I wanted to let you guys know where I’m headed with The Regimen and getting it out to the world and hear any feedback you have.

Sobering reality #1: Not enough people know about The Regimen. Yes, there are tons of people on Acne.org, and yes, probably at least a million people have tried it…probably quite a bit more, since I started sharing it in 1996. However, there are 300 million people in the US alone, and 7 billion around the world. So we’ve reached only a tiny fraction of people. This I think is a shame since The Regimen actually works when most other stuff doesn’t.

Sobering reality #2: Most people don’t want to have to learn a bunch of stuff just to do a facial regimen. While anyone who has tried The Regimen knows it works incredibly well and is actually very simple, I think it comes across as too complex when people first encounter it. I am going to try to simplify it. For example, while I do think waiting for your skin to completely dry after cleansing is the best way to go, if you don’t wait the 5-15 minutes, I think The Regimen will still work for you. So I’m going to remove the “5-15 minutes” language from this part of The Regimen. Instead, I’ll just be instructing people to cleanse, wait for their skin to dry, and move right on to Step 2: benzoyl peroxide. I will also be looking at how else I can simplify The Regimen.

Sobering reality #3: Acne.org products are superior to drugstore products. When I started sharing The Regimen, I didn’t make products for it. For the first 8 years of Acne.org I instructed people to use recommended drugstore products. Yes, it is possible to use drugstore products and get clear but it is not nearly as easy. We get people writing to our customer service saying they want to return a product because The Regimen is “not working” for them. Almost every time, these people who want to return a product are not using all 3 Acne.org products on The Regimen. They are using other over-the-counter cleansers, moisturizers, or cream based benzoyl peroxide that just doesn’t work as well as Acne.org products or have comedogenic ingredients. Once we get any of these people using all Acne.org products, they invariably clear up. I can’t help but think our “open-source” Regimen ends up hurting people instead of helping sometimes.
Where I want to go from here: Ultimately, I’d like to “Apple-ify” The Regimen. When someone buys an Apple iPad, they just start using it. They don’t have to read a manual or watch videos on how to use it. They just press the button and voila. This is how I’d like The Regimen to work. You buy the products and that’s all you have to do. It needs to be patently obvious how to use them. This will require some creativity but I think we can get there.

As a final note, I will probably always have links to alternative products because some people in certain countries can’t even order Acne.org products. It will just be a matter of linking to these alternative products in a way that does not add to any confusion.

I also want to hear you guys weigh in on this before we start making big changes. What do you think?

10 Responses to “Getting The Regimen out to the world”

  • Chet

    I’m not going to explain this well but I wonder if you should try to re-name the product to make it “easier” to discuss/share to get the amplify effect you want. For example, I don’t like for people to see my bottles because it’s essentially called “acne.org”. I don’t like talking about “acne.org” because I don’t like talking about “acne”. There’s less of a stigma to talk about using “proactiv” or for someone to see a “clean & clear” bottle.

    • Dan

      Yeah I see your point. I’ve always struggled with that. On one hand I want to reduce the stigma or acne and not be afraid to say it. On the other hand I hear where you’re coming from.

  • Brandi

    Chet has a good point about the name. I think that your wording in The Regimen is fine, but you need a new design. I edit textbooks, so I understand that complex subjects sometimes need all the words, but a smart design can make them more accessible. I would keep in mind that the real appeal of your product is that it’s evidence-based (and therefore works), so make sure to keep that front-and-center in your message. You have great products, so I wish you a lot of success in your re-launch.

    • Dan

      Thanks Brandi. I’ll take that under consideration. Do you have an example of a smart design that makes information more accessible that I could take a look at?

  • lola2012

    Let me start by saying I love your products and you saved my skin. With that being said, for new consumers I think the “Treatment” “Moisturizer” terminology was perfect and straightforward at getting what you need to use the products for. I received your new bottles and so much verbiage can be overwhelming for new users and isn’t so “Applified.” I’ve shown people the older bottles in the past and they were instantly wanting to try it because it seemed simple. (That’s what everyone strives for now, simple, easy, to the point and quick fixes.) With the newer bottles now it looks like it takes more work. When I tried sharing with the new bottles basically looks like a hassle. However, I do agree with the big acne.org writing. There is a big stigma with acne and although we do spread the word and help people save their skin, having the words “acne” can be embarrassing for some.

    • Dan

      It sounds like everyone is agreeing on the no “acne” language. Yikes. We just ordered a lot of labels ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m listening though. This might need to change.

  • Anne

    I think listing recommending products besides acne.org ones that can be found at the drugstore is a huge selling point for the regimen (even though I agree that the acne.org ones are the best quality and deal!). It makes the regimen and acne.org seem more trustworthy, less like pushing of a particular product you are trying to sell. So it might be good to keep that in mind when streamlining the product recommendations.

  • ash3ly

    Hi Dan, I think having an app would be awesome! I think it would be neat to add a photo section to track our progress as well. Thanks for all you do and I love your site! Maybe some youtube videos of your most recent blogs ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Anonymous

    Yes i found out about it by looking up acne treatments and happened to come across this I love it I can see it is clearing up my acne been on it for a month and a bit Iโ€™ve introduced the aha glycolic I canโ€™t wait till all the dead skin comes off. I am from the Cook Islands and i want to move back but it would be sooo expensive to ship the acne.org regimen there.

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