cleansing devicesI’ve been saying for years never to use a washcloth because it can be irritating. The same holds true for hand held cleansing devices. I tried a few of them recently and while I do have to admit that they are quite fun to use, the irritation they present is unwelcome when it comes to acne-prone skin types. If you want exfoliation and like how a hand held device physically exfoliates, a better option is chemical exfoliation. 10% alpha hydroxy acid will exfoliate without the irritation and will improve the texture of acne-prone skin. My strong advice: leave cleansing to bare hands, and never use a device, washcloth or otherwise, to wash.


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  • Anonymous

    Thank you Dan! I have been saying this a lot lately myself to various people. I think these products are just a gimmick to make you buy another thing that is expensive. They are terrible for your complexion.

  • Lucia

    I agree on the irritation. I never used a washcloth and used my hands at all times, but i just didnt feel clean at times..used a white washcloth, put some cetaphil facial wash on it and GENTLY went in circular motions… WOW… there was seriously a tint on my washcloth… wasnt wearing makeup for about a week so definitely not residue and when i do i make sure to take it all off…i always do this now and has made a difference in my skin….i would just recommend not to’ll be surprised by what your not taking off with your bare hands…

  • chau nguyen

    before i ve heard of the regimen, i’ve been using clarisonic and it is what help my pimples not to get worse and my face always have a healthy shine but dont really eliminate pimples here and there. since clarisonic only give me a healthy shine look but not really help with pimples so i do research and found this website. And its so funny when i read this website, he said wash ur face not more than 10 secs and its so opposite with the theory i ve been doing, at night i wash my face with clarisonic for 1 min and morning i was my face with bare hand for at least 1 min too. But the fame and the way Dan point out in this website sounds very tempting to me, thru all the successful story, i have the guts to order the treatment cos i never use any chemical on my face. … well, i saw what he meant now, this stuff is… darnnnn strong…. this is my 5th day and even with my bare hands, my face would get VERY DRY AND ITCHY. Plus my big mistake, i was very excited bout the treatment so as soon as i got it, i use it without testing it on my skin before, i use 1pump twice a day …and my skin… BURNT, litterally, i thought it was normal side effect as everyones said so how dummy i am to keep the dose even the irritation was somewhat near unbearable cos i thought he said bout using generous amount of BP. Until… 2 days ago which is my 3rd day, i couldnt believe what i saw on the morning thru the mirror… my face is red, and kinda swollen and when i look close, its like a severe acne now, my face was formed with several small red bumps, some area on my cheek r like hives and everybody at work look at me like what on earth did u eat … i was sooo sad and embarrass, no make up could cover this… But i didnt quit the treatment yet, cos my face is severly itchy and the burning effect kinda help it without me scratching my face. I now just do 1 time nightly with a pea size. the side effect was not that bad but hopefully my awfull face will soon get away. I didnt quit cos people here and there on the internet kinda convincing me to keep up with it. So… Im still keeping my high hope. And of course, no more Clarisonicccc, no more exfoliating, wayyyy toooo harsh according to the strength of BP

  • Ivy

    What would you recommend as an effective makeup remover then?

    I have been doing an style regimen (Cetaphil, BP gel, moisturizer) for at least 5 years now. I used the actual regimen products for a while, and liked them. But, the international shipping was too out of hand for me. About a year ago, my fiance got me a Clarisonic for my birthday. The first time I used it, I did a regular wash with my hands first, then used the Clarisonic. I was appalled by how much makeup was left on my face after the 10 second wash with cleanser.

    I have tried simply not wearing makeup, but I feel like my skin and confidence level are not at a place where that is possible. I work in the fashion industry, and I would not be taken seriously trying to give other people advice on looking good with visible acne scars and active acne.

    Any advice?

  • Elisabeth

    Thanks Dan, I was wondering if I should try the clarsonic. A cousin recommended, but she doesn’t have acne.
    Now I know. I kinda had a hunch. Thanks for all you do on here. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

  • Chuck Norris

    What about the pmd? (personal microdermabrasion)

  • adelfa

    I use my Clarisonic every other morning after first rubbing a good squirt of Neutrogena Power-Cream Wash all over my face and jaw. The creamy wash makes the bristles less harsh (my bristles are the softer ones, they come in different strengths). I don’t notice any irritation and simply feel cleaner adding this to my regimen. However I’m in a maintenance phase with my acne (0-2 pimples at a time) so that may make a difference.

