Hey Everybody. Just a heads up to keep you all in the loop…we have been working on an upgrade to the messageboards for a few months now. It’s a huge job but we’re almost done. The new messageboard is now online and should be accessible for you, but keep in mind that it doesn’t have the look or feel that it ultimately will.  We will be working on sprucing everything up this week.  The new boards will have better navigation, search, members area…pretty much everything.  Plus it should be more integrated with social media and help everybody on here get to know each other better with upgraded tools.

Thanks for your patience, and please give me your feedback.  I know you will 🙂


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  • c'est la vigne

    Looks good! Thanks to everyone who’s been working on these updates! : )

  • Jennifer

    Hi Dan! It has been some time since you commented on the progress with the acne.org spf moisturizer. Can you provide us with status on your next blog?

  • northlincs4kylie

    Am I the only person who the message boards and blogs don’t seem to be loading up for since the upgrade!? I hope this is still being worked on! I can’t see anyone’s blogs/logs and can’t get on my own to update it either!?

  • Resery

    I am 4 weeks into using your regimen with fantastic results (so thanks for changing my life!). I was blogging my progress and having a mooch around the boards for around 2 weeks before the upgrade, and thought it was all a bit clunky. But since the upgrade I think its terrific. You and the team have done a fantastic job with the new look and features available to our little spotty community 🙂