– Feel like you want to apply AHA+ but don’t want the full whammy of 10% glycolic acid?

– Feel like you want to apply Acne.org Moisturizer but want to give it a kick of AHA?

– Feel like using AHA+ often but find that it’s too much for every night?

The answer: Mix them together. I do this quite a bit, for all of the above reasons. Because I formulated both products to be compatible, you can mix them together without issue in any ratio you’d like. Just something I wanted to put out there.


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  • Emily

    Hey Dan! Love your blog as usual. I used to use the AHA all the time and I love it! However, recently within the past couple months, when I use the AHA by itself I’ve been getting milia on my face :(. Do you think combining them will allow me to use the AHA and eliminate the chance of milia? Love to hear what you think!

  • Nicole Lee

    Hi Dan, this is interesting combination. Wonder what is the ratio to mix them together? Thanks!

  • admin

    Emily: I have never heard of AHA implicated in milia, so I’m not sure how to answer your question. Sorry.

    Nicole: Any ratio that you want! 🙂

  • Grace

    Hey Dan, If you mix the two is it ok to use the AHA every night?

  • Steve

    Great tip Dan, thank you. The Regimen is the only thing that works for me besides antibiotics, I’ve been doing it every day for 3 years! Keep making great products!

  • Chris

    I second Grace’s question. Can you use this cocktail every night? I feel as if the benefits would be worth it, but I don’t know if that’s just too much AHA!!

  • Jordan

    I’ve been on and off the regimen for about 7 years now, but stick strictly to Dan’s products. In all my years, I never thought of this combo but it really feels great.

    @grace & Chris

    It’s really about listening and responding to your individual skin. My skin tends to get a little irritated if I use the combo every night, so I probably apply 2-3 times a week and HEAVY moisturizer the rest of the week 🙂

  • Andrew

    To answer about using AHA daily…

    I use AHA every night (on face and body/chest). I put the Benzoyl on first, then AHA, then moisturizer. My skin is pretty used to all the stuff, so it doesn’t ever peel.

    However, I don’t use benzoyl twice a day (it’s just too complicated for me)

  • coffeebrain

    This is pure genius! I sure hope you put these instructions on the products so folks who don’t read this blog will know you can do this. I never would have even thought of this. THANK YOU!!

  • David

    Is it just me or do the products get runnier when you mix them together?

  • Yule

    I think milia is whitehead bump, I hv that too!
    I hv use aha before as toner every night
    At first it helps but I use that every night everyday!
    And it ends up that I hv whiteheads all over
    I think that cause everyone has different skin
    And u shouldn’t apply aha everynight jus once or twice a week
    Cuz that helps me and I’m using the product here and listen to dan’s and his team’s advice
    My skin is getting better! Whiteheads is less now!!

  • Scarllet

    Hey Dan

    I’m going to try the product but i’ve herd that the AHA burns, Is that normal ?

  • jordsn

    I just purchased the product…can i apply the aha+ am and pm after applying the treatment. I also have dark spots from the acne how can i fade them away. Iam tired of putting on heavy makeup to cover them…help!