halfsiesFor the past month or so I have been moisturizing every night with 1/2 Acne.org Moisturizer and 1/2 AHA+. I mix them up in my palm before applying. It’s been great. My skin is staying even toned and perfect and because the AHA+ is diluted by the Moisturizer, it is not too strong for nightly use. If you decide to try it, let me know how it goes for you. I’d like to get some feedback.

Note: I usually add 5-6 drops of jojoba oil in there too, but this is not necessary.


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  • tiwi

    my AHA+ and Jojoba oil package just arrived ,i’m on week 6 of acne.org regimen! i think ,i will try it tomorrow,start tomorrow, i will start to try to put the jojoba + moisturiser for morning regimen and AHA+ moisturiser for the night regimen ,is it ok? will update you how is it goin!

  • Dave

    I’m giving the halfsies approach ago – it seems to be working pretty well, my skin looks clearer and more toned in general, although the week long use of the AHA does seems to have drawn out some long standing nemesis spots that are old enemies, so hopefully once they have been defeated things will look even better.

  • Ann

    I’ve been using the regiment for 3 weeks now, and I started to use 1 pump AHA+1 pump moisturizer+ jojoba oil for 3 nights now. So far I really like it! It really helps to reduce the flakiness, and I also found using just a couple drops of jojoba oil right before applying BP really helps with the dryness as well.

  • candace

    Love doing this! It has made my skin so much more smooth and bright

  • sheohyan

    Thanks Dan, i will try ths tonight. I have been using the regimen for 4 weeks now. My face is totally clear. Thanks a lot. Love your ACNE.ORG products.

  • Dave

    Hey Dan the half and half is working great, but I’m a bit concerned about the sun exposure aspect of AHA and using it every night, any thoughts?

  • Ting

    First of all Dan I wanna thank you πŸ™‚ I have been using the regimen for 6 weeks now and it worked great for me. I actually got almost cleared during the first week. Now I am just dealing with scars and hyperpigmentation.

    I have been using AHA as nightly moisturizer since the third week of my regimen (which worked great!). It is because I had a layer of dead skin after the first two weeks and my face wasn’t even sensitive to touch anymore! it felt a bit numb! I started trying AHA nightly which helped but dead skin was still there. I stopped BP for 2 days and used physical exfoliate followed by moisturizer (not AHA). That’s how I got rid of my dead skin! I am back on BP after that.

    Anyways so I use AHA as my nightly moisturizer on the area where I typically get acne. I use the regular moisturizer on other areas such as neck. Half and half sounds like a great idea too but I think my skin is just too rough/tough (?) that AHA works great for me!

    @ Dave, I am wondering why you are concern about sun exposure when it is at night? Perhaps it’s because I don’t have fair skin and I don’t get burnt usually, so I don’t have any problem with using AHA nightly πŸ™‚

  • Melissa

    Hi dan, this is totally irrelevant, but could you please do an updated blog post about hyper pigmentation? I’m on your regimen (2 1/2 months) and it’s been working great. But my hyper pigmentation is causing me more grief and stress than the acne itself (which I barely have now because of the regimen) Like what can I do to lighten it? My PIH is dark and light red. So it’s very difficult to cover with makeup. I already take fish oil and vitamin C supplements. And I exfoliate 3 times a week with st. ives. What do you think of that? Please dan! I need to do something about this horrible marks! Please and Thank you! -Melissa from O’ahu Hawaii.

  • Erick

    works wonder πŸ™‚

  • zuelraj

    hi there…i’ve big prob with acne…but i don’t know what product suit me…i’ve red all about this acne.org product so i really wanted to try it out but i don’t know where can i buy this product coz i’m from malaysia…i’ve tried a lot to make my acne and scar vanish…so i hope u can help me with this..

  • Christine

    Mixing the two are just awesome!!!!!
    My complexion has never been so clear.
    I don’t wear foundation anymore!!
    Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cerry

    how to get this produce~

  • Samantha

    are you also using BP with the halfsies at night?

  • Daniel

    This is a great moisturizer and I believe everyone should use it! I used this along with an acne fighting pillowcase from *link edited out* and had great results!

  • seedark

    where can i get this product in malaysia?

  • Nicole

    How much of each product should we use? I know the amount you suggested for AHA alone was a thin finger-length. Does that increase to come closer to a pump of moisturizer? Or does the amount of moisturizer decrease to the finger-sized? I’m new to this and appreciate all the help I can get!

  • Matt

    Really thinking of giving this a try. Does anyone else have experience with this?

  • Abhishek


    I called you on January 5th asking for pigementation and scar help. I called you so much from India that you eventually turned mad πŸ˜›

    I am using AHA + every night.It used to tinge me intitially but nothing now..I use 1.5 pump of it and 10 drops of jaoba oil with 1 pump of moisturizer

    I can tell you my face is soooooooooooo glowing and my scars have healed up 60 % in 2 months

    I can give you evidence of it. Please recommend AHA + for scar healing

    It is your best product along with Cleanser

    Dan, Also please advise people for Kojiglo Gel, google it..This gel is so non irritating. It cost hardly $3 and will last whole month but you will see its effect in 1 week

    My dermatologist who is best in india ( cant reveal name ), i am like his son..He told me to use it and believe me it is miracle

    My advise :

    Morning — Wash with cleanser, wash your face do not fight with it πŸ˜›

    Aply kojiglo gel,it is absorbed in 15-20 mins

    Night — Wash with cleanser

    Apply 1.5 pump of AHA +

    1 pump of moisturizer and 10 drops of Jajoba oil