ProductsThe new labels are going out on almost all of the products now. I’m super curious what you guys think of them once you have them and are using them. Please let me know.


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  • Christina McKinnie

    Super sleek. I love it!

    • Dan


  • Jamie

    I use the BP, AHA and jojoba oil. I can’t live without the products, but I always thought the old graphics were a little lame-a very minor complaint. But I love the new graphics. Simple and to the point. I’m proud to put them on display in my room now. Thanks for paying attention to the details!

    • Dan

      haha. I agree it was time for a change.

  • Dave

    I LOVE the new labels. They exude more professionalism and are sleek. The old labels were good for several years but were beginning to look dated. This has been a very good change.

    • Dan

      Totally agree Dave. Thanks for confirming what I felt was needed.

  • cammy

    received the packaging last week. started the regimen (day 6). love it but the packaging arrive a little not in good condition.
    the cleanser come out a little.
    the bp is ok.
    the moisturizer come out a little.
    the aha come out alot covering the whole cap with yellow cream.
    the jojoba oil is ok.
    not sure whether the delivery process not handle well. or actually too far to reach me. from US to Malaysia.

    Hope you dont mind for me to comment about this.

  • Kevin

    I like it. Simple design. The only thing I dont like I would say is the teal color of the moisterizer. It just reminds me of medicine or 80’s fashion. I would prefer like normal green or purple.

  • Kim

    Love the designs, but the labels on the treatment are not a good fit and have loose folds that the packaging then gets stuck down! All the other labels fit great. I have already fed back to your team about this.

  • Anonymous

    I think the new labels are so much more professional and more attractive then the old ones were. I think we have an easier time with people looking at what we are using with these labels as well. It seems to give the idea that we have something that is prescribed to us or at least is a serious dermatological product.