  • jane

    Hey, i’ve been using the regimen for yrs and it works wonder for my acnes, but once i stop it, my acnes come back, does my skin addictive to the regimen? sometimes i touched my face and accidently touch my eyes too, now i feel my eye vision very blurred from bp and AHA, what should i do, please help!

  • Amanda

    I have been a regimen user for about 2 years now, and it is literally the only thing that has kept my acne at bay. However, recently while I was working in Vegas on a show packing on pounds of makeup on my skin, I felt that my skin was not being fully cleansed. It felt dirty and clogged and just not right. An esthetician suggested that I purchase a Clarisonic. Immediately I was hesitant bc I had been so loyal to the regimen for so long, barely touching my face…but I really felt that my bare hands were just no match to the heavy stage makeup. So against my better judgement I purchased the Clarisonic. I have to say, it changed my life…no lie. I am using the sensitive head, and I can honestly say that my skin has NEVER looked this good, and it is very acne prone. I just use it with my regimen cleanser, and follow with the rest of the regimen afterwards. It keeps me absolutely flake free, and my pores appear smaller and cleaner, and the little wrinkles I was starting to get are no more. Seriously amazing amazing product. Love it!

  • Cora

    Sorry Dan- I have to disagree about the clarisonic. I use it with my regimen and the AHA+ and it has made my skin noticably brighter, less clogged, and I have significantly less breakouts. If you try it for more than 3 months with the ACNE BRUSH you might change your mind!

  • Nick

    Im on Accutane so pretty soon ill be able to use these and have clear skin!

  • Denver

    Although the regimen on its own is great…. the addition of the Clarisonic with Dan’s BP gel and AHA has truthfully accelerated the results. Love Dan’s products but I have to disagree about the Clarisonic!!!

  • hhj

    wow, i paid allot of $$ for the clairsonic device, granted i hear what you are saying, but do you suggest i just stop using it and waste my hard earned $$$ or just use it lightly?? I know i may have a tendency to over use it and use it at the highest setting which i think may contribute to the irritation, but i just can’t throw hard earned $$$ down the drain, esp. in the times we are living in now . . i’ll cut down it’s use and use the lightest setting. . .

  • Marcus

    I will also have to disagree also. I do have the Clarisonic Mia and I use it to remove the clenser off my face after I wash for the 10 seconds. I also wear light makeup and it’s the only way that I can ensure that I don’t miss ANY of it (like around the edges of my hairline and stuff) when I’m trying to remove it all before bedtime. I notice that if I don’t use the Clarisonic Mia for a week or two I will start to get a few pimples around those areas because it’s just impossible for me to get it all off 100% at night with my hands only.

    I guess these products are just very hit or miss for people. I don’t think I will ever be able to give mine up! It works wonderfully combined with all of your products Dan! 😀

  • Alicia

    I have to disagree as well. I LOVE my Clarisonic. I have been doing the regimen for a few years now and my face is clear of acne and acne scars since I started (Thanks Dan!). I do wear light powder foundation and the Clarisonic gets SO much makeup/dirt/dead skin off. They have a delicate brush you can buy and you can turn down the setting (unless you have a Mia). In the end, I think it depends on your skin. It may be too much for some but for others It can perform as advertised.

  • Harold

    I agree. I’ve had some bad experiences in the past.

  • Nicole

    I am only about 4 wks into the regimen and my skin is clear..has been for about a wk and a half already! (knock on wood!!!)..I am so happy with the regimen. However after laying down my Clarisonic mia for the first three weeks,I decided to try it every 2-3 days ,once daily due to flakiness that wasn’t awful..but just not great either. So far,so good. I do use the sensitive brush head and have used a clarisonic twice daily since they hit the market practically. I have a friend who used to work in skin care at a plastic surgeons office. so,i had the hook up on the died and I got a Mia about a yr ago. I am using both the aha+ and Jojoba too. Does wonders, but my makeup just clumps on the flakes. I am all girl and I wanna look pretty. We all do, right? I’m going to maybe try every 1-2 days soon and see what happens..I will update! BTW,I love this website too…soooo helpful!