AHA+You guys asked me to make a bigger size AHA+ and it’s finally here. As always, we did everything we possibly could to keep the cost down, and with this bigger size we are able to sell it for only $1.78 per ounce. That means people with back or body acne in particular can use as much as they need, and I’m very happy about that. Enjoy!


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  • Kyle

    Hi dan, odd question, but I just got some more AHA a week or 2 ago, and it’s now in the same tube as the BP, but it’s still 60z, I’m confused!

  • Lucia

    I’ve been using this aha for about 1 year now and don’t really feel any tingle now that i apply it. It just feels like a thin lotion now. Should I go looking for a higher percentage of some kind ? Any advice?

  • Jade

    Hi Dan,
    Any plans to make travel size?

  • Erick


  • Erick

    you guys are freaking amazing. i cant wait to order though i just ordered a month ago =(

  • peter

    Now please the SPF and maybe an update of the current moisturizer. Innovation is the key! Keep us posted about the activities of acne.org. We read far to little about the plans and the daily going on of the organization. Connect with your fans/users! Upload realtime photo’s, use twitter Facebook. Cmon Dan!!!

  • Roland

    This is really great i need to order a new supply of AHA+ soon and it being in a pump bottle will make it a lot less messy then with the tube. This stuff really helps my bacne I just wish it wouldn’t ball up at times. Pulling little gunky strands off your shoulders is not nice. 🙁 it doubles as my moisturizer and it’s just wonderful stuff keeps my back and chest skin happy.

  • Dave

    I would really appreciate a smaller sized of AHA+. My bottle always expires before I’ve even used half of it.

  • Cerry

    i wish to try this produce here at Malaysia~

  • chaa loola

    Hi im malaysian . Can I order the products from this website?

  • Nicole

    Any possibility of being able to include this size in the auto-fill orders soon?