I’ve been getting requests to make a larger size AHA+ (12-16oz.) for people using the Back/Body Regimens. Anytime we make products larger we save on materials and can charge a little less per ounce. What do you think?

Larger Size AHA+

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For people using the AHA+ just for spot treatment or who just use it occasionally, a 2oz. would be less expensive. A 2oz. could also allow people who are new to alpha hydroxy acid to try it at a lower price point to decide if they like it. What do you think?

Smaller Size AHA+

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13 Responses to “Smaller and/or Larger AHA+”

  • Dave

    Since I don’t use a back regimen, I can’t really vote on whether or not a larger AHA+ should be available. But I can certainly say that I’d like to see a smaller AHA+. I usually have to buy one and it lasts me two years or less, and then there is a bunch I have to throw away. For someone who only uses it to spot treat, a smaller would be an excellent idea. I would be very grateful if you offered it!

  • Jennifer

    I think it is a wonderful idea to create varying sizes to suit the needs of different people. I would like to suggest that it be reformulated so that it does not pill after application. It is a great product but I can only use it at night because of this issue (and I do allow the requisite time for the treatment to absorb before applying the AHA+).

  • Will

    I have to agree with Jennifer. I try to apply the AHA+ carefully enough to keep it from pilling. But it seems that no matter what I do it eventually does. It is a wonderful product that does amazing things. I just feel that when I put it on and then it pills that I am not actually experiencing the benefits of the product because most of it comes off. I also have a habits of trying to get the pilling off because I do not like the feel or look of it. So, I rub that little bit, but it makes more pill and eventually I think I usually take most of it off.

  • Anonymous

    please create larger aha, and while you guys are at it..make a super jumbo size cleanser where i don’t have to reorder for a year.. just kidding, i love your products! i can trust Dan’s product because i know that he understands our concerns

  • Anonymous

    NO. I bought two tubes last year, and I’m still on the first tube. And the sad thing is, according to the date on the tubes, they expired in MARCH. What a waste.

  • Brad

    Dan, you shoooouuuuullllllld definitely include niacinamide in your products, because of how alluring and promising the benefits are. PLEASE. YOU’RE JUST THE ONLY ONE I CAN TRUST NOWADAYS.

  • Tejara

    Dan, Like the 2oz idea. It gives people who want to try out and see how it works. But at least people can pick and choose what size they want. Good stuff Dan. I will pass it on to my readers on my next newsletter.

    *link edited out*

  • MucusInStool

    I dont actually use AHA+ so I really don’t know which one to vote but I think both are great. It’s just according to how we use it.

  • lyn E

    Make it bigger! on 3rd week of regimen working wonders. Working just like Dan posted and at the time frame. Yeahh I am a happy camper.

  • Nicole

    Definitely, a larger size would be great for me! I could see where some people would like a smaller size as well and would be great for travel. I don’t do the back/body regimen. but I do seem to be using a lot on my face. I also use it on my neck , chest, and a few sunspots I have on my legs whereas I do not use the BP. So, to me it makes sense to offer a larger AHA+ if the other products come larger. It would also make sense to be able to include it in the auto-fill order.

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