Thanks for voting everybody. We will go ahead and move forward with a larger 16oz. AHA+. We’re also looking into whether we can make a 3.4oz. one as well, but this may take a bit longer. I can’t quote any exact launch dates at this point, but we are ordering the necessary raw materials and we will get the new size(s) of AHA+ up on the site soon. Thanks for your input on this.


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  • Sam


  • Chris

    Thank you I have been waiting, you guys are amazing

  • SethC

    Great news! I’m just running out of AHA – please get the large size ready ASAP!

  • Dave

    Thanks Dan. I would certainly appreciate a smaller one, though! Hopefully this happens.

  • Blake

    Awesome! Thanks Dan. Love the AHA+ and well definitely be a repeat customer on the large size

  • erick

    Dan you are the MAN.

  • Chikyuu

    Would you ever consider making shirts like the ones you wear in the videos? =D

  • Roland

    Thats great news 🙂 will you also use the pump bottles? The tubes aren’t bad but it’s just much more messy in general then the pump when using as much AHA+ as in the back/body regimen.Sticky tubes that end up leaking on the floor are a common/annoying occurrence.
    I do love the AHA+ nothing helps better with preventing dry or pealing skin. And i would say i’ve lost about 85% of my back and chest acne since starting the regimen back in October 2010.

  • Lia

    yes! I was hoping you would make a larger one so I can use it on my back and chest acne, and also on my legs where I have keratosis pilaris. Thanks heaps Dan ! I will definitely order it as soon as it comes out.

  • Andy

    I was hoping for a smaller one!

  • scarlettO

    Any update on the sunscreen Dan or has this been shelved?

  • Anna

    I’m a bit late coming into this, Dan, but I wanted to express my support of the new size(s). AHA+ is a part of my daily routine, so a larger size is going to be great. If you can make a smaller one, too, that would be nice. I’m glad people are with me on this and I’m glad you are listening. I’ll definitely be ordering this when its available.