A bunch of you have expressed how you preferred the old pumps. We heard you and we agree. We went ahead and ordered the old pumps again and we forecast saying Buh-Bye to the current pumps and shipping products with the old pumps within the next 6 months.

26 Responses to “Per your requests, we’re switching back to the old pumps”

  • SethC

    Fab news! Thanks for listening to us, Dan!

    Any update on when the new labels (without acne.org all over them) will be ready?

  • Vegan with acne

    All ya had to do was pull the clip out from under the new pump, ya’ll should try it with your current batch ๐Ÿ™‚ they pull right off.

  • Will

    Actually, I found that the new pumps broke very easily. I am glad that the old ones are coming back. I currently have a moisturizer bottle that I have to squeeze the product out of cause i dropped it and the pump was rendered useless.

    I too would hope that people figured out on their own that the clip under the pump had to come off. I don’t think that was the problem people were having with it.

  • Samuel

    I’m glad we’re moving back to the old bottles so thank you for that. I was wondering if you will be making a switch back to the old moisturizer as well? Just curious if it’s something that is being planned or is absolutely not being planned? I would love to hear your feedback Dan via a post or an email. Thank so much :).

  • john

    yeah, still need the old moisturizer back. it was such a fine product and didn’t need to be changed at all. there’s nothing quite like it out there, and the new one is hardly living up to the original one’s standards. the reviews say everything, their scores are worlds apart

  • Roland

    Nice Dan first you make us get used to the new pumps then you take it away again.
    You give and take away, give and take away is that just to keep people not become bored with the regimen? Hey let’s change pumps and new colors and designs ๐Ÿ˜€ some sparkling letters now! woohoo you’ll love it.
    BTW how about a big size pump bottle of AHA+ ๐Ÿ˜€ instead of just the wee and messy tubes?

  • Matt

    Ah this is why my BP is out and I’m not a month in. I got the flyer saying use three pumps of everything, but really only my moisturizer had the new pump. Very confusing, but now that I know i hope my next shipments gets here soon.

  • Nate

    Awesome! You read my mind, Dan. Dropped the cleanser in the shower first time I used it…new pump broke, and after 10 minutes standing in the shower trying to fix it, I gave up. The old pumps were WAY easier to “repair” in case of an accidental drop. So excited for this!

  • Ana

    But I like how the new pump can be locked ๐Ÿ™ I just got my first order, and I guess they all have the ‘old’ pump except for the moisturizer. I know a ton of product gets left in the ‘spout’ once you start using the product though, so I can see how that may have turned people off.

    I am surprised by how often you update this blog! Good to know ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kelley

    I’m glad to hear the old pumps are coming back.

    My first (and only) time of experiencing breakage during shipment just happened this week with a new pump. I was lucky there wasn’t too much spillage, but I’m sure glad it will occur less for everyone within the next few months! Thanks!!

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