A while back we switched to new pumps–pictured below on the right. You guys let me know they were kinda annoying and I agreed, so I switched back to the old pumps–pictured below on the left. From now on, if you order any Acne.org product with a pump, you will get the old, good pumps.


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  • Jordy

    Great, thanks for brining them back!

  • Alex

    Does this mean we’re back to two pumps?

  • claire horton

    Aw yay,3 cheers for the new old pumps. I love the old pumps, new ones were okay but kept snapping in the post with such a long way to get to me! 😛

  • Travis

    I have the pumps pictured to the left and have been using 3 pumps. Was I only supposed to use 2?

  • johnny

    yea does this mean 3 pumps or 2 now?

  • yaya

    weird i just got a new order with the new pumps and there was product coming out of them at the stem…that happened with both the treatment and the moisturizer

  • admin

    That means back to 2 pumps.

  • David

    Hi Dan, I’m a long time customer, first time commenter.

    I had a suggestion about the bottles. One of the things that have become more common are shampoo and body wash “refill” bags sold in pouches instead of in bottles. Given that a lot of products you sell are refills for most people, and your ultra durable bottles last forever, why not sell your products in these pouches? that way we can just refill the bottles and squeeze every drop out of a bag, which is easier than in those bottles. This would probably take up less physical volume than bottles when shipping, and perhaps might make them more durable in terms of shipping as the pump bottle top will not break.

    Just a thought! thanks for making wonderful products regardless =)

  • Kate

    I second David! I want a “refill” bottle and then I can use the small bottle with the pump I like (and that fits on my shower ledge) without getting a new pump each time.

  • Kirsten

    Yes! Refill bottles please! Your loyal customers don’t need new pumps with every order!

    And since we’re not really able to reuse the bottles at this point, another recommendation for customers to cut open your bottles (be careful!) when you’re getting down to the last bit and it won’t pump out. There’s still a lot of product hanging on the walls of the bottle

    And I had the same experience as yaya. My moisturizer was coming out of the stem of the pump upon delivery. Also it’s very yellow instead of white. Did you change the ingredients? Is this normal?

  • Glenn

    I bump David’s motion.

    Refill bags would be delightful. I feel a bit embarrassed throwing away / recycling so many Acne.org bottles. I mean I could keep them and use them for other purposes, but really there’s only so many re purposing one can do.

    Refill bags would be great if it meant reduced costs & shipping ( i live in canada and shipping it here always hurts my wallet…:()