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  • Ki

    I suppose everyone’s skin is different. I have the proglide (non flexball) and love it. I have acne prone skin but the proglide shaves effortlessly without irritation for me. Does a hell of a job to give me a really close shave as well. The Trac II while also non irritating, simply doesn’t give me enough of a close shave. The proglide also has an ergonomic handle which I like for maneuvering around my face. Each to their own.

    • Dan

      Hey Ki. Do you still have the Trac II around? If you do, can you do me a favor and do a side by side? Shave with the ProGlide on one half and the Trac II on the other half of your face. Then note the amount of irritation and also the closeness of the shaves.

      • Ki

        Unfortunately, I don’t have the Trac II anymore or else I would. It’s to note that I never shave against the grain in any circumstance. I still get a smooth shave but it just doesn’t last as long.

  • Anton

    I’ve also had similiar experience as Ki’s but with the Sensor Excel on the other end (I couldn’t find Trac II anywhere). My facial hair is just too dark and grows really fast, I even shave sideways after I go with the grain. If I only shave with the grain it’s like I didn’t shave at all no matter which razor I use (Sensor Excel or Fusion Proglide). Trying following Dan’s advice was of course the first thing for me,

    Dan, if you see this post, please respond! ๐Ÿ™‚ I would really like a personal advice as shaving is currently my biggest issue.

  • Skin Treatment

    I agree that most commercials exaggerate about what the product really is all about. It is also hard to believe reviews around online because some of them are paid to do it. For me, it is really a trial and error. Lately, I have been using any 4-bladed razor that I could get my hands on and I just use a good shaving cream for better traction.


  • Bald Eagle Pro

    I have used both of them and I concluded that the powered version is not worth the extra money. Otherwise, I find the Fusion ProGlide razor pretty good and if you keep it clean, change the blades regularly and moisturize properly you can get rid of ingrown hairs with it.

  • Anonymous

    Well unlike you Guys, I have been shaving for almost 40 years , and have used all razors and a friend recommended the proglide fusion power razor to me and I have only had 1 better shave and that was from my Barber with the old single edge razor………