I’m diving headfirst into acne trials and medical journal articles, starting with Accutane. What do you want me to research after that?

Hey Dan, I want to know more about: (choose up to 3 below)

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  • Susan H.

    Go Dan go! Thanks for all the hard work you do.

    I’m 28 and I suffer from acne that’s probably caused by PCOS. (Actually, I don’t “suffer” too much anymore, because I stay mostly clear thanks to your products and advice.) It would be nice to learn more about the kind of acne one doesn’t grow out of.

  • Fred

    Sex and acne.

  • Jon B

    May I ask where you got all these abstracts/data from?, and is it available for free.. ?

  • Paul

    Second the Sex and Acne, if that does not already fit in with acne and hormones!

  • Sierra117

    Diet/stress and acne is what I want. Glad to see it’s winning.

  • kuropanda

    Hi Dan, I would also like to know where you get the abstracts and articles from. I’m very interested in scar and hyper-pigmentation research.

  • Kevin

    Sebeceous Hyperplasia! I know it may not affect many of us, but no products seem to work on it and it’d be great to know what sort of lasers work best on it before spending a ton of money on treatment

  • The Dude

    Jon B, you should be able to find many research papers with Google Scholar.

  • Josh

    We NEED to know more about diet and acne because compared to the other things we could vote for, our diet is like the only thing we can actually control and directly affect. And i mean hey, we eat everyday. It must have some affect on our skin, right?

  • jess

    I also have PCOS, never had acne until I was an adult. Stupid hormones!