I coach people through The Regimen regularly. Something I’ve always noticed is that it’s much harder to get them cleared up when they are on alternative products. When I get them on Acne.org products they clear up nicely. Sure, sometimes I need to get them to be more gentle, avoid getting sunburnt, etc. but oftentimes it’s as simple as just getting them off of other products and on to Acne.org products.

Recently, I asked a bunch of people to look at The Regimen pages and tell me what products I thought they should use. Almost unanimously, they said the impression they got was that they could just as easily use alternative products on The Regimen and get clear. This is not the truth. What I’ve always tried to communicate is that you can theoretically use alternative products on The Regimen, but you need to choose them carefully and they may not work as quickly or as well.

Therefore, I have removed alternative products from The Regimen page. I feel it is a disservice to send people on a wild goose chase from the start. I’m getting way too many people telling me that they think The Regimen is not working when they are using alternative products and ultimately getting cleared up quickly when I get them switched over to Acne.org products. If you are currently on The Regimen using alternative products and having problems, this may be the cause.

I still mention that you can use alternative products on the FAQ and of course people are welcome to discuss alternatives on the forums and around the Internet. I just wanted to keep you guys in the loop as always.

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  • Dave

    Thanks Dan. There may be people who criticize you for doing this. But if The Regimen’s reputation is being negatively effected by drugstore products, this is the right move.

    My one recommendation was to remain very clear about what your products are and what they do. I think people are skeptical of someone who says “here’s a magical mystery product, try it!” You’ve always been transparent about your methods, which adds credibility. The new labels are good because they let people know that they’re using a 2.5 % BP to get clear. So, as long as you keep up that kind of transparency regarding your products, this is a great move.

  • Aeris

    I use the acne.org 3 step Regimen products. The only replacement I made is using the Alpha Hydrox Enanced Lotion afterwards instead of the acne.org AHA+ (mainly because the AHA+ size is too big and would probably expire before I used it all). Is the Alpha Hydrox product good enough or would I be better off replacing it with the AHA+? If it will make a significant difference , I will order the AHA+.

    • Dan

      I do think you’ll see better results with the AHA+. The Alpha Hydrox isn’t bad, but it has some questionable ingredients. Overall, I would rather see people using Acne.org products. If you are completely clear using Alpha Hydrox then you should be all set, but if you are not 100% clear, you may want to make the switch.

  • laura

    I have been using the reccommended Neutrogena alternatives and found the results fantastic. It’s a shame that acne.org stuff is so insanely expensive to get in the UK – the only place I’ve seen that does it is a site called fishpond. Even the Neutrogena I had to get off a website called american treasures. Any plans to get it properly available over here? I’ll be buying it anyway now i’ve found a source – those of us who have struggled with acne will pay almost anything to have clear skin.

  • Audra

    When I first discovered this site, l have to admit the alternatives to be the reason I took your advice in the first place. I found your product to be too expensive for my budget at the time but thought there must be truth in your testimony since you are also including other brands. I did order the acne.org benzoyl peroxide but stuck to your drug store brand recommendations to get me started at an affordable rate. I saw results right away! I have since been able to start using the acne.org product with little concern of a budget. I’ve found that the foam of your cleanser is superior to others and that the moisturizer is excellent as well, but if I hadn’t started with more affordable products that worked as well, I may never have given the Regimen a shot, concerned that it was like all other acne clearing claims that do not work. I agree that the Regimen may work better for some with a superior product like yours, but hope that those that could use the alternative product like I, can find this information as readily as I could within your site.

  • Andrew Halliday

    its plain and simple until you can supply the uk with fairly priced products we will not be able to use your products ,unless that is everyone is really rich and well off ,most are not however and id love so much to be able to get and use your products without being violated on shipping handling and taxes . in this day and age and as a business man surely you can resolve this as its been the thoughts of many for sooo long and nothing ever gets done ,really gutted about this and think its wrong to remove the alternatives as for non American’s its really the only option…#sortitout #acne.orginukforrealisticandfairprices.

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