Note:  I will still be on doing videos along with everyone.

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  • Erick


  • Erick


  • Maximus

    that would be really cool having tons of videos by different people on how to do each step. I think youre right that it would be really helpful watching how many people do it, it would really help people with the regimen (there are a bunch of nuances which one video just can’t cover). As a regimen user since 07′, I give the idea thumbs up

  • John

    Sounds good Dan

  • Danielle

    Hi Dan,

    I was the one who commented on one of your blog posts a while ago suggesting new videos. Firstly, thank you for taking this new video initiative into consideration. I want you to know you still look good and, as a 22 year-old, I wouldn’t mind you doing the new videos. Your regimin is universal- no matter what age or skin type- and it shouldn’t matter maybe if your “taget audience” might be a little younger.

    On the other hand, the “compilation” of videos is an interesting one. Your team needs to be willing to sift through a lot of video submittals. And, even then, your regimen is sooo detailed and you put so much emphasis on following the directions to the T, you may find that there are quite a few variations. For example, someone might only use two and a half pumps of benzoyl peroxide (because, say, they have super-dry skin) instead of three, etc. Will you accept that video if everything else is done exactly as your directions say?

    What I would suggest is having a few of your employees, under your direction, do the regimen on video. That way, your audience knows that you were still involved and the filming of the videos was under your control throughout the entire process (filming to editing to compiling to posting).

    Good luck and thank you for all your work!

  • Philip

    I wouldn’t worry about the videos’ productions not being supervised by Dan because he can just approve them after watching. As long as Dan sees them before they are available there is no problem.

  • olivia

    I think it’s great – I love Dan’s enthusiasm, but I think the credibility of as a community of regimen users would be boosted even more if users did their part. Cool idea!

  • vda

    sounds like a great idea..and you could put the videos in categories according to amounts used

  • Lesley

    Hi Dan

    I turn 40 next year too, and I stumbled across your webpage 4 months ago and have been following the regimen since. I’m happy to say that I now have completely clear skin for the first time since I was 16. You’ve improved my life (well lets just say you’ve improved my looks, as my life has always been good 😉 )

    As far as your video suggestions, I think its a great idea to have various people demonstrating following the regimen. Watching your videos originally, I didnt give any thought to your age, but perhaps thats because I’m in the *cough* ‘older’ age bracket. I’m sure the young uns would connect more with someone closer to their age.

  • Renee

    Hello Dan,

    This is a terrific idea! Not only will video quality gives us multiple shots and views of our faces (or backs, arms, chests, etc.), it will be a great way to also show us how gentle and soft we need to be when applying out treatments onto our faces. Everyone’s face shape is different and the more we see it, the better ideas we will get when applying treatment to our own faces.

    I also think it’s a great idea since YouTube isn’t 100 percent honest. For example, if you type in “acne” into the search bar, you get far too many irrelevant videos that have little to nothing to do with acne, and if they do they are not all that helpful. Some are, but many aren’t. There’s also very rude people out there who do little to nothing to help others through their sensitive acne years.

    Lol! Only 40? Oh please, I have 80 year old uncles and aunts doing cartwheels over my head! You look terrific and healthy, keep up the great work :). You also inspired me before when I realized that even adults twice my age STILL get acne and need to go through regimes just like everyone else. You’ve inspired a great many people by simply being yourself and I can only hope to do the same just like you.

    It’s going to be a lot of work though to look through each and every video… and a lot of time… but hopefully if there was a flash of anything bad, the people part of the community here will be able to report it indefinitely. I definitely support this idea!

  • sarah

    I don’t mind your age at all. But I’m 32 so maybe I’m prejudiced. I do agree that your videos seem more credible since you’re the founder of the regimen so please keep doing them but I still think others doing videos would be awesome. Videos for different categories of people like a woman, a newbie on the regimen, someone with dry skin, etc would be more beneficial to me rather than lots of people doing the exact same thing.

  • Art

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for such a great website. I’m 53. I’ve never had to deal with acne until now. Even as a teen there was a lot of trauma for me around being gay in a rural area, and being isolated and suicidal, but my face didnt show it. But recently, adult acne has been flaring up for the past couple of years. I didn’t know what to do and everything I tried only aggrevated my skin and made it worse and worse. I’ve only been able to turn it around by discovering your site online and following your regime exactly. Way up here in rural Canada, you’ve made a big difference in my life. So please don’t assume that at 40 you are beyond a “target age group” and don’t assume age makes you less important or helpful or amazing. Quite the contrary! An enormous thank you from Canada!

  • Sagar

    Hi Dan,

    That sounds great having real people do it. It will be a chance for the member and guests on see how other people do it and things they can improve on.

  • Rae

    PLEASE consider this: Have YOUR original videos with the date at the bottom next to the new ones so we won’t lose the connection that has helped us all so much. It is re-assuring. We LIKE YOU and want to know we can see those videos. Adding something new is fine, but it’s hard to improve upon PERFECTION. Keep yours available, please. We NEED those. THANKS

  • Rae

    (I like what the first comment was here. If I had a CHOICE, I would say don’t change a thing)