Jojoba Oil ShavingThere are two things that dull razor blades: (1) water, and to a lesser extent (2) simply using the blade. What causes the most damage is oxidation from water, but blades also get microscopic nicks in them from the act of shaving itself.

I’ve been experimenting with methods of keeping my razor blades dry for about a year now. I’ve tried keeping them dry by rubbing them on a towel after I’m finished shaving, rubbing them several times against denim like a few YouTube videos suggested, and always keeping the razor in a sunny window so it stays dry.

Nothing works. My razor blades still get dull after about two weeks.

Last week, my friend’s cousin’s husband came over to the office to say hi. Good ideas can come from the most interesting of places 😉 He pulled me aside and said he’s been putting his razor in jojoba oil after each shave and his razor blade is staying sharp for months at a time.

I started doing this a few days ago. I don’t know if it’s going to work yet, but the shave itself is extra nice with jojoba oil coating the entire blade. Have any of you guys tried putting your razor into oil (jojoba oil or any other oil)? If so, how has it worked for you?


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  • Abhishek

    Dan, i used blades you suggested to me sesor excel and other. I had problems with it.

    I think best razoe it Gillete Mache 3 Turbo Sensitive Skin

    Give it try. I comment only when i have tested it.

    I shave 2 times every week and it is super comfortable.

    I hardly request people not to use 5 blade razor..they are too harsh

  • Mike

    Dan, have you tried stropping your blades? You can do this simply by running them along a pair of old jeans or on an actual leather barber strop (the opposite direction that you would shave so it doesn’t cut) multiple times. This has the same effect of honing a knife, it straightens out those little burrs at the edge of the razor. Some people say they get a single razer to last months or years doing this.

  • AcadiaJBro

    I’m a woman, so I shave my legs, but I know that the razor lasts much longer when I shave with baby oil, probably for the same reason that jojoba oil seems to preserve the blade.