We recently found a bunch of empty labelled 8oz. benzoyl peroxide bottles at one of our manufacturers. It was one of those moments where you have to think about what to do–should we practice what we preach regarding environmental stewardship and use them, even though most people, myself included, prefer the tube for the 8oz. BP? In the end, we decided to go ahead and use them.

We did something similar last year when we came across some extra blue bottles from when the products used to be blue. You guys seemed to agree that it was fine to use those blue bottles, even though it meant your products might not all match for a while.


A quick rundown of our thinking:

Throwing the bottles away:
Benefits:Β  Continuity of packaging. Less customer service issues.
Drawbacks:Β  Costs money to haul them away and dispose of them. Guilt; it feels wrong not to use what we have.

Reusing the bottles:
:Β  Possibly save a bit of money by using everything we have. Less guilt.
Drawbacks:Β  Lots of people prefer the tube for the 8oz. size.


To me, the decision isn’t very hard. It feels best to use what we’ve got, and it may save us a bit of money (we hope to at least break even once you account for extra customer service and other expenses involved in using the bottles). Thanks for supporting us with stuff like this when it happens. If you absolutely can’t stand the 8oz. BP bottles, let me know, but if you can stomach them for a little while, I think we can all feel pretty good about it.


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  • Jessica

    Dan — thanks for letting us know about this. I’ve been a long time customer since 2004 who has been around through the different changes from labels to pump bottles so I was a bit surprised when I recently ordered an 8 oz tube bottle to only find a pump bottle. You customer service support team was very gracious and professional in explaining why this occurred when I e-mailed to find out why I was sent a pump bottle. Kudos to your team by the way.

    Can you give an estimate of how long you expect to only be shipping pump bottles for BP treatment? I think I’m fine for a few months but if this is going to occur for an extended period of time or be a permanent change I’d rather go with the 16 oz to save money. The only reason why I don’t do this now is because I prefer the tube over the pump bottle in spite the fact that the 16 oz is a better deal price wise.

  • lucia

    i love the bottle! i dont see what the problem iS 😐
    handy pump.. u can open it after nothing comes out of the bottle and take out the rest! with the tube theres no way to get the extra unless u cut it open and then u cant reseal it :/
    love that u guyz are thinking of the planet to :}

  • crichel

    Good idea Dan

    Jermey – stop with your pathetic spamming..

  • scarlettO

    Any news on the SPF product Dan?I REALLY CANNOT wait until this product is available.I check your blog like twice or three times a day in case you have posted an update.I’m not joking.I spend sooo much time online reading ingredient lists on different SS products in the hope that i might find something suitable.My face is covered in soo many pimples right now from yet another awful sunscreen disaster.Please post an update Dan.I’m feeling kinda hopeless right now.

  • SethC

    ScarlettO, I totally know how you’re feeling! Dan – PLEASE can the SPF be released for this summer? No sunscreens work for me, they all break me out πŸ™

  • MissMehekiee

    ScarlettO and SethC — i have very acne prone skin, it’s very oily also. i use the aveeno active naturals sunscreen with spf 30. i’ve been using it for a few weeks now and i’ve had no problem with it at all, it’s very moisturizing and it smells nice! and my skin is acne free still, it’s worth a try πŸ™‚

    and i was actually happy to see the BP in a little bottle, i thought it was cute! lol. i just like how the little bottle dispenses with the old pump more than the tube. regardless, your products are all that have ever truly worked for me and i wont ever stop using them! thanks Dan!

  • erik

    i liked those blue tubes. i honestly thought the blue scheme you guys used to use was much more appealing than this more sterile white scheme you have now. just sayin’.

  • richi

    Good for you. I would be happy to use a system such as a ‘refill’ pouch perhaps, that could refill up the bottles that have been previously used! just an idea πŸ™‚

  • winnie

    your products are amazing! I just got a benzoyl peroxide pump, 8oz in the mail … at Australia πŸ˜€ shipping was sooooooo fast as well! Will buy again!

  • winnie

    oh and I forgot to say.. the pump is really cute + reuseable

  • claire horton

    Thats a great idea to reuse them!
    I know different people prefer different things, but the enivroment would prefer you to use what you have hehe!

    and besides it’s not long term so people shouldn’t mind, I got my 8oz Pump today, I dont really have much of a preference when it comes to pump or tube, the only major plus of a pump bottle is the dispence, you can get a accurate amount, say using 2 pumps, etc

    I just have one quick question, and my main reason for posting, the pump on the 8oz bottle looks like the old pump, does that mean I need to use 2 pumps now?

    my last pump bottle 16oz was the new pumps which was switching to 3 pump, but my box had a little flyer saying use 3pumps now, so got alittle confused! πŸ˜€ thanks for the help x

  • Jay

    Why don’t you give an option of using the bottles or the tubes? I personally hate the bottles as I can not choose how much product to use, and they are themselves so wasteful of the very expensive product (you can’t use a good eighth of the product at the bottom of the bottle). It upsets me that you are thinking of saving your own money rather than thinking of the needs of the less advantaged customers to whom you’re selling product under the guise of environmental sustainability.

    I like your products as I think they work very well, but I will not order again until the tubes become available. Your product marketing should reflect the current product you are selling rather than the most ideal.

  • Simon

    I prefer the bottles anyway. Using the tube, it’s very difficult to get an accurate, stable amount – “generous finger’s length” is too ambiguous for something as strong as BP, in my opinion.

    The only problem is, when I received my 8oz bottle, there was a little card that said to use 3 pumps. But these bottles have the old pumps (at least, mine did). This could be confusing and dangerous for people who aren’t familiar with the old pump/new pump situation.

  • apm

    I’m pretty bummed about this. I have really bad luck fiddling with the amount of BP I use, and my dose (from a tube) doesn’t correspond to a “one/two/three pump” amount. I don’t have acne everywhere on my face, so I only use BP on certain parts – hence not a full dose. For your customers who are used to the tube for dispensing unconventional or less-than-standard doses, this, for lack of a better word, sucks. I appreciate the environmental consciousness on your company’s part, but there must be a better method than making tubes 100% unavailable.

  • Chikyuu

    Well at least it’s good to get rid of those old bottles πŸ™‚

  • Ana

    I just got my first order. I noticed on the site the BP was in a tube, but mine came in a pump bottle like the cleanser and moisturizer. Personally I don’t mind at all. I like that they are all in the same style pump bottle! Although I did notice the pump on the moisturizer is bigger (at least the ‘spout’ part is) and it locks, while the others don’t. It would be great for travel if they all locked. And the card included said use 3 pumps of each product… but the moisturizer bottle says use 2 pumps? How many pumps should I use then?! lol. I’m guessing 2 for the moisturizer since the pump seems bigger than the other products.

  • Jack

    Hi Dan,

    I can appreciate the sentiment on recycling but why not just put an option up to allow some people to choose either pump or tube? I personally hate the bottles as I find them really difficult to get the last bit out of, while with the tubes I could cut the bottom off and scoop out the rest I couldn’t squeeze out. It might not seem like a big deal but every ml counts when you’re paying shipping costs to Ireland. I’m out of treatment now so I have to order now but if I could have the option of waiting or ordering tubes I would definitely do that.


  • b

    Are you still sending out 8oz BP in pumps or are you back to tubes?

  • B

    I am very disappointed about the use of the pump bottle for the treatment. I end up wasting product because it either pumps too little or too much, so I err on the side of too much. And there is a ALOT of product left in the pump bottle. I just went through a 16oz pump bottle in about the time it would take me to go through 1.5 8oz Tube.

    Dan please revert back to the old packaging or allow customers who have a preference or environmental leaning the option to select what they want. I love your product, and I’ve been patiently waiting for you to revert back to the original packaging, but enough is enough already.

  • Rob

    Are you still using the pump bottles for the 8oz, I much prefer the tube and like some of the other commenters purchase the 8oz size just for the tubes. I’d like to stock up on tubes but I’ll wait to do so if they’re pump bottles.

  • Rick

    I’d have to imagine they are. I would like the tube for travel, but won’t bother buying the smaller size in addition to the larger instead of just two big ones if they will both be bottles.