One of the topics I came across in my recent research was chemical peels. I realized was missing a chemical peels page so I went ahead and made one. Have a read to get the full story. Here’s a quick bottom line:

Based on six recent articles printed in respected medical journals regarding chemical peels and acne, the concensus is that chemical peels seem to help reduce acne more than placebo, but not by much. They can be a fun adjunct to acne therapy, but probably should not be relied upon to produce significant clearing.


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  • D

    How frequently is over the counter 10% AHA needed to be applied to achieve desired results? Is once a week or less enough or it requires daily use?

    It’s 2012 and we still don’t have any news about your sun block . Will there be an sunblock before I retire? 🙂

  • Seth C

    Yeah, agree with D, where’s the sun block, Dan? Been waiting patiently for over a year now…

  • ScarlettO

    I would also love to know if there is an update an the sunscreen! I check the blog almost daily to see if you have posted any info.Please let us know Dan!

  • HardyO

    After 4 months on the regimen I still had some stubborn acne on my chin. The good news it was not cystic like before, but I was still getting moderate break-outs, especially during my menstrual cycle. I added SkinLaboratory’s Salicylic/20 gel peel as a spot treatment (follow the directions carefully) and have had great success. This is a comparatively low level peel as I did not want to irritate my skin and I only leave it on the area with starting pimples for 1 minute. Thus far none of these starting pimples have progressed to full-blown whiteheads or cystic acne. It’s key to point out I am doing this in addition to the regimen (or at least my rendition of it . . . see below).

    I was also anxious for a daily moisturizer with sunscreen when I started the regimen, but found my own solution that works for my skin. My skin was so dry from the BP schedule on the regimen that even after cutting back to applying BP once a day I was still flaky dry. I refused to stop the BP though since in the past, with other systems, I would stop the BP and then breakout. I listened closely to Dan’s videos and decided that this time I would stick with the BP no matter what. In order to do this I had to over-compensate with moisturizer. Somewhere along the way I picked up St. Ives Timeless Skin facial moisturizer non-comedogenic) and added Organic Wear SPF 15 moisturizer to it for my daily moisturizer. If you had told me when I was starting out that I would be using a heavy moisturizer during the day, added to a SPF lotion and my skin would look great I would have laughed at you! I was always so greasy before when I would use just SPF moisturizers and never dreamed I would need a heavy moisturizer. I did what many of us acne sufferers have done: used no moisturizer at all thinking that using one would only add to the oil production. Now, with Dan’s info, I realize how crucial the moisture is, especially when sticking with the BP. I still get a little flaky so I use the St Ives Gentle apricot scrub twice each week when I wash my face and I still use the AHA lotion at night, and usually I combine 6 – 8 drops of the jojoba oil to it to add moisture back to my skin.

    I have suffered from adult acne for over 20 years and this is the first time in two decades when not only do I not have new acne, but I do not even have healing spots/hyperpigmentation. A life without concealer! A life no longer being afraid of fluorescent lighting! A life where I stop avoiding having pictures taken with my kids! Thank you Dan.

  • A M

    Thanks, Dan, for the info you provided about chemical peels elsewhere on this site. I went in search of info after the idea came across my radar, my quest ends here in the decision to forgo a peel. 🙂 I already own AHAs that I tried using in the past, inconsistently and without much clue of what I was doing, so the info on this site is helpful in figuring out a better, regimented way of approaching my skincare routine (if I could really call the trials and errors up ’til now a “routine” — “damage control” is more apt). Good to hear I’m probably better off saving my money than visiting a ‘dermaspa’ for expensive, uncomfortable peeling treatments that likely will prove no more effective than less costly home products in the long-run.

  • Charlotte Williams

    How can I get dark scar spots off of my legs, shoulders, and face. I have tried all kinds of creams nothing seems to work for me please help me.

  • CO

    I have been using this regimen for 2 months now and I ABSOLUTELY love it. It got rid of my cystic acne. WHat I have left over are the scars from the acne. What can I use to get the spots/scars off my face? Im hesitant to try different creams and toners in fear of irritation and my acne returns. I did watch a video on you tube about a lady that was on the regimen. It worked to clear her acne but left acne scars. She purchased the system PMD (personal microdermabrasion) tool at home to use once a week. Is this recommended while on the regimen? She said she uses it for her acne scars and I defintely see a difference in her skin. Should I try this? Thanks Dan!

  • Kevin

    If you have acne scars you can try a turmeric face mask. You can buy a pack of turmeric from any spice store for about 3 bucks! Cheap and effective.