I finally got a new how-to Regimen video filmed showing me using the new Acne.org Moisturizer with licochalcone. Feel free to take a look and please, don’t be intimidated by my high level editing skillz. πŸ˜‰ Heh. Not!


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  • Maximus

    Awesome Dan! Thanks for finally putting this up. Also, i loved how you went into some of the more nuanced parts of the regimen, like showing how far to go away from your eyes (mine are particularly prone to stinging) and close ups of the dosage amount. Good job!

  • Crystal

    Hi Dan,
    It’s great you finally got this up! As a side note, I found that putting the “pumps” on one at a time was more manageable for me. I’ll do one pump and lightly put it on the top of my face, and a second pump for the bottom, then blend it in together. I just have a hard time keeping control of the moisturizer when there’s so much in my hand. Thanks for everything, keep up the great work!

  • Lisa

    Does anyone else find that even after allowing the rest of the moisturizer to fully absorb on its own, their face has a bit of a greasy feeling? Mine also itches, and I know I can’t scratch it. Is that due to the moisturizer, or is the BP still making my face itch? I’ve been on the regiment for a little over a month. Does the AHA help with the itchy feeling?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Dan the old video, still linked on one of your main pages, is blocked as private..

  • Bananie

    Yeah, I find that my face gets really itchy too. And it really takes like 20 minutes for it to absorb, but I still feel greasy at that point and need to wait about an hour before going to bed or else I have lotion grease on my pillow case πŸ˜›