I’ve been working for the past couple of months with Paul (real maverick) to completely redesign acne.org so it will work great on mobile devices, and generally be more awesome in every way. Check out Paul’s post on the forum and let us know what you think.


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  • Jack

    When’s your sunscreen coming? 🙂

  • San Francisco Pickup location?

    Hey Dan, I love your products. I was just wondering how come you discontinued the pickup location in San Francisco, for local bay-areaers? I hate paying shipping even though I live in San Francisco!

  • elqker

    Dear Dan,
    I’ve been using the regiment for two days and i already see very positive results. I have been through everything accutane and beyond. My skin looks great. from day one irritation lowered considerably because i suspect both me and the products i had been using irritated my skin. shaving is critical. i’ve been shaving everyday for the past week and it’s helped so much. I’ve also been avoiding high glycemic foods for the past month and think it’s made a huge difference in the deep breakouts i used to get. thank you and keep doing what you do. you are helping people gain their confidence back that’s a great thing.

  • peter

    rather an update on the new spf please. More important than the new website

  • peter

    Please tell more about the spf comming up in stead of the new website

  • Jack

    ^ Peter.

  • James Hamilton

    Awsome, hope its going well Sir Dan and Sir Paul!

  • Riya

    Your new design is great and it is work well. All the very best

  • Melissa

    PLEASE do an updated blog or video about hyper pigmentation, please!!!

  • Loren

    I took my teenage daughter to 2 dermatologist’s for topical lotion to either eliminate or diminish the moderate case of acne on her face and neither product they prescribed helped.

    Then I went online and ordered Acne.Org’s Treatment product.. She has been using it for a year now and we are very satisfied with the results. Her face is neither dry nor irritated and her acne is either mild or sometimes even non existent .

    It is reasonably priced and I would recommend this product to anyone to try.