In case you just can’t wait to get back to your computer to see what’s aflutter on the messageboards, you’re in luck. Now you can check out the messageboards using your mobile device. Just type in into your mobile browser and surf away.







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  • Danielle

    That’s great guys, congrats. But, don’t you think, if you had time to install a moblie app, you would at least have time to update all of your out-dated “how to” videos. Because, in reality, the regiment should be top priority to let your customers see the best possible way to use your product, right?

  • Bla

    The new instructions are basically the same; they simply suggest different amounts of the products.

  • admin

    Very cool! -Brandy

  • Kevin

    I agree with Danielle. I would like to see updated videos, a good example is the moisturiser video.

  • Alex

    Is anyone having issues with this?

    I go to the website listed above on my Android device, go to the bottom where it says view mobile version, and it takes me right back to the regular site.