After decades of sparse research, the scientific community is finally sinking its teeth into the subject of diet and acne. Even though nobody knows exactly how diet and acne are related, we’re starting to get some data. To get yourself up to date on all the latest information, visit the new Diet and Acne page here at

I also added a Nutrition/Holistic Health section to the reviews pages where you can review various diets. Please add your reviews!


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  • HardyO

    Praise be! Finally Dan tells the truth: there’s not much CONCLUSIVE research out there about diet and acne. Best to figure out what works, or does not work, for your own body. My face is clear for the first time in decades with the regimen – I use zinc supplements daily, but I also eat above “moderation” levels of chocolate. I am so tired of the MDs, usually in a white medical coat sitting in a sterile office, telling acne sufferers to not eat chocolate. That may be true for some, but it’s certainly not dogma!

  • Will

    Dan you are a genius! We acne.orgers do not really know how blessed we are to have you in our lives. This page alone shows the depths you go to in order to not only provide us with the best information available on the internet about acne and every related subject, but it shows the depths you go to in order to educate yourself to better serve your followers. You pour over pages and pages of studies in order to have the best knowledge possible which in turn makes what I would consider the best acne regimen on the internet and it makes for the best overall source on the internet to go to for understanding and for support. I thank you for your tireless efforts and your graciousness.

  • Renee

    The Diet and Acne page was just amazing to look at! Not only is it simple and informative, it’s very well organized and best of all HONEST. You have some of the best conclusive statements out there and have certainly gone above and beyond my expectations.

  • frank

    The blogs are less frequent than years ago. We want to hear what is going on Dan. What are you doing? We alle hope you to success the new spf15 and spotcream. Can you give us an update??

  • Linnea

    So wonderful that you do this Dan! I cured my severe acne by cutting out GLUTEN from my diet! Please let the people know that acne can be caused by food allergies!

    And please look up Acid alkaline diet and Rawfood. The cure is out there!

    You are a fantastic person! I’m soooo thankful. Your information and products has helped me tremendously.