A while back I mentioned that I wanted to get more of you guys represented on Acne.org in the form of videos of people performing the face, back, body, and neck Regimen, as well as some other stuff. I went ahead and made a new self-service page of Acne.org for this purpose. Please take a look if you have a sec. I haven’t launched it yet because I’m still uncertain about the product giveaway part of it. Here’s what I’m struggling with…

1. Do you think I should give away products in exchange for people submitting videos?

2. If so, should I give away more or less than I list on the page?

I would love your input on this before I go live with it. I don’t want to say any more because I don’t want to color your opinion either way. Please just give me your gut read if you don’t mind.



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  • Travis

    Hi Dan,

    This seems like a great idea! Maybe provide more guidelines as to what you are expecting pertaining to quality. I can definitely see some people devoting a nice amount of time/energy into their video but others just skimping to get the free stuff. Either more guidelines or maybe make it so that only if you all approve of the quality will the creator receive something for free. The amount of things looks good.

    I’m curious, in what way are you wanting us to show how we use the jojoba oil? For instance, I use mine as my chief moisturizer in the mornings when I use my sun screen. Would video of this routine be alright to record?


  • Will

    Yeah, I agree with Travis. There needs to be a way to guarantee the quality of the videos is where it ought to be. You don’t know if there is going to be a lot of misinformation or not.

    It is your money and your company and everything and you are an extremely generous guy, but the “prizes” for submitting a video seem VERY generous to me. Which I guess is fine if you (dan) are ok with giving that away. I guess too that it all depends on how many videos are submitted and how high the quality of those videos are. If you get tons of underwhelming videos then I would suggest limiting the gifts.

    I like the idea of members showing how it is done, but it will need some oversight when it happens.

  • claire horton

    I think it’s a fantastic idea, but i believe in the worry of misinformation what should be done is users submit videos but they aren’t LIVE, until someone in acne.org team watches them over, and make’s sure there good information done properly, then they get the green light for others to see.

    and maybe people can vote on the best cleanser video, or bp video and they get a free item. πŸ™‚

  • claire horton

    free items poll say weekly, if there’s say 10 cleanser videos go into a poll, everyone votes, top one gets the prize πŸ˜€

  • Mary

    Hi Dan,
    Ive just found you site and have been reading for the past hour. I’m 33, mother of 3, a small business owner and a sufferer of acne since my teens. I have an iPhone and would be willing to do a daily or weekly video in exchange for products. My time is so extremely valuable so it would be hard to do the videos but I would make the commitment if you made the commitment to me.
    Thank you,
    Mary M.

  • Erica

    Hi Dan, just wondering how long it takes to hear back from you after submitting the videos? I submitted mine ten days ago.

  • Rebecca

    I’m going to echo what some other folks have said: you should only give away the products to videos which pass some sort of quality test. If someone uses the products correctly (and follows some video guidelines to describe exactly what you’re looking for), then they could receive free products. Otherwise, you open the door to too many people making sub-par videos just to score some free cleanser